best SUVs for gas mileage for sale in Indianapolis

The Best SUVs for Gas Mileage in Indianapolis

In consumer reports, SUVs are traditionally prized for their power and versatility and scolded for high fuel consumption. However, there are dozens of crossovers on the used car market with very low fuel consumption. 

In our selection, we gathered the best gas mileage SUVs for great gas mileage. If you want zero gas or diesel consumption, then SUVs with an electric fuel system are for you. 

20 Most Fuel-Efficient SUVs

most fuel-efficient SUVs for sale in Indianapolis

We have placed the cars in no particular order as they are very different. At least there are hybrids, and there are gas cars. The most economical gasoline SUV is the Ford Escape. The hybrid with the lowest fuel consumption is the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid AWD (all-wheel drive). A midsize SUV will typically provide better MPG than its full-size counterpart, and the same goes for AWD vs. FWD. Full-size SUVs do offer good gas mileage nowadays, though.

Which SUV Has the Best Gas Mileage?

There is an opinion that SUVs use fuel very mercilessly. But this is not always the case. Have a look at these models with low gas mileage that you can buy at our used car dealership in Indianapolis:

What If the Car Uses Too Much Fuel?

why a car uses too much fuel

If your car consumes too much gas, there may be many reasons for this. Accordingly, there are many ways to combat increased fuel consumption. Here is where you can look for reasons:

Lambda probeIt is an oxygen sensor that often breaks down. The leaded gasoline covers the sensor with lead oxides, and an electronic fuel injection begins to pour more gasoline than necessary. The mixture is re-enriched, the CO content increases in the exhaust. You can also detect the lambda probe malfunction using computer engine diagnostics.
Spark plugs Replacing spark plugs is one of the options for dealing with increased fuel consumption. If you are going to replace them, choose the new ones attentively and check if they have the correct gap. Otherwise, replacing them will have no effect. 
Filters– fuel
– air
– oil
These filters should be inspected for debris and, if necessary, replaced. 
Armored wiresHigh-voltage wires (or distributors) can be dirty or even punctured. If there is a leakage of electricity, the mixture does not burn out, increasing the gas mileage.
CatalystThe catalyst can either be simply faulty or knocked out. The absence of a catalyst slightly increases power but adds fuel consumption.
IdlingIf the idle speed is high, the consumption increases (especially in city driving). 
NozzlesIf the injectors are dirty, they do not spray gasoline as needed. The nozzles can be washed or replaced with new ones.
CompressionIf your SUV consumes a lot of gas, you should also check the condition of the engine by measuring the compression.

If you feel that your SUV consumes more gas than it should, visit the Indy Auto Man auto repair shop in Indianapolis. Our specialists will check your engine operation, find the problem if it exists, and fix it in the shortest time.

Best Economical SUVs

The best SUVs for gas mileage that are mentioned the most in automotive forums and consumer reports are the Ford Escape, Toyota RAV4, Subaru Crosstrek (ok, it’s a crossover), and the Hyundai Tucson. All of these models get excellent mileage ratings, but you’ll pay extra for their hybrid powertrains. They use an electric motor instead of gasoline to help boost acceleration and engine output.

How to Choose the Best SUV for Gas Mileage?

When it comes to efficiency, manufacturers are doing well in this area, focusing their efforts on the development and improvement of fuel-efficient engines. But if you are choosing your best SUV, in addition to indicators of the economy, you should also consider such criteria as:

choose the best suv for gas mileage in Indianapolis

An SUV is a massive car, and if you want to cut fuel costs, consider hybrid models. The hybrid engine radically changes fuel consumption, reducing fuel expenses by 20% to 35%.

Also, models equipped with a diesel engine can boast better efficiency than gasoline ones. If in the case of an electric vehicle or a hybrid engine, the choice of SUVs is not so great, then the line of cars with a diesel engine is replete with various very attractive offers and safety features.

Visit Indy Auto Man in Indianapolis today, and we will help you find the best used SUV from the freshest pre-owned inventory in Indy for gas mileage that will meet all your criteria of choice.