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RAM 1500 Revolution Overview

Industry News From Your Used RAM Dealer, Indianapolis: RAM 1500 Revolution BEV Concept

The Indy Auto Man used RAM dealer is a perfect choice for those who want to buy a reliable RAM truck in Indianapolis. We are dedicated to delivering top customer service and providing the most advantageous financing and trade-in deals. Our inventory always includes 20+ trucks from various brands, including Dodge RAM, in good condition. Browse the inventory online to find the best option in Indianapolis.

We always try our best to keep pace with the automobile industry, enlarging our assortment to meet the most demanding expectations of Indiana motorists. The Indy Auto Man team keeps an eye on the latest concepts and awaits new models to arrive in Indianapolis. Today, we offer an overview of the latest RAM truck concept – the RAM 1500 Revolution BEV.

RAM in Step with the Times: Key Benefits of the RAM 1500 Revolution Concept

Perhaps the most anticipated concept of the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was the RAM’s first electric pickup truck – the 1500 Revolution BEV. Check it in detail and make an informed decision if you go for a new one, or buy a used RAM at an attractive price.

The RAM 1500 Revolution is based on the STLA frame platform, with a body mounted on a frame. Stellantis, a cross-border alliance between FIAT Chrysler Automobiles and PSA Groupe, has confirmed the truck’s battery capacities in the range of 159-200 kWh. This means the truck will come with a battery of at least 159 kWh. By comparison, Ford is offering only 98kWh for the F-150 Lightning, promising 131kWh for an improved battery with an extended range.

Power Capabilities

new ram 1500 power capabilities

Stellaantis also confirmed the ability of the electric RAM 1500 to run up to 500 miles on a full charge and the ability to charge to a range of 100 miles in just ten minutes, with DC fast charging up to 350 kW. Unlike the F-150 Lightning 400-volt technology, going to 800 volts has several benefits. 800-volt electric vehicles not only charge faster, but their architecture is more efficient. Using less charging current allows for better power retention and reduces overheating. In addition, higher voltage means higher motor speeds and less copper, resulting in marginal weight savings. Stellantis has confirmed the use of special STLA engines up to 330 kW or 449 hp if you prefer the metric system. And given that the concept is equipped with two engines, potential customers can count on almost 900 hp.

RAM 1500 BEV Steering Features

The rear electric drive module means the same rear independent suspension Ford uses in the F-150 Lightning. This allows you to control all four wheels with a steering angle of up to 15 degrees. General Motors, by comparison, only offers 10 degrees for its GMC Hummer Crab Walk, turning the front and rear wheels in the same direction to move diagonally but at fairly low speeds.

Four-wheel steering is handy when parking, off-road, and at high speeds. The last two scenarios indirectly confirm the off-road and heavy-duty performance of the serial truck. Equipped with adjustable air suspension, it uses three driving modes: entry/exit, aero, and off-road.

New RAM Interior and Technologies

The Revolution AI-based virtual assistant will respond to voice commands even when the owner is out of the car (closing windows, playing music, etc.), and the interior of the RAM concept is amazing in every sense.

The 14.2-inch adjustable, detachable lower display is one of the highlights of the pickup and can be used as a function control tablet, video game controller, and workstation (in the back). Among other features are:

  • Augmented reality for display on the head-up display,
  • Smart trip planning,
  • Smart home control,
  • External projector,
  • Glass roof with electro-chromatic panels,
  • Overhead console with ambient lighting controls,
  • Capacitive controls on the steering wheel.

The 1500 Revolution BEV tends to become the safest RAM pickup truck equipped with a plethora of sensors and cameras, as well as biometric identity recognition for unlocking the car without a key.

Stellantis lyrically talks about Level 3+ autonomous driving, which must be a challenge for the company, one of the last to enter the electric pickup market. At least General Motors and Ford Motor are light years ahead of it. Today, there are six levels of autonomy, starting from level 0. According to SAE International , level 3 means conditional automation, and level 4 – high control automation. Therefore, level 3+ is somewhere in between. However, in the Level 3+ mode, the concept can stow the steering wheel, providing more space for the driver.

It remains to wait until the beginning of 2024 and see how it will work on a real production pickup truck.

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