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Why Indy Auto Man Car Dealership and Service Center support Indy Arts Fest?

By Artists for Indy: Indy Arts Fest


According to the Indiana Arts Commission , Indiana’s creative economy primarily consists of self-employed individuals.

Indiana’s high level of independent artists differs from national trends, which show a reliance on more corporate and payroll-based artists.

We (Indy) have a unique artistic well of talent that we should be proud to showcase. Go Indy, go artists!

Despite our uniquely strong presence of self-employed artists, Hoosier artists’ wages lag behind the U.S. average.

Indiana’s highest-paid creative industry workers make less than half the average U.S. wage for their field.

So, to highlight the best art of Indy, and to support artists in earning fair pay and retail opportunities for their talents, we created Indy Arts Fest to bring exposure and paid opportunities to 50+ local artists.