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Affordable Luxury Cars for Sale in Indianapolis

affordable luxury cars for sale in Indianapolis

Buying an Affordable Luxury Car in Indianapolis is Simple with Indy Auto Man

If you want to buy an affordable luxury car in Indianapolis without compromising on the quality and the level of service, visit Indy Auto Man. We can offer a wide range of used premium models 2-5 years old at an attractive price.  Since a new car in the premium segment, especially in a unique configuration, loses its value quickly, a used vehicle is a reasonable purchase to get the best for the money.

How to Choose an Affordable Luxury Car

buy luxury used cars in Indiana

Which Is the Cheapest Luxury Car?

Among the cheapest luxury cars you can find used Infinity G37 Convertible , Lexus IS 250 , Cadillac ATS , Acura TLX . You can buy any of these models for less than $20,000, depending on the year of manufacture.

What Is the Best Second Hand Luxury Car to Buy?

Most luxury car drivers in the US tend to change their vehicles after 2-3 years of owning. The demand for such models is not so high, so you will always have many options to choose from. But keep in mind that many BMW and Audi drivers are speed lovers, and their cars end up on the secondary market in a very worn condition. When deciding on one of these brands, an attentive inspection and a thorough test drive is required.

Luxury cars have everything to make you feel special: top safety systems, numerous comfort features, natural wood and leather, high-quality metal alloys, and a minimum of plastic. Some brands produce luxury cars only on order. But even these single units of luxury sooner or later come to a secondary market with a considerable depreciation. And when you buy such a vehicle, no one ever guesses the cost you get it for.

Of course, a luxury car is a significant investment, even if you buy a used one. You need to evaluate your budget. And we advise you to have at least a couple of thousands in your stash for unforeseen expenses, which may arise even with a new vehicle. Find out the price of spare parts, oil, and maintenance. Fortunately, some models are really affordable, and sometimes they are even cheaper than you expected.

Now it is time to consider the options. You can start by browsing our inventory online, setting the search parameters, such as brand, model, price, year, and many others.

Further, you will find good examples of affordable luxury cars for sale near you in Indianapolis.

  1. BMW 2 Series
  2. Audi A3
  3. Mercedes A-class
  4. Tesla Model 3
  5. Genesis G80
  6. Infinity Q50
  7. Tesla Model S
  8. Lexus RX 350
  9. Acura TRX
  10. Tesla Model X

BMW 2 Series

used bmw for sale in Indianapolis
The price range according to Edmunds: $19,990 – $46,990

The BMW 2 Series is especially popular due to its safety ratings. Although, this model can boast of many other advantages. With a sports convertible, you can get the range of 248 – 405 hp. Each option of the power unit is economical and excellent in performance. The suspension is comfortable and smooths out bumps in the road as efficiently as possible. There are RWD and AWD models. You will also appreciate:

  • Front seats are adjustable in ten positions.
  • The infotainment system is top-notch but user-friendly.
  • The interior is polished with high-quality materials.

Lexus RX 350

used lexus rx for sale in Indianapolis
The price range according to Edmunds: $30, 990 – $51, 990

The Lexus RX 350 is a luxury SUV with a well-executed spacious cabin and enough room for five passengers. The ride is exceptionally smooth, which makes it a very enjoyable family car. The RX 350 has such advantages as:

  • Excellent reliability record;
  • Low maintenance costs;
  • High safety ratings.

The used RX 350 has a 295 hp V6 engine. EPA estimated fuel economy is 20 /27 MPG city/highway. Read also Lexus vs. Acura comparison.

Tesla Model X

buy used tesla in Indianapolis
The price range according to Edmunds: $59, 677 – $109, 000

The electric mid-size crossover Tesla Model X is lux in its performance. Competitors can’t match the Model X in terms of speed. The base model accelerates to 60 mph in less than 2.5 seconds. The electric car is controlled by a 17-inch touch screen. This Tesla features:

  • Powerful braking system;
  • Sensitive steering;
  • Excellent and safe cornering;
  • Elegant interior.

The front seats are comfortable and roomy. The second-row seats are independent and can be moved and retracted. Depending on the configuration, you can expect a power reserve in the range of 340-360 miles.

Your Luxury Car: It Is Time to Afford It

Affordable luxury cars are real. If you want to buy a premium sedan or SUV in Indianapolis, you can choose an older model with fewer bells and whistles inside, and it will be much cheaper to maintain. Or consider our beneficial financing options and become the owner of a used Mercedes, BMW, Lexus, or Tesla with no trouble.

Our qualified sales representatives are always here to consult you on all the nuances and are glad to assist you during a purchase of a luxury car. Don’t give up your dream and come to Indy Auto Man car center, Indianapolis!