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Hybrids Vs. Electric Cars: Pros and Cons of used EV

pros and cons of hybrids vs electric cars, used EV for sale in Indianapolis

Buy a Used EV in Indianapolis: a Hybrid Vs. Electric Car

If you are an avid zero-emissions electric vehicle enthusiast and consider ICE to be a throwback, at Indy Auto Man you will find a good selection of used EVs to your taste.

Let’s find out which is better: plug-in hybrids or electric cars, and consider the pros and cons of buying a vehicle of one kind or another.

Which Is Better a Hybrid or Electric Car?

The rivalry between pure electric cars and plug-in hybrids is now at its highest point. Many agree that pure electric vehicles are the future, while hybrids are a transitional step towards the establishment of an all-electric era.

To finally understand which is best for you to buy in Indianapolis right now, compare the pros and cons of both types.

What Power Reserve Is Sufficient for a Hybrid?

Is It Worth Buying a Hybrid?

The power reserve should be enough to drive from home to work and back (if you only charge at home) or only from home to work (if you can replenish the battery at work). For unplanned or long trips, there is an internal combustion engine. In other cases, overpaying for PHEV is inappropriate.

If you ask PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) drivers if they want their car to have more electric range, 99% of them would say yes. Most of them had a case of a mile left on the way home, and the gasoline engine turned on because the battery was dead. If this happens to you every day, then your hybrid is not very suitable for your daily runs. After all, the main idea of ​​​​PHEV is to drive short daily trips on electricity and delegate long-distance trips to internal combustion engines.

If your plug-in hybrid runs the internal combustion engine every day, you should better consider either a BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) or a PHEV with more electric range. So a plug-in hybrid probably needs an all-electric range that can get you from point A to point B without starting the engine while still being able to charge the car at both points.

The Pros and Cons of Buying a Hybrid Car

Why Are Hybrids not Good?

Hybrid vehicles have two most significant shortcomings:

  • Most hybrids have poor acceleration.
  • Their batteries tend to degenerate faster and should be replaced every 80 thousand miles.

Consider the reasons that may prompt you to choose PHEV over BEV.

  • Availability. There are more used plug-in hybrids than pure electric vehicles.
  • Lack of charging infrastructure. If you have enough electric range to and from work, and you have to travel 200 miles to get to the cottage where you go every weekend without fast-charging stations – this is a strong argument in favor of a hybrid. It is better to drive most of the way on gasoline than charge somewhere along the way for several hours.
  • Body Style. Some people prefer not to recharge the BEV after the next 100 miles due to habits. Then it is better to buy a PHEV, charge it only at home, and drive on gasoline the rest of the time.

Advantages of Electric Vehicles over Hybrids

We’ve looked at the main reasons to buy a PHEV. But BEVs also have undeniable advantages:

  • Less maintenance . Yes, PHEVs are higher maintenance than BEVs, as they still require oil changes and other internal combustion-related services.
  • More recovery. For those who enjoy single-pedal driving, the BEV is more suitable. It provides stronger and more economical regenerative braking. Instead of wasting braking energy as heat on a brake rotor, it is converted into electricity to charge the battery. An electric vehicle can much more effectively use power to improve propulsion efficiency, becoming a generator.
  • More torque. BEVs tend to have larger batteries that deliver more power to the engine. Electric cars are almost always faster than similar hybrids. This is especially true when operating a PHEV in electric mode, which relies on a much smaller electric engine.

Electric Vs. Hybrid: What to Choose?

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Plug-in hybrids and electric cars have their advantages and disadvantages. What’s better? Depends on your priorities and daily tasks:

  • An electric car is ideal for residents of a big city like Indianapolis. At the Indy Auto Man car lot, you will find a variety of Tesla models to fit your needs.
  • For regular commuters out of the city, consider plug-in hybrids.
  • A hybrid SUV, such as the Jeep Wrangler, will be a good choice for off-road driving.

If you can’t decide on a used EV to buy in Indianapolis, visit Indy Auto Man. Our knowledgeable staff will answer all your questions and tell you about the pros and cons of any model available for sale at our car lot.