Indy Auto Man
Opens today at 9:00 AM

Indy Arts Fest Information

Whywe are hosting this awesome event.

We wanted to take a moment to share why we are hosting this awesome event, and the impact it makes in our community. Take a moment to read more about it below or check out !

Indy Auto Man and Hue Murals are co-sponsoring this event, which is meant to bring new audiences and attention to Indy-area artists and artisans. The festival will take place at the Indy Auto Man Service Building ( Indianapolis, IN ), and will feature live mural painting by seven different artists. Six artists will be creating temporary murals on site, while Hue Murals owner Koda Witsken will be working on her murals on the Service Building itself. The event will also feature graffiti artists working on junk cars and car parts. Indy Auto Man ’s sponsorship of the Indy Arts Fest has provided both the physical site for the event and funding for artists, infrastructure, and supplies.