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Indy Auto Man Pays It Forward!!

IAM 4 INDY is a program designed and implemented to provide safe reliable vehicles to deserving people in our community who share our values:

  • Initiative
  • Honesty
  • Hard work
  • Continued education
  • Self motivation and improvement
  • Passion for paying it forward

We believe that the best way to invest in our community is by enabling people who want to help others. Indy Auto Man was established for the goodwill of our community, and we believe that with our help we can get many others to follow in our footsteps.

Each car that is acquired for the IAM 4 INDY program undergoes a substantial inspection and rehabilitation process to ensure that the vehicle is made both safe and reliable for the recipient. Indy Auto Man and its team of mechanics and other specialists work carefully to make any necessary improvements to each IAM 4 INDY automobile. Specifically, Indy Auto Man inspects/repairs or replaces the following items: tires, brakes, suspension, exhaust, belts, hoses, fluids and filters, wipers, lights, steering, electrical, fans, transmission, engine, body panels, safety features and interior condition.

IAM 4 INDY Criteria

The program is offered and supported by the goodwill of Indy Auto Man LLC (IAM), its employees, customers, and contractors. Not all qualifying individuals will receive a vehicle. Cars available for the IAM 4 INDY program are limited and no acceptance is automatic, implied, or guaranteed. Qualified applicants must meet all of the following criteria.

  1. Must be a legal US resident.
  2. Must be a current resident of Indiana.
  3. Must be at least 18 years of age.
  4. Must not have any open warrants and or outstanding legal violations.
  5. Must have a valid driver’s license.
  6. Must provide proof of automobile insurance at vehicle delivery.
  7. Must be willing to provide all supporting documentation requested by Indy Auto Man LLC.
  8. Consent to media release and being an ambassador of the IAM 4 INDY program.

If you are related to any Indy Auto Man employee you are ineligible.

Eleventh IAM 4 INDY Recipient!

FamilySmallOn July 3rd, 2019 Indy Auto Man and it’s staff, owners, family and friends gathered together to complete our ELEVENTH IAM 4 Indy donation! We were so happy to have met Kyla and hear her very moving story filled with love, loss, heartbreak, and her willingness to overcome all obstacles that had been placed before her. Kyla is an aspiring photographer, an amazing mother to two beautiful children and now a lifelong friend of Indy Auto Man.

Receiving this vehicle will allow her to continue to follow her passions and continue to help her family and give back to her community. We wish her the very best in all that she does.



Tenth IAM 4 INDY Recipient!

im4-1-smallIndy Auto Man befriended Sara H. and her son Camden today! They are the latest recipients of Indy Auto Man’s IAM 4 INDY car program. The employees, owners, and contractors including Car Medic joined together today and provided a completely refurbished Honda Element to Sara and her son. Sara and Camden both have significant medical needs and were wholly dependent on others for their transportation. There is no public transportation available where they live. Sara has demonstrated tremendous courage and fortitude by obtaining her medical assisting education and is excited about looking for work now that she has a reliable car. Camden is working hard as an 8th grader and is very helpful to his mom. They are an inspiring family and all of us at Indy Auto Man are honored to call you our friends! It was an honor to meet such hardworking people and we wish them success in all future endeavors.

Ninth IAM 4 INDY Recipient!

im4-9-smallOn Monday August 13, 2018 Indy Auto Man and its employees, contractors and friends joined together to present Zimere, known by his friends as “Z” a 2002 Honda Civic. Indy Auto Man’s program, IAM 4 INDY, provides refurbished cars to people in the greater Indianapolis area who exemplify strong values. These individuals also are committed to continued learning and service to others. Z recently graduated high school and completed a welder’s program. Z’s mom and dad have worked hard to instill in Z, and his siblings, the value of a solid education and the importance of hard work. Z, through his actions, is proving he has taken those lessons to heart. In addition to earning his diploma and a welder’s certificate, Z helps his mom, who has been successfully battling breast cancer for 10 years. Z does a lot more around the house than the average 18-year-old. Over the years Z has shown tremendous love and support to his mom and dad as well as his brother and sister. Z has overcome difficult and extraordinary challenges due to his early childhood. Z has earned the respect of many of his teachers, coaches, and other adults who have come to know him. In recognition of all of his hard work and perseverance Indy Auto Man is proud to offer an IAM 4 INDY car to this outstanding young man. We wish you and your family the very best as you continue your life’s journey!

Eighth IAM 4 INDY Recipient!

im4-8-smallChrissy C. is Indy Auto Man’s newest IAM 4 INDY recipient! Chrissy is currently a full time college student studying business @ IUPUI while working and volunteering throughout the greater Indianapolis area. Chrissy divides her time between teaching at the Jewish Community Center (JCC), the “Love Indy” project which provides food for low income families and a host of other volunteer activities through Heartland church. Previously, Chrissy also volunteered for (BITS) which stands for Bulldogs into the street where Butler students organize and volunteer in many different capacities throughout Indianapolis. Chrissy also has been involved with Butler’s Dance Marathon raising money for Riley Children’s hospital.

Indianapolis is lucky to count Chrissy as one of its thousands of awesome young people who are actively learning as well as working toward making our community a better place in which to live. Because of Chrissy’s hard work and volunteerism Indy Auto Man is happy to present Chrissy with a refurbished vehicle, at no cost, to help her continue her education while giving back to the community she loves. Please join all the hard working and dedicated employees and contractors at Indy Auto Man in wishing Chrissy the best with her future endeavors. We are thrilled to award an IAM 4 INDY vehicle to Chrissy!


Seventh IAM 4 INDY Recipient!

im4-1-smallT. Harris is a single mother of two who lives in Indianapolis. She is a Certified Nursing Assistant and enjoys working to support herself and her daughters. Ms. Harris was injured while working 2 years ago and had to find new employment that was able to accommodate her injury. She was lucky to do so, unfortunately her new job is in Lebanon and she does not have a car. In order to get to and from work she must rely on her parents and friends. There is no bus system that runs to Lebanon. In addition, Ms. Harris would love to be more involved in her daughters’ school. She wants to attend their extracurricular events and volunteer like other parents. “I want to pay it forward and help those in need” said Ms. Harris. There is so much more I could do if I had reliable transportation. “My daughters and I would be so blessed if we were fortunate enough to receive a car”, she said. Congratulations T. Harris!! Indy Auto Man is happy to present you with an IAM 4 INDY car! We know it will help you support your family and give back to your community.

Sixth IAM 4 INDY Recipient!

im4-6-smallIndy Auto Man’s IAM 4 INDY program is pleased to present a reliable vehicle to A. Fidder! Ms. Fidder works two jobs and supports herself, her daughter and her father who is disabled. While holding down both jobs and managing her family takes a lot of time, she also finds time to volunteer at a local food pantry. “Feeding the homeless and others who have fallen on hard times is important” says Ms. Fidder. She continued, “I am so grateful that I have a roof over my head and food in my pantry, so many people don’t have that security”. When Indy Auto Man received this request, we knew immediately that this was exactly the kind of person we want to support. Indy Auto Man developed IAM 4 INDY as a way to say “thank you” to central Indiana residents who are making a difference. This program is designed to help, on a limited basis, people who are supporting themselves and contributing to the greater Indianapolis area. Indy Auto Man provides used but safe, reliable transportation through this program for free to people who qualify when the dealership has an available vehicle. Congratulations to Ms. Fidder, keep up the great work Indy Auto Man is proud of you!

Fifth IAM 4 INDY Recipient!

im4-5-smallOn May 31, 2017 Indy Auto Man presented Allen H. with a beautiful Toyota Corolla! Allen H. is the 5th recipient of our IAM 4 INDY program. Indy Auto Man created this community outreach opportunity to give back to the greater Indianapolis area by providing free, reliable, used automobiles to people in need who display good character and are community minded. Allen H. is exactly that kind of person! Allen works up to 90 hours a week to make ends meet as a single parent of a 4-year-old. In spite of the fact that he had no car, Allen was still able to find meaningful employment as a care giver for a community group home. Allen works 10-12 hour days and walks to and from work. Rain or shine, Allen knows the people living in the group home depend on him being there so he trudges along to make sure he arrives on time to cook, clean, teach and help every day. Allen desperately wants to go back to school to earn his G.E.D. but due to lack of transportation has not been able to do this. He made it clear to all of us at Indy Auto Man that with his new car, that’s one of the first things he plans to do!

Indy Auto Man is grateful to Allen H. and many, many other central Indiana Hoosiers for their hard work, dedication to good values, and willingness to give back to others in our community. Because of Allen’s perseverance and his good character, the employees and contractors at Indy Auto Man were pleased to present Allen with a vehicle to help him continue to take care of himself, his child and the people he supports every day at the group home. Thank you Allen for all you do to help make Indianapolis a better place!


Fourth IAM 4 INDY Recipient!

im4-4-smallIndy Auto Man’s 4th IAM 4 INDY vehicle delivery took place on April 28th, 2017. Mr. Michael P. of Indianapolis was presented with a car that will help Michael continue his service to others. Many thanks to the hard work of the employees, contractors, and partners at Iny Auto Man, including MAACO, because their efforts make this program possible.

Michael P. is a very quiet, unassuming gentleman. He is simply an ordinary guy who contributes to his neighborhood in a positive and meaningful way. Michael is retired and disabled and he was the only person in his apartment building who had a car. Recently his 18-year-old van broke down and it could not be repaired. When this happened, it meant that not a single person in his building had any transportation. At 66, Michael is the youngest resident of his building. Michael has been the only one to drive his elderly neighbors to medical appointments, church, and the grocery store. His van also provided a means for him to earn a little extra income by finding odd jobs to do. Due to the changing condition of his neighborhood, the nearest grocery store is nearly 3 miles away which made it out of reach without a vehicle.

Now, thanks to the IAM 4 INDY program Michael and his neighbors have reliable transportation! This car provides for more than just one person, it allows many people the ability to lead independent lives and to give back to the Indianapolis neighborhood in which they live and serve.


Third IAM 4 INDY Recipient!

im4-3-smallIndy Auto Man delivered its third IAM 4 INDY car on Wednesday March 8, 2017. Employees and contractors from Indy Auto Man joined together for the delivery of this refurbished vehicle to Ms. Shameka P. and her 3 children. Shameka has worked hard to provide a safe, loving home for her children and other kids in the neighborhood. Shameka has not had a car for quite some which makes it difficult for her to find permanent work and support her family. Now that she has her own car, Shameka is planning on furthering her education so she can begin a career in nursing. Shameka encourages her children by emphasizing education, sports, and community involvement.

Indy Auto Man and its partners and contractors, including Maaco Collision Repair, provide refurbished, reliable vehicles through its IAM 4 INDY program. Eligible central Indiana residents who exemplify excellent community standards are chosen via a program listed on our website. Indy Auto Man believes that a free reliable vehicle can be the perfect tool to help good people maximize their potential and pay it forward in our community. Congratulations Shameka!


Second IAM 4 INDY Recipient!

im4-2-smallIndy Auto Man is pleased to announce that our company with the support of its employees and our partners have delivered another IAM 4 INDY car to a deserving Indianapolis resident! During this important time of the year, we were honored to meet Mrs. Allean Porter, our IAM 4 INDY recipient, and to learn of her personal journey. Mrs. Porter, although retired, works hard taking care of her grandchildren and great grandchildren. She also is the primary caregiver for a relative who suffers from a chronic health condition.

Mrs. Porter is 100% dependent on others for any and all transportation. Because she had no vehicle, it made it very difficult to go to the store, the pharmacy, medical appointments, and to provide those important needs for the people who are dependent on her. In spite of her own adversity, Mrs. Porter’s number one reason for wanting to own a car was so that she “could volunteer to feed the hungry and be able to get a part time job” to help support herself and her family.

Mrs. Porter epitomizes what it means to “pay it forward” and provides her labor of love with joy in heart. Mrs. Porter exemplifies what it means to be a good citizen in Indianapolis and because of her unselfish service to others and her good citizenship Indy Auto Man is proud to call her our friend and to present her with a FREE automobile to continue her good works!


First IAM 4 INDY Recipient!

im4-1-smallWe could not think of a better way to give back to this community than by helping individuals and families who are working hard to support themselves. Mr. Carlton exemplifies what it means to overcome adversity and injury. It has often been said that the measure of one’s spirit isn’t by counting how many times you have been knocked down, but by the number of times you get back up. that is exactly what Mr. Carlton has done. After an industrial accident in 2014 that resulted in a serious injury, Mr. Carlton found the strength to get back up, find work and rebuild his life. We at Indy Auto Man are inspired by your courage Mr. Carlton and we want to show you that Indianapolis is a community that cares for its own by presenting you with this refurbished car so that you can continue to support yourself and your family. We are inspired by your example and we are fortunate to have people with your kind of determination living and working in our community. On behalf of everyone at Indy Auto Man and MAACO, we wish you continued success!
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