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Choosing the Best Used Cars for Snow

best used cars for snow | Indy Auto Man, Indianapolis
2017 Ford Explorer XLT

Best Used Cars for Snowy Winters

Winter is coming, which means snowdrifts and slippery roads. For those actively looking for the best used car for snow, we have prepared our top-5 vehicles that will not let you down in difficult weather conditions and the list of criteria to help you make the right decision.

The Top-5 Used Cars That Are Good in Snow

  • Ford Explorer . Initially, this car was considered exclusively as an off-road vehicle, but after years of modification, we came up with a quality SUV that feels great in urban areas. As for safety, the car is equipped with the latest technology: emergency braking assistance system, electronic stability control system, rollover prevention system, cruise control, parking sensors. The car behaves confidently both on and off the road.
  • Jeep Wrangler . The design of the Jeep Wrangler is conservative, austere, without flowing streamlined shapes. The Wrangler is a car for real adventurers planning to conquer even the most severe winter off-road. Only in the Jeep Wrangler will you be able to see the folding windshield and doors that can be easily removed if needed. The roof can be a standard rigid, soft with latches or fabric, depending on the configuration.

High ground clearance and dependent front and rear suspension of the SUV ideally adapt to any irregularities on the way of the car, one of the most reliable cars in the class. – The frame structure provides an even load on the body elements.

  • Land Rover Discovery . Like all Land Rovers, the Discovery does well both off-road and on the highway. Traction and handling are provided by large, wide wheels that facilitate winter travel. The surface recognition system allows the SUV to drive where many competitors fail. There are separate modes for mud and snow, making the SUV prepared for any changes in the weather, even if they occur within an hour. With its family-friendly interior and fuel-efficient engine, Discovery becomes an attractive variant for snow.
  • Subaru Outback . This model has an excellent build, capable of showing itself well off-road and in hard winter conditions. The two-liter engine is fuel-efficient and quieter on the road than many of its competitors, and the slightly raised body won’t catch you off guard if the weather gets worse.
  • Volvo S90 Momentum. If you do not want to switch to a crossover, S90 is for you. If to spend most of the winter driving exclusively in the city, the S90 Momentum will be a good choice for comfortable snow driving. It has a catchy Scandinavian design, and the price on a used car, given the premium class, AWD, and powerful engine, is rather attractive.

What Used Cars Are Best in Snow?

It would seem that the main criterion for choosing a car for snow is its cross-country ability. Nevertheless, other features are no less important. Find the main points to draw your attention to below.

Body Type

Choosing between many body types, most connoisseurs of outdoor activities will choose an SUV. These cars are more durable, easy to maintain, perfectly tolerate off-road trips without serious consequences for the chassis and body. However, if you are getting prepared for snow on the city roads of Indianapolis, the choice of the car body is just a matter of taste.


You need a car that will not let you down on the slippery city highway or a snowy country road. Frame construction, good suspension, powerful motor are indispensable to guarantee that you will not get stuck in mud or a snowdrift.


Ground clearance is one of the main indicators that a car is ready for off-road. The larger it is, the more severe obstacles your vehicle can overcome. In addition, there are vehicles with air suspension, which, if necessary, allows you to increase the ground clearance.


The automatic transmission is more convenient for driving on a highway or around the city. But when driving off-road in winter, you run the risk of wearing it out very much. The manual transmission in this regard may be more reliable.


While driving on a snowed road, the likelihood of getting into a situation that threatens the health of the driver and passengers is very high. That is why pay special attention to the available security tools and systems.

Comfort Level

The best car for snow should provide a high level of convenience even when driving over rough terrain. Climate control, heated seats and door mirrors, good visibility, sound insulation – this is not a complete list of characteristics and devices that must be present in the design.

Which Is Better in Snow AWD or FWD?

On the one hand, AWD cars have certain advantages compared to traditional RWD or AWD cars, and they are more capable and handle better on slippery roads. Moreover, AWD vehicles have better resale value, and you will easily sell your car when the time comes.

On the other hand, AWD cannot one hundred percent protect you from the snowy or slippery roads, where any car can lose traction. The most important here – to have appropriate driving skills and use high-quality winter tires.

How to Make a Car Drive Best in Snow and Ice?

Here is a set of simple measures that will significantly increase the directional stability and cross-country ability of your car in snow and ice conditions:

  • Check belts and pipes. They lose their elasticity in cold weather, which will contribute to the formation of cracks.
  • Fill in the required amount of antifreeze. It should be in the system a week before the frost promised by forecasters.
  • Change the oil to a low viscosity grade. This will help to avoid engine start problems.
  • Keep the battery fully charged or replace an old worn-out battery. It can fail at a critical moment.

Take your car to our service center in Indianapolis , and we will help you prepare it for winter temperature drops. And if you feel that the time comes to find something more reliable with higher off-road performance, visit Indy Auto Man Indianapolis today and buy a car that will not fail in snowy winter.