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Sprinter Camper Van Conversion in Indianapolis

Sprinter camper van conversion in Indianapolis

Sprinter Camper Van Tailor-Made to Your Needs

With the help of the service pros at Indy Auto Man, you can convert a standard front-wheel drive Sprinter van into an adventure vehicle to become a 4x4 mobile home that can leave the autobahns for new experiences and natural beauty. 

If you don’t have a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter yet, choose one from our inventory and start planning your future trips today!

Where to Start Converting a Sprinter Van to Camper?

To get a safe and reliable vehicle, we recommend avoiding DIY camper van conversion. If you are here, you’ve already done the first right step to your Sprinter camper van. Click the 'Find out more' button below to learn how we can transform your van into a camper, and one of our specialists will reach out to you soon.

Build Your Perfect Sprinter Van in Indianapolis

To make the van as passable as possible, many people prefer to convert it to a 4x4 formula. One option for this is installing Dana 60 (front) and 70 (rear) axles. The specialists can also fit the Sprinter camper van with a 3-to-1 drop transfer case, an 8.5-inch lift, and upgraded wheels to widen the track by 4.5 inches.

You can add a rooftop solar panel, a 600 Ah battery pack, and a 3000-watt inverter to the camper power system. The complex will be able to provide all internal electricity needs. For travel to remote parts of Indiana or other states, travelers may need a supply of fresh water – you can install water tanks up to 40 gallons (located in the luggage compartment) and an additional fuel tank.

Inside, you can equip everything you need to ensure that camping life will be comfortable: a dining room/office, a bedroom, a bathroom with a shower, a kitchen, and a luggage compartment.

customize a camper van in indianapolis

For convenience, we can equip the driver and passenger seats with a swivel system, adding the ability to turn around facing the salon to the dining/working table.

The kitchen is traditionally equipped with a stove, sink, refrigerator, and cabinets for food and utensils. You can also plan several storage systems: hanging cabinets along the entire cabin and attaching elastic nets in some places. 

You can add air conditioning to the equipment or keep the atmosphere fresh with fans. The speakers of the audio system can be installed not only inside but also outside the body - so that you can enjoy music in the fresh air. 

From the scorching sun or rain, vacationers can be covered by an extensive awning attached to the trunk.

The configuration of the bedroom in the Mercedes Sprinter is usually a traditional one: the bed is located at the tail of the cabin, occupies the entire width, and rises approximately to the middle of the height. This allows making a capacious luggage compartment under it, which you can access from the outside through the hinged rear doors.

How Much Is a Mercedes Sprinter Camper Van Cost?

A brand-new Sprinter camper van will cost anywhere between $150,000 - 200,000. Popular models such as the Pleasure-Way Plateau start at around $160,000, the Roadtrek SS Agile - more than $170,000, and for the Winnebago Revel, you have to pay more than $175,000 in Indianapolis.

Is It Cheaper to Convert a Sprinter Campervan?

As a rule, buying a used Sprinter van in Indianapolis and converting it into a camper is much cheaper than purchasing a ready-made campervan. We recommend setting a clear budget and selecting any adds-on you need, making sure you don't spend over the odds.

Is It Worth Building Your Own Camper Van?

Traveling around the world on your own camper is a lifestyle, a privilege for those who value comfort and autonomy. And one of the greatest advantages of customizing your Sprinter camper van is the lower cost. Done by professionals, building a campervan ends up with a tailor-made vehicle designed around your wishes for a fraction of the price of a brand-new Sprinter camper van.

buy a used mercedes sprinter camper van in indianapolis

When people decide to build a camper from scratch on the basis of a van, few of them understand what kind of vehicle they want and can afford. Addressing the Indy Auto Man craftsmen, you can be sure that you will get the best transport for your needs, equipped within your budget.  

Feel free to contact the IAM Commercial Department (317-854-8975) to discuss your requirements and budget for the Sprinter Camper Van of your dreams.