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We offer competitive prices for cars, SUVs, vans, and trucks of all brands and models in Indiana, taking into account the USA latest market trends. We can pick up your car right from your doorstep - the first 250 miles to the dealership are free! Getting cash for your vehicle without delay has never been easier. Just fill in this online form and get your estimated offer. For a more precise estimation, please schedule your visit to Indy Auto Man dealer center or contact us to discuss our field assessment. You can sell your car and buy another one in a couple of hours!

Don't settle for bargain prices on your used vehicle. Don't waste time posting your car for sale online and meeting strangers who want to bargain endlessly. Stop worrying about how much repairs it will cost to get your used car up to marketable condition. Sell your car to Indy Auto Man as it is, and be sure to get a fair price. 

Addressing Indy Auto Man dealership in Indianapolis, you will know exactly the amount you sell your car for before you hand it over to us. The tactics of bargaining on the sidewalk at the last moment are not our method. We pay what we promise. Guaranteed.