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Nissan Vs. Honda: Favourite Brands at the Spotlight

nissan versus honda; used nissan and honda in indianapolis
2017 Nissan Rogue SL / 2015 Honda CR-V Touring

Nissan Vs. Honda: Comparing the Most Reliable Car Brands

If you want to buy a used car of the most reliable brand, Nissan and Honda will meet your expectations. Both companies adhere to high-quality standards, among which the priorities focused on reliability, economical fuel consumption and driving safety.

Nissan Vs. Honda Lineup

Honda is a large Japanese manufacturer, producing cars since 1948. Today, it is one of the most well-known brands in the automotive industry. The Honda concern received recognition in the world car market in 1972 by releasing a compact, inexpensive and high-quality car Honda Civic. Sedan, hatchback and coupe Honda bodies are equipped with turbo engines. The Civic is one of the most popular models, together with the Honda Accord and Honda CR-V SUV.

Nissan is another Japanese automobile company founded in 1933. Luxury cars are produced under the Infinity brand. The most famous vehicles of this brand are:

– Nissan Altima,
– Nissan Maxima,
– Nissan Rogue,
– Nissan GT-R.

The lineup of the company includes a wide range of passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Some hybrid models use engines and a proprietary lithium-ion battery. The production of electric vehicles has been launched since 2008.

General Characteristics of Honda and Nissan Models

When choosing Nissan or Honda, you get a comfortable SUV or a hatchback stuffed with the most advanced electronic assistants at an affordable price. The standards for the cars produced under the brand name Honda or Nissan include:

  • High level of reliability.
  • Good build quality.
  • Economical fuel consumption.
  • Ensuring traffic safety.

In the global automotive market, the volume of car sales under the Nissan brand is more than 6%, and this figure is slightly lower for cars with the Honda nameplate. In terms of the motor resource, the representatives of both brands are comparable, although, at Honda, it is slightly higher.

Nissan Altima Versus Honda Accord: The Battle of Midsize Sedans

Midsize sedan Nissan Altima Honda Accord
Average price on the used car market $11 990 – $32 590,00 $19 590,00 – $34 990,00
Engine 2.5-liter inline-four(188 hp) 1.5-liter turbocharged inline-four (192 hp)
Fuel economy (mpg city/highway/combined) 28/29/32 30/38/33
Trunk space 15.4 16.7

Both models have a stylish, moderately sporty, and, at the same time, classic design. Therefore, it is hard to choose a preferable option in this case. Let’s say it’s a matter of taste. The only thing that can be noted is the attempt by the Nissan Altima to look like a more expensive model, while the Honda Accord emphasizes functionality and interior.

Nissan Rogue Versus Honda CR-V: What SUV Is the Best?

Compact crossover SUV Nissan Rogue Honda CR-V
Average price on the used car market $17,990 – $25,990 $17,990 – $36,990
Engine 2.5 L/152 (170 hp) 1.5 L/91 (190 hp)
Fuel economy (mpg city/highway) 25/32 28/34
Wheels 17 x 7 18 x 7
Cargo Volume (ft³) 39.3 39.2

Both the Nissan Rogue and the Honda CR-V are in the same price segment. There is a bias towards increased cross-country ability in the design of each model. And what is preferable for its price?

  • In urban areas, the Honda CR-V has a more stylish and striking appearance. The car is perfect for a group of friends.
  • Nissan has a more solid look. The lack of sports modes and slower acceleration are compensated by improved cross-country ability and an increased tank volume – a capacity of up to 60 liters of gasoline versus 58 for the Honda CR-V. Nissan easily overcomes small obstacles, keeps well on ice and wet surfaces, can drive out of sticky soil.

Distinctive Features

The main difference is that initially the cars produced by the Honda auto concern were positioned as close to sports models. For example, a powerful (150hp) engine is installed on the Honda Stepwgn minivan, while the Nissan NV 200 is powered by a 109 horsepower engine. The minivan with the Honda logo, even though it is longer and heavier than its Nissan fellow, has 1.3 liters less fuel consumption per 60 miles. Honda hatchbacks are also more economical than similar cars under the Nissan brand.

The Nissan carmaker has been present on the market for much longer and has created a wide service network. The maintenance and repair issues of Nissan cars are cheaper and easier to solve.

Used Nissan Vs. Used Honda: Pain Points

Nissan Honda
The running gear is considered the weakest point of Nissan cars, but repairing is not very expensive. The paintwork is rather thick. It poorly resists mechanical damage, so inspect the car body carefully.
The gearbox is not very accurate, and used cars may have problems with it. Honda engines are picky about the quality of gasoline and lubricants.
Problems with door locks often appear on Nissan cars older than five years old. The transmission reliability depends on the service quality, so check the car in all modes during a test drive.

Despite some weak points common to used Nissan and Honda cars, in general, both brands are very reliable. And you just need to pay attention to the above-mentioned points to select your favorite in good condition. Visit Indy Auto Man dealership to discuss with our consultants all ins and outs of the particular model you are going to buy.

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Nissan Versus Honda: Criteria of Choice

In terms of comfort, both manufacturers provide us with very convenient, contentment cars. When choosing according to this criterion, the main attention is paid to the branded features. For example, the Honda CR-V crossover has a folding table between the seats. In the Nissan Rogue, this function is performed by the stands for fixing drinks.

  • Those car enthusiasts who like a quiet, comfortable ride, including on a dirt road, prefer to choose a car from the Nissan model range.
  • For those who love the speed and the possibility of extreme driving, it is better to choose from the Honda lineup.

Visit Indy Auto Man Indianapolis today to test drive and compare used Nissan and Honda models and make your final decision. Here, you will find the answer to all your questions about each brand.

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