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How to Negotiate a Used Car in Indianapolis

How to negotiate a used car in Indianapolis

How to Negotiate for a Used Car to Get the Best Deal

Cars in the aftermarket are tempting. They gradually lose value, and you can buy a car of a higher class with the top trim level. But how to negotiate a used car to buy a reliable vehicle instead of a bunch of problems?

Buying a used car in Indianapolis just requires a bit more knowledge and patience than choosing a new one. If you are used to taking everything into your own hands, read our step-by-step guide on how to negotiate a used car to get the most beneficial deal.

Do Your Research

used cars for sale in Indianapolis

Before you meet with a car seller and start negotiations, you should already know the model you would like to buy and its technical specifications, including its current price in the used car market.

Choose a Brand and Model

This is probably the most difficult and controversial stage of buying a used car because the market is large and diversified. Here are the main selection criteria:

  • Purpose of purchase. Ask yourself whether you need a cheap workhorse for the next five years or a popular model for a year to sell it without losing value. Or maybe it’s your first car for training your driving skills? Then flip through the online catalogs of models to collect sales statistics and arguments for negotiations. You may have a look at car values on . Or check our inventory and compare the prices. This will help you understand the market value of the selected model and the profitability of the deal. It is possible that your financial capabilities do not coincide with your desires at the moment. In this case, you may reconsider your choice. For example, look for a station wagon instead of an SUV.
  • Age. The older the car, the fewer chances that it will be technically sound and problem-free in operation. Of course, you may find a 20-year-old Chevrolet without a single stain of corrosion and with an engine that works like a clock. But after overcoming the 10-year milestone, good specimens become rare.
  • Reliability and cost of ownership. If you have already chosen something suitable, be sure to study the experience of owners, read our models and brands comparisons, check our list of best-selling cars . It will also be useful to find out the cost of spare parts. For premium brands, these prices can be quite impressive.
  • Resale prospects. Read about cars that hold their value .

Decide on the Budget

used cars for sale in Indianapolis
2017 Ford Super Duty F-350 DRW Lariat

Once you have done your research, you can tweak your budget and determine the possible costs of your future car. Decide what car loan you are willing to take. Try our used car payment calculator to determine how much you will have to pay per month.

Improve Your Credit History

The only way this doesn’t apply to you is if you already have an excellent credit rating (800 or higher).

A good credit rating (750 or higher) can help you get the best in terms of rates and prices. Be sure to research different ways to improve your credit score. See your credit score before visiting a car dealership, so you know what to expect.

Or get pre-approved right now at Indy Auto Man. We negotiate with 24 banks and credit unions in Indianapolis to provide our customers with the most beneficial financing terms, regardless of their credit history.

Plan a Test Drive

2017 Jaguar F-TYPE S

Never buy a car without taking it for a test drive. Even if you have driven the same model of the same year, make, and trim level with another dealer, you should always try the one you are going to buy.

What Questions to Ask During a Test Drive

Before going to the seller, you should prepare questions in advance. Otherwise, when inspecting the car, you may forget what you wanted to ask about because of emotions. And the worst thing is, you run the risk of acquiring something that is not exactly what you were looking for.

Aside from the general information you get when buying a used car , be sure to find out the following:

  • Are there any new parts? Ask the seller what spare parts were installed on the used car during operation. Also, ask whether the parts are original or not.
  • What is the average fuel consumption? If you see that fuel consumption is significantly higher than the average figures for this model, then it may have serious malfunctions.
  • What is the operating temperature of the engine? You should in no case negotiate further about the car if you see that the temperature is growing and the engine cooling fan cannot cope with it. There is a risk that the engine is overheated, and the repairs will cost you too much. Read also how to check a transmission during a test drive .

How to Negotiate for a Used Car in Indianapolis with no Headache

buy a used car in Indianapolis

Buying a used car requires careful preparation and testing. If you are not ready to study the history of the vehicle and understand the intricacies of the model, you should better address the professionals.

Choosing the right seller is half a success.  When you come to Indy Auto Man, you can explore a rich assortment of used cars in just-like-new condition. We are always ready to help you find your best suit at our dealership, and you can be sure that the negotiations will be as smooth as possible. Visit our dealership in Indianapolis to buy the used car you have always dreamt about and get behind the wheel in a couple of hours.