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Manual Transmission Cars for Sale in Indianapolis

The manual gearbox still holds its position in the used car market. At Indy Auto Man, Indianapolis, you will find the broadest assortment of used manual transmission cars for sale: from compact vehicles for everyday drives to sports two-seaters and off-road SUVs for any challenges. 

What Cars with Manual Transmission You Can Get

Only a manual gearcase vehicle can give you absolute control other the car, and let exploit the whole power of the engine to enjoy your proficiency on any road and weather conditions. Our car lot in Indianapolis can offer a variety of models with standard transmission. Among our most popular models are:

  • Volkswagen Golf. This car marked the beginning of an entire class of vehicles named after it.
  • Ford Focus. A compact golf class Ford Focus is regularly included in the top ten best-selling cars.
  • Chevrolet Corvette. This rear-wheel-drive sports two-seater is rightly called the most iconic American car and the most world’s popular sports model. 
  • Subaru WRX. The design of the Subaru WRX meets the highest requirements of sports cars – excellent dynamics and modern safety systems. 
  • Jeep Wrangler. The legendary Jeep Wrangler will never cease to be in demand due to its noble military origin, exceptional off-road properties, and excellent technical characteristics.

We have new arrivals every week – check the manual gearbox cars availability right now!

Manual Transmission: Advantages and Disadvantages

When choosing one of the standard transmission cars for sale in Indianapolis, you should consider their strong and weak points. 

Manual transmissions have several advantages appreciated by many experienced drivers:

  • maintenance and repair simplicity of the entire box and its parts;
  • long service life;
  • fuel economy;
  • high efficiency;
  • rapid increase in engine speed;
  • ability to start the engine without a battery;
  • towing a car at any distance.

In most cases, manuals are the choice of drivers who know the principles of controlling this gearbox. Because the disadvantages of a manual transmission are as follows:

  • The very principle of operation and control is difficult for beginners and is a risk factor for clutch damage;
  • The threat of engine overload due to improper use of the gearbox and incorrect gear shifting;
  • You need more time to switch from one gear to another;

If you easily cope with regular gear changes in complex Indianapolis traffic, this type of transmission will be your best suit.

Gearboxes: Are Manuals More Reliable than Automatics?

The first reason why you need to consider manual transmission vehicles is the reliability of the gearbox. It does not require serious maintenance during the entire service life. There are two key points in operation: change the oil every 40 thousand miles and the clutch every 75 thousand. With these two relatively small expenses, the manual can easily cover more than 300 thousand miles. Read how to check a used car transmission. 

5 Reasons Why It Is Worth Buying a Manual Transmission Car in Indianapolis

used mustang with manual transmission

Lower Cost

The device of a manual gearbox is very simple, so the cars equipped with it in most cases have a lower price than the same model with all sorts of automatics. It consists of:

  • Crankcase. It contains the main parts of the gearbox. The crankcase is connected to the clutch, which is attached directly to the engine. For proper operation, the crankcase is half-filled with gear oil. The oil changing frequency depends on the car’s operation, as well as on its condition.
  • Transmission rotating shafts;
  • Synchronizers for smooth and comfortable gear changes;
  • A gear shift mechanism is controlled by a lever inside the car.


A manual transmission is more economical. The rotational energy of the crankshaft does not go into the torque converter. The shafts are directly connected here. An automatic with an unlocked clutch can waste up to 30 percent of energy warming up the gearbox. Additional radiators are needed here to remove heat. And the manual does not require additional cooling. Hence, its efficiency in traffic jams and at low speeds.

More Control

You, as a driver, can choose the engine speed yourself, and it is handy in turns and when changing lanes. By the way, sports cars most often get a manual transmission, as drifting is better in low gears.

Better Off-Road Performance

A car with a manual transmission behaves much better off-road. Modern automatics are well-prepared for serious off-road too. Especially when the gearbox has a manual mode that empowers you to brake with the engine. But still, the good old manuals have some undeniable advantages:

  • Automatic transmission (AT), even with filigree work with the gas pedal, frequently breaks the wheels into a slip, which can aggravate the situation. By carefully working with the clutch pedal, you can easily avoid slipping. Sometimes even a short wheel contact with the surface is enough to start moving in these conditions.
  • If you need to take off on deep sand, the engine must be spun into the optimal rev range. For a car with AT, in this case, you need a powerful engine with good torque at low revs.
  • In the case of a deep rut, precise work with the gas and clutch pedals can also be helpful.

Additional Bonuses in Mountainous Terrain

The manuals allow you to brake the engine on the descent downhill. If you turn on a lower gear, you will save fuel, and pads with discs will not wear out quickly. When descending a mountain on automatics, you have to use brakes which can overheat and lose effectiveness.

Buy a Used Manual Transmission Vehicle in Indianapolis

used mercedes with manual transmission for sale Indianapolis

Do you have to travel a lot on country roads? Manuals will help save fuel and better control the car. But there is no better way to decide whether the car suits you than a test drive. 

Visit Indy Auto Man in Indianapolis today to make up your mind and drive home behind the wheel of your new manual transmission car!