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Buy OBS Trucks in Indianapolis: New Spike in Popularity

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If you are looking for the OBS trucks for sale in Indianapolis, you are in a trend that is gaining momentum in the US.

The term OBS, created by enthusiasts, stands for Old Body Trucks. The criteria are rather loose, but most often the trucks with rugged and boxy looks produced in the early 2000s fall into this category.

Read further to find out what OBS means for trucks and why they are becoming so popular in 2022.

OBS Trucks Meaning: What Trucks Are Considered OBS?

OBS most often refers to Chevrolet C/K pickup trucks of 1988 – 1998 years of manufacture. These General Motors heavy goods vehicles were sold under the Chevrolet and GMC brands and included medium and heavy-duty trucks and some SUV models. “K” means four-wheel drive, and “C” – two-wheel drive.

In 1988, GM released eight versions of the C/K line:

– Fleetside Extended Cab,

– Single Cab,

– Crew Cab,

– and Stepside Single Cab.

They were based on a Chevrolet GMT 400 and GTM 480. The truck had three trim levels: Scottsdale, Silverado, and Cheyenne.

In 1988, GM wanted to make the pickups look more car-like, and they dedicated themselves to making the best trucks in America. Chevrolet wanted something completely new and advanced. At the time, trucks were designed to carry manure and dirt, not to be stylish, but from 1988 that all changed.

Supported by the aftermarket industry, this body style manages to take a leap forward. The GM company knew they had something special and began selling trucks heavily. And now you can choose from the rich assortment of used Chevy and GMC trucks that combine power, style, and top-notch technologies to meet the most demanding needs.

Who Buys OBS Trucks, and What Causes the OBS Popularity?

Most buyers’ interest in OBS trucks is encouraged by the nostalgic move. It can be explained by the memories of traveling with parents or grandparents who owned such a vehicle, but it is also of interest to young enthusiasts. Clean design, assembly/reconstruction practicality, fuel injection, economy, and affordable price range are the factors that make such old body style trucks favorites of many Americans.

Tailor-made improvements and regular maintenance, as well as repairs, are inexpensive. And parts, such as grilles and mirrors, can be replaced from year to year. Because most of the cladding is held in place with glue, it can be easily removed. OBS trucks are also very reliable, comfortable, and can be used for daily drives.

The reason for the surge is that the OBS vehicles are not only incredibly strong, but they are fuel injected, and it is easy to find the right parts without spending a lot of money. You can get a variety of answers by chatting with hundreds of passionate fans. Simply put, these are cool road carriers with amazing possibilities and custom options. If you own it, you know what you have.

Are OBS Trucks Going up in Value?

Several years ago, it was possible to buy an OBS truck in Indianapolis on the cheap. However, the prices have nearly doubled with the current shortage on the market. And the demand for such vehicles continues to grow.

Problems with Old Body Style Trucks

As with many older cars, it is important to step back and consider the issues that are common to most OBS trucks. GM’s fourth-generation pickup trucks look impressive, but they can hardly match the power, fuel efficiency, and safety of modern vehicles without major modifications:

  • The 1988 Chevy C / K with the standard 4.3-liter V6 provided a total consumption of 15 mpg.
  • The 2020 Silverado with the 3-liter diesel engine can boast 27 mpg, 277 hp.

And although the interior of old body style trucks at the time was good, the cheap plastic used in previous models was prone to cracking, and the inner and outer door handles often break. Also, if you want to buy an older model, it is critical to drive carefully, as airbags were not introduced on GM trucks until 1995. However, all these issues are very common among buyers of vintage and classic cars.

Despite the popularity among enthusiasts, OBS trucks rarely appear on the secondary market now. Fortunately, Chevrolet and Ford remain faithful to the good old days, and modern design solutions will please the connoisseurs of power and brutality. Take any truck from the Indy Auto Man car for a test drive to enjoy the spirit and buy your best working horse enabled by modern safety and multimedia systems. Check their availability right now, sorting the inventory by year of manufacture: