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Delivery Van: Your Best Vehicle for Transportation

buy used delivery van in Indianapolis

If you decide to buy a cargo van to optimize the transportation and delivery of goods, you have come to the right Indianapolis dealership. At Indy Auto Man, you can choose a used delivery van from one of the most popular brands, including Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Chevy, RAM, and Freightliner, and customize it to your needs. 

What Is a Delivery Vehicle Called?

A vehicle used for transporting people or goods is usually called a van. Depending on the type, it can be bigger or smaller than an SUV and pickup truck. The body attached to the frame is an indispensable element of the delivery van. By appointment, there are the following types of bodies:

  • A flatbed is an open body or one equipped with a tarpaulin superstructure.
  • A tarpaulin body is an onboard body with a tarpaulin superstructure secured by lacing.
  • An all-metal body is a type with increased durability and anti-theft protection, achieved through metal walls and doors attached to the flat body. The main disadvantage of an all-metal body is limited opportunities for loading and unloading consignments.
  • An isothermally insulated body is an all-metal frame designed for cargo delivery, which must not be heated.
  • A refrigerated van is a semi-trailer equipped with a refrigeration unit to control the temperature.

How to Choose a Delivery Van in Indianapolis

choose a delivery van in indianapolis

First, before you buy a delivery van, you need to determine what type of goods you will need to operate with. It is also necessary to study all the norms of state standards regarding the transportation and storage of these types of goods.

  • If the goods require a determined temperature during transportation, it is best to purchase an isothermal delivery van or install a refrigeration unit and other necessary equipment.
  • If there are no special measures for the conditions of transportation and storage of goods, you can opt for a manufactured goods van.

When choosing a cargo means, you must also consider the carrying capacity. Calculate how many goods and what total weight you will deliver.

"It occurs, that some specific cargo does not fit in a standard vehicle, we often modify the vehicles to answer the customers' needs of lengthening and conversion."

Mike J., Commercial Vehicles Department

Which Van Is Best for Delivery?

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and Ford Transit are considered the best in the market in efficiency, practicality, equipment, and overall packaging.

Delivery Vans for Temperature-Controlled Cargoes

buy used delivery van for temperature-controlled cargoes

Many carriers cooperating with manufacturers of goods and retail chains prefer delivery vans designed for temperature-controlled cargo:

  • Isothermal vans are distinguished by the presence of thermally insulating walls, and the doors, roof, and floor are made of a material that limits heat transfer. There are two types of isothermal vans depending on the heat transfer coefficient. The first type includes ordinary isothermal vans with a coefficient not exceeding 0.7 W / (m2 • ° C). The second type is isotherms with reinforced insulation. Their heat transfer coefficient is not more than 0.4 W/(m2 • °C).
  • Heated vans are produced on a car chassis. Their design provides for a heating installation. When turned on, the temperature inside the body rises. When transporting a temperature cargo, it is possible to maintain optimal values without additional heat input.
  • Refrigerated vehicles are equipped with a separate refrigeration unit. Transportation of goods by refrigerators involves lowering the temperature in the cargo compartment to optimal values and its subsequent maintenance. Currently, several classes of refrigerators are produced depending on the capacity of the installation; multi-temperature refrigerators are also used in transportation.
  • Road tanks are equipped with systems for loading and unloading operations. This body type is optimal for the delivery of loose bulk and liquid food products. If you transfetperishable goods, choose tanks, the walls of which have thermal insulation. 
  • Glaciers are vehicles with an absorption or mechanical unit in the back. Natural ice can be used as a source of cold in glaciers, to which some carriers add salt, liquefied gases, dry ice, or eutectic plates.

If you want to optimize the delivery process of goods, including temperature-controlled cargo, buy a reliable used cargo van at Indy Auto Man, IN. We offer professional customization to any business needs and service with extended working hours to fit your busy schedule.