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BMW Vs. Mercedes Vs. Audi: Which Brand Is Best?

Mercedes vs. Audi vs. BMW comparison |Reviewed by experts from Indy Auto Man, IN

Mercedes Vs. BMW Vs. Audi: Choosing the Best Car Brand

German cars have become the standard for quality, durability, and trouble-free resale in the US aftermarket. However, some brands stand out from the rest of the manufacturers. They are the most desirable among most US drivers:

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Is BMW More Reliable than Mercedes and Audi?

is bmw more reliable than mercedes
2018 BMW 5 Series 540i xDrive

Cars with a three-pointed star, four rings, and a Bavarian propeller have gained fame as the best in their class, but BMW often ranks higher in terms of reliability. All models are characterized by high standards of development and assembly, advanced solutions in the field of powertrains, transmission, and electronics, as well as an excellent level of comfort.

The ideological similarity of the models is also explained by the fact that the manufacturers perceive each other as competitors, so if one releases a promising model, others seek to beat the card of the market rival with their own development.

This situation is reflected in the model range that each manufacturer provides to the public. So, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and BMW have compact, medium, and business class sedans, as well as premium cars.

Which Is Better Mercedes, BMW or Audi?

is mercedes better than BMW
2018 Mercedes-Benz E-Class E 400

Despite the similarities, there are many differences in cars that provide the originality of the brands. Which one will be better for you depends on your driving preferences, personal favor, and practical needs.

Brand Recognition Leader: Mercedes

Mercedes-Benz vehicles are almost always more expensive than competitor models due to brand recognition: Mercedes began to deal with cars in the 19th century. However, not everyone is ready to pay extra money for similar functionality.

AWD: Is Audi Better Than BMW

Among all-wheel drive systems, the most famous is Audi’s Quattro installed on all crossovers and many versions of sedans of different sizes. This gives an edge in handling, safety, and tenacity of the car on the roadway in any weather. BMW and Mercedes have been producing rear-wheel drive cars for a long time, although this trend has begun to fade, especially in the compact class.

Model Range

  • BMW doesn’t have a full-size SUV model, but still has a small one: the famous BMW X5 is considered a mid-size crossover. In terms of comfort, it concedes both the large Audi Q7 and the more compact Q5. Mercedes copied the unique BMW X6 in their GLE model. However, the manufacturers from Stuttgart have immortalized themselves with other vehicles; their G-Class will be a hundred points ahead of any SUV in terms of recognition.
  • Mercedes is developing a segment of inexpensive cars, including subcompact ones, that competitors do not have.
  • Audi is trying to keep a balance by releasing charged sports versions.


Advanced electronics on BMW, Audi, and Mercedes machines have long been commonplace. Numerical panels, controllers, and smart systems, which today can practically take control in stable conditions – all make life easier for the driver, but, at the same time, can break down. In terms of the complexity of electronics, Mercedes ranks first.

The reverse side of universal digitalization is possible system slowdowns and numerous errors. Audi is more balanced in this regard. It is not so complicated, but at the same time, it fully backs the driver by reading information from numerous sensors.

BMW has a minimum amount of electronics. Of course, all the necessary components are there, but they do not take away control from the driver so intrusively. In addition to digital touch panels, the Bavarians continue to add familiar buttons and toggle switches.

Audi Vs. Mercedes Vs. BMW: Which Brand Is Better

audi vs mercedes
2018 Audi S5 Sportback Premium Plus

Breaking spears about this question is endless. Each of the models will have its strengths and weaknesses, as well as ambiguous features that, on the one hand, may seem like shortcomings, but on the other, they will be felt as a character and corporate style.

  • It doesn’t matter if you buy a compact 3 Series or a premium 7 Series auto, but the aggressive, racing, youthful driving style is visible in everything. You won’t stand sitting behind a driver in a BMW – you will certainly want to get behind the wheel, give gas, and turn, hearing the tires squeal on the pavement.
  • Mercedes-Benz is the perfect car for calm people who can afford a personal driver. No wonder heads of states love these vehicles. In addition, Mercedes models can offer the most space on the back seats.
  • Audi occupies the golden mean. One gets the impression that the team from Ingolstadt is deploying some global strategy designed for more than one generation of cars. And indeed: if you read the test drives of many car portals, Audi often comes out victorious precisely because of its balance in the dispute, whereas Mercedes is expensive, stately, and conservative, and BMW act as a kind of gangster of the automotive premium segment.

Car Value and Maintenance Cost: Which Is Cheaper to Maintain Audi or BMW?

Mercedes are the most expensive among cars of the same class. BMW and Audi have parity prices, which can be slightly ahead of each other depending on the dealer.

In terms of maintenance, repairs, and spare parts, pre-owned BMW will cost you more than Audi or Mercedes. But Audi has a slight competitive advantage: unification with Volkswagen and Škoda saves money and makes it easier to find the right components.

BMW Vs. Audi Vs. Mercedes: Test Drive Competition

A test run with active traffic on paved roads of Indianapolis will only reinforce the brand’s reputation:

  • BMW behaves aggressively and has a harsh suspension, which behaves unusually at low speed, but copes well at high speed.
  • Mercedes-Benz slowly floats. Despite a good engine and the ability to fast acceleration, it does it so reluctantly. A car for comfort, not for racing.
  • Audi has a balance: fast acceleration with sensitive electronic control and compensation for the flaws of the driver and the roadway.

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