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Used Lifted Trucks for Sale in Indianapolis

Most pickups and SUVs are designed so that the rear of a curb vehicle standing on a flat area is noticeably higher than the front. This was done to compensate for subsidence of the rear wheels when the car is fully loaded or towing a heavy trailer. Many owners of such vehicles are not satisfied with their appearance. To solve this problem, they level the car by increasing the front height to the rear level, thereby giving the truck a completely different look while the load capacity remains unchanged.

At Indy Auto Man, IN, we always have a variety of used lifted trucks for sale near you from different manufacturers. 

But if you are going to buy a pickup truck in Indianapolis and lift it yourself, this guide will help you get the clues of the process. 

Truck Suspension Lifting Guide

There are several ways to change the geometric parameters of the pickup body, and there are even more kits for increasing or changing the height of the suspension. In this variety, the main thing is to make the right and informed choice, taking into account all the pros and cons.

What Is the Point of Lifted Trucks?

The lifted trucks are mostly purchased by people who lead an active lifestyle, lovers of hunting and fishing, off-road conquerors. The main goal of lifting the truck is the improvement of its off-road qualities by changing the geometric characteristics. This upgrade affects the cross-country ability, increases the energy intensity of the elastic suspension elements, the amplitude of movement, and makes it possible to install larger diameter wheels with a more developed lug.

Note: Any changes to the vehicle suspension directly impact its operation safety and sometimes have restrictions under current legislation. Check Indiana lift laws.

Do Lifted Trucks Use More Gas?

The acceptable lifting limit is between 6 and 10 inches. However, even this upgrade plus bigger tires will make your truck less efficient. This happens because you alter the geometry and factory settings of the vehicle.

What Is the Difference Between a Body Lift and Lift Kit?

2016 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD LTZ
2016 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD LTZ

Body Lift

To lift the body in this case, special spacers are used – 2 – 3 inches high. They are installed between the frame and the body at the attachment points. This method of increasing the height of the body has the following advantages: 

body lift trucks indianapolis

There is no significant change in the height of the center of gravity during the body lift. The cab and body are raised above the frame on which all the heaviest elements of the car are installed. And, most importantly, you can always return everything to its place.

This method, in addition to increasing the angles of entry and exit, also does not add off-road advantages, the effect is more visual – for an amateur – cheap and cheerful.

Spacers for Suspension Elastic Elements

The lift kits of this kind change the suspension kinematics, the levers position, the angles of their work, reduce the suspension travel to “rebound”, increase the load on the transmission elements by changing the angles of the drive shaft hinges, which can lead to an increase in the turning radius of the car. These lifts are also inexpensive and are typically used to increase vehicle height by 1 to 2 inches. 

suspension spacers

Ladders – regular elements of fastening the spring to the bridge – are replaced with longer ones, considering the thickness of the spacers used.

After installation, you will need to change the preload of the silent-blocks and adjust the wheel alignment. But again – this lifting is reversible and not expensive.

With the air suspension, the same thing, you put spacers under the cylindrical pneumatic elements, transfer the position sensor mounts, adapt the air suspension, and adjust the wheel alignment angles.

Torsion Bars

Replacing the torsion bars changes both the suspension travel and the smoothness of the vehicle and can lead to an increase in the turning radius.

Increasing the height with torsion bar suspension is even easier. Most torsion bars have adjusting bolts to change the preload, increasing which you can lift the truck off the road. 

truck lifting indianapolis

To achieve a significant lifting with this type and increase the energy intensity, you should replace the standard torsion bars with reinforced ones, often with a change in their attachment points to the frame and suspension elements. After replacement, wheel alignment is required.

Cylindrical Springs

To lift the truck with coil springs without using spacers under them, you need to replace the spring with a higher height or more powerful one. There are several options, and any will significantly change the suspension performance and the driving comfort.

cylindrical springs blocks

Springs to replace regular ones can be structurally made in different ways. Not bad results in operation are given by springs with a progressive characteristic. Such springs make it possible to maintain a constant position of the car body above the road, regardless of the load, increasing their rigidity. They also allow you to maintain acceptable comfort when driving after alteration.

 When choosing springs, make sure that they are designed specifically for installation on your truck.

Adjustable Spring

This type of lift kit is used when the suspension strut is located inside a coil spring and is a single element when assembled.

Adjustable Spring

The shock absorber body has a threaded part and rings with internal threads. By turning the rings, you can change the position of the spring support cup, adjusting its preload. You can easily control the body height and make the suspension stiffer.

Air Suspension

DIY air suspension installation is quite an expensive task, but it can be offered as an option by some pickup manufacturers.

With such a suspension, you have more opportunities, as a full-size pickup truck has a wide range of body height changes, and you can adjust it directly based on the current situation. The control unit itself will constantly change the height of the car body depending on the load and speed.

How Much Value Does Lifting Add to a Truck?

Unfortunately, lifted trucks do not add value. The good news is that you get better off-road functionality without overpaying for this upgrade when you buy a used lifted pickup truck in Indianapolis. 

Come to Indy Auto Man in Indianapolis, and our sales assistants will show you the lifted trucks for sale near you from Ford, GMC, Chevy, Ram, and other manufacturers. Experience the power that all pickup trucks enthusiasts appreciate and feel the difference during a test drive!