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How to Sell a Car Near University in Indianapolis With the Most Profit

how to sell a car near Indiana University

If you have just graduated from one of the Indiana universities — congratulations! It feels like you don’t need your old used car anymore. Whether you are going to change it to something better or need to get rid of it before your trip home, you want the deal to be as fast and easy as possible. Addressing the Indy Auto Man dealership will save you from the headache of selling a used car near your university!

Indy Auto Man is a multi-brand car dealership comfortably located near University of Indianapolis, IUPUI, Butler University, IvyTech Indianapolis, Indiana University (Bloomington, IN), and Purdue University (Lafayette, IN). We can undertake a free field assessment and, if our offer suits you, pick up your used car from a parking lot near your campus. 

Advantages of Selling Used Cars to a Dealer in Indianapolis

advantages of selling a car to a dealer in Indiana

When trying to sell a used car in Indiana, you may encounter several tasks that significantly delay the process: searching for a buyer, placing ads and advertisements, bidding, and showing the car to potential buyers. In addition, when selling a used vehicle to a private party, you risk falling into a trap and making an unfavorable deal. Addressing to a car dealership brings the following benefits: 

1. Save time.

You don't have to waste time on pre-sale preparation. There is no need to look for advertising platforms, take photos, post advertisements, and communicate with buyers and resellers who offer minimum prices. In some cases, like if you address Indy Auto Man, you can save a couple of hours at the dealership by getting an instant estimation or selling your car 100% online.

2. Financial benefit.

Private buyers usually ask for a complete vehicle diagnostic before purchasing. When selling a car to a dealership near your university, you don't spend money on these procedures because we handle everything.

Most car dealerships do pre-sale preparation professionally and efficiently. The car owner saves significantly on washing, polishing, and cleaning products for the interior, parts, rubber and plastic parts.

If during the sales process, any technical problems are identified, the dealer will solve them at its own expense, without additional costs for the car owner.

You also don't need to spend money on advertising. When selling online privately, you would have to pay extra to ensure your ad doesn’t get lost among the new ones - raising your ad, displaying it in ad blocks, highlighting it with color, etc.

3. Security.

The dealership guarantees overall safety and legal purity. Professional sales assistants do all the paperwork and organize money transfers to your bank account. The deal takes place in a safe and stress-free environment. 

What Documents Do I Need To Sell My Used Car?

Standard paperwork for sale is as follows:

  • Title (or payoff information);
  • Valid vehicle registration (proof of ownership);
  • Government-issued photo ID;
  • All keys and remotes;
  • Maintenance and warranty records (recommended but not required).

Which Car Dealership in Indiana Should I Sell My Car To?

which dealer buy cars from students in Indiana

When choosing a car dealership near your university in Indiana, adhere to these rules:

  • Get estimations from several local dealerships to find the best offer. Compare the range of services, location, and availability of free car pick-up.  
  • Find out as much information as possible about the dealer, check reputation in local and state ratings, and read reviews from real customers on independent sites.
  • Carefully study the terms and conditions of the sales contract to eliminate the possibility of hidden fees and additional expenses.

Indy Auto Man will purchase your vehicle profitably, quickly, and safely regardless of the make and model. We have specialized in buying and selling used cars in Indiana for over 15 years and can guarantee a smooth and trouble-free experience — from expert assessment to money transfer.