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Nissan Vs. Toyota Crossovers: How Does Rogue Compare to RAV4?

Rogue vs RAV4 SUV comparison

Rogue and RAV4 are two popular SUVs from Japanese brands that most US motorists choose between when they want to buy a small but roomy crossover. Today, we offer a brief comparison of these two models belonging to the same segment by the most important criteria: reliability, comfort, cost, drive quality, economy, and, of course, engine power. If you want to compare the Rogue vs. RAV4 from our inventory, visit our car comparison page.

Reliability: Why Is Nissan Rogue So Popular?

The Nissan Rogue is an ideal SUV for those who want to buy a reliable compact used car in Indianapolis that offers plenty of convenience and style. The Nissan Rogue is a more reliable option, as breakdowns during its operation are less common than in the case of the RAV4. At least this conclusion was made by JDPower experts who conducted the relevant study. They gave the Nissan model a score of 81 out of hundred possible. Toyota received only 74. And it is up to the buyers to decide whether this is a significant difference. We are confident that Nissan and Toyota are the Japanese brands with the best quality.

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Is Rogue Being Discontinued?

In 2022, Nissan shifted its focus to larger SUVs and electric cars, which means it discontinued the Rogue Sport. But the Rogue model is still in production. And customers have plenty of Rogue and Rogue Sport options in the used car market of Indiana.

Cost: Did Rogue or RAV4 Prices Go Up?

The price of both cars is about the same level. The Nissan Rogue will be cheaper for a few hundred dollars. A used Rogue's average cost is $24,582, according to Edmunds. And the figure below RAV4s for sale is usually just over $26,000.

However, there is one nuance that is worth remembering. The fact is that when climbing up the line of configurations (from worst to best), a car from Toyota ends up being cheaper. For example, the top version of Rogue Platinum sells for an average of 37 thousand dollars; and the starting price of the best representative of the 2023 RAV4 Limited - is $ 36,2800 to the publication date.

There is also a Toyota TRD Off-Road model with a unique suspension and high-quality tires. Its price is almost $37,000. However, Nissan has nothing to oppose it.

Comfort: Is a RAV4 Bigger Than a Rogue?

The RAV4 leads over the Rogue in cargo volume behind the back seats - 37.6 cubic feet compared to 31.6-36.5 cubic feet depending on the configuration. However, with the rear seats flipped down, the Nissan Rogue opens up 74.1 cubic feet, more than the RAV4 can offer - 69.8 cubic feet.

The Rogue also won in comparison with the RAV4 in terms of comfort. The fact is that its front seats support the back of the driver and passenger well. They also have soft and very comfortable pillows.

Rear passengers are also not deprived of comfort. After all, they have a lot of legroom. Moreover, it will be convenient for them to enter and leave the vehicle – the doors open almost at a right angle. But if you wish to have something more spacious, check the Rogue and Murano comparison to see the difference:

However, the RAV4 is not far behind in terms of comfort. There is also enough legroom for all passengers. But the seats themselves are a little less cozy.

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Engines: Which Toyota RAV4 Has the Most Horsepower?

The RAV4 has an excellent 4-cylinder 203-horsepower engine, which helps quickly increase speed to the desired levels. The power of its Nissan competitor is only 170 hp.

The RAV4 Prime is the most powerful option yet, with an impressive 302 horsepower.

Fuel Economy: Is RAV4 or Rogue More Efficient?

For technical characteristics, Toyota is the undisputed leader. It consumes less fuel, especially noticeable when driving on city roads. Fuel economy is 27 mpg. In a used Rogue, this figure is 2 miles lower.

Driving Quality: Should I Buy a Nissan Rogue or Toyota RAV4?

The RAV4 wins the Rogue in control and driveability out of the city. It handles winding roads well. Nissan Rogue can offer fewer off-road capabilities, but it does not lag behind the competitor on the city roads of Indianapolis. 

Indy Auto Man is the right place to compare RAV4 vs. Rogue in Indiana – schedule your test drive and define your winner behind the wheel in real road conditions!

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