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Don't Miss the Best Car Financing Deals at Indy Auto Man, Indianapolis

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Get Your Best Car Financing Deal in Indianapolis

With the Indy Auto Man dealership, you can get the best car financing deal in Indianapolis and buy a used car with no hassle. We guarantee secure financing with one of the 24 local or state banks and credit unions. Get a fast and simple car loan pre-approval online:

What Is the Smartest Way to Finance a Car in Indiana?

smart financing in Indianapolis

Take advantage of online pre-approvals from dealerships to compare their best offers, make a down payment of not less than 20%, and keep loan terms as short as possible to save significant money on your auto financing deal. Read these points explained and make your used car financing in Indianapolis even more beneficial.

Check Your Credit Score Before Visiting the Dealership

The first step in getting the best car financing deal in Indianapolis is to check your credit scores. Many online resources offer online credit report checks .

Buyers with a credit score of around 750 have good chances for a decent interest rate and qualify for better promotions. And if the score is below 700, interest rates rise quickly. Banks and credit unions still give out auto loans. For borrowers with a below-average score (less than 650), the rates are often at 10% or higher. But if you finance with Indy Auto Man, we strive to get the best deal for you, whatever the score. If you have bad credit, this guide will help you decide on your further strategy:

Can you Get a 0% Interest Rate on a Car?

You can qualify for a 0% APR car deal if you have an excellent credit score of 800 and above. Many banks often reserve zero percent financing deals for such borrowers in Indiana. Address the Indy Auto Man financial department to check what deals we can offer right now.

Keep the Term as Short as Possible

While it’s tempting to get a more comfortable monthly payment by extending your financing deal for five or six years, it means you will be paying more interest in total. Moreover, banks often charge higher interest rates on such loans, further increasing the general cost of the credit. If you want to avoid the risks of overpayment, try our online car payment estimator to get a clue of what to expect from the deal in advance.

Buy a Car You Can Really Afford

Unless you buy a rare Ferrari, your vehicle is a depreciating asset, not an investment. Most cars lose half their value within five years. This is why you usually want to pay off the creditfor your auto as soon as possible.

The longer it takes to pay off the loan, the more likely your car goes “underwater”. This means getting negative equity when you owe more than the car is worth. Because even if you sell your vehicle tomorrow, you will still have to pay some amount of dollars for it to the financing organization.

Can You Negotiate an APR car?

Yes, the interest rate is negotiable, as is the price of the car. The first loan rate you get from a bank may not be the lowest you qualify for. And our main goal is to make banks fight for you as a client.

Increase Your Down Payment for the Best Deal in Indianapolis

used maserati to finance in Indianapolis

You can reduce the principal and total interest by paying a minimum of 20% down on a car. If you can’t afford to pay the 20% down payment before getting a loan, chances are you won’t be able to cover your monthly payments plus interest over the life of the loan.

Selling or trading in your current vehicle to the dealership is an excellent way to increase your down payment.

With qualified support and financial consulting from the Indy Auto Man, you will get the best car financing deal in Indianapolis and drive your dream car already today without saving every penny for a future purchase. Check our used car inventory online and contact us to discuss your budget and needs!