Limited Warranty

Above the limited warranty.

You never know when an unexpected breakdown may occur. But with our optional extended warranties, you'll have the extra peace of mind that you're covered.

1. Comprehensive and Fair
  • Our Warranties cover your entire car and list every excluded item
  • Not all warranty companies are perfect so we research ratings, reviews, and customer feedback before partnering them. 
2. Affordable
  • Pricing is VIN specific, and is determined by your vehicle's age, mileage, and equipment.
  • No "ONE PRICE FITS ALL" approach
  • Pay upfront or add a warranty into your monthly car payment
3. Nationwide
  • You can service with us or at your local shop. Our coverage is nationwide. 
4. Adjustable
  • Pick and choose your plans
  • Optimize your dollar by selecting your own deductible, time frame, and mileage limit. 
5. Easy and Hassle Free
  • All warranty claims are paid over the phone directly to your service provider
  • GREAT NEWS. Our plans come with rental car reimbursement.