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Toyota Corolla vs Honda Civic: Model Comparison

Toyota Corolla vs Honda Civic, model comparison by Indy Auto Man dealership  Indianapolis
2017 Toyota Corolla L / 2018 Honda Civic Sedan LX

Toyota Corolla vs Honda Civic: Which Used Car to Buy

If you are looking for dynamics, comfort, and reliable car with a great appearance, Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic should be among the first to compare.

The compact Corolla can be safely called the goose that lays the golden eggs for the Japanese auto giant Toyota. Together with the mid-size Camry sedan, the model annually becomes the world sales leader in its segments. The Corolla is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the best-selling model. Even without frequent updates, the car sells better in the US than the popular Hyundai Elantra, Volkswagen Jetta, Chevrolet Cruze, and Ford Focus. The main competitor of the Toyota Corolla is the Honda Civic.

The Honda Civic is a model that has been on the car market for nearly 50 years. It managed to change eleven generations, win a whole army of fans, primarily due to the combination of affordability, reliability, and excellent driving characteristics. For years, the Honda Civic attracted those who love uncompromising dynamics, sacrificing comfort and spaciousness. However, now the Civic is a full-fledged family sedan that appeals to people who still love a sporty image and superior handling.

So let’s find out which car is better suited for you.

Price Range

According to Edmunds, the average price on the used Corolla varies from $11 990 to $22 590. The used Civics are estimated from the same $11 990 to $64 590 depending on the year of manufacture and the trim level.

Civic Vs. Corolla Characteristics

Toyota Corolla Honda Civic
Safety **** *****
Engine 132 hp, 128 lb-ft, 1.8 liter 158 hp, 138 lb-ft, 2.0 liter
Acceleration 9.8 seconds to 60 mph 8.6 seconds to 60 mph
Fuel efficiency, city/highway 27-28/35-36 mpg 28-31/40 mpg

To compare these competitive models, let’s take the base versions of the 2017 year of manufacture:


If we compare the Civic vs. Corolla models in terms of interior, the comparison will be in favor of Honda:

Honda Civic

used civic for sale Indianapolis
Advantages Disadvantages
+ The Civic is close to a single-volume layout in its appearance – the sedan does not have a pronounced trunk and hood.
+ From the front, it looks very austere thanks to a small grille, the narrow headlights, and a bumper with a wide cut.
+ The Honda Civic looks fast and dynamic in profile thanks to its body shape and sloping roof pillars.
+ The sedan has traits not typical for this class – additional windows in the front pillars and non-descending rear windows.
– The convenience of the rear passengers is sacrificed to sport appearance – the rear doors are small and have a complex shape due to the wheel arches.
– The Civic model high-raised trunk lid coexists with a large chrome lintel and sophisticated lighting technology.

Toyota Corolla

buy used corolla in indianapolis
Advantages Disadvantages
+ Toyota has a classic three-box layout as most modern sedans.
+ The most distinctive details are the triangular windows in the rear doors and the large headlamps overlooking the fenders.
+ The style of the taillights also resembles the headlights.
+ The sedan looks in line with the latest trends, but it is not so harmonious and elegant.
+ The front is designed in a traditional Asian style – it combines minimalism, complex shapes, and an abundance of chrome elements.
– The large front bumper makes the Corolla look heavier.
– The massive convex bumper and flat trunk lid seem to indicate that the Corolla belongs to the budget class, although its price is higher than that of the Honda in a similar configuration.


Now let’s compare the interiors to answer which is better – Honda Civic or Toyota Corolla.

Honda Civic

used honda civic for sale Indiana
Advantages Disadvantages
+ The center console, dotted with many buttons;
+ The high-positioned automatic transmission control lever;
+ The famous two-level dashboard of Honda has in the upper tier a digital speedometer and on-board computer, a tachometer, and most of the indicators in the lower tier.
+ The front seats of the Civic include developed lateral support, the optimal pillow inclination angle, and a moderately hard back.
+ The seats are well suited, as they do not impede the movements or squeeze you too much but keep you in tight turns.
– The dashboard illumination is too bright, which sometimes dazzles at night.
– The rear seat is very inconvenient.
– The smooth roofline makes tall people take care of their heads.
– The distance to the front seats is not enough to comfortably accommodate passengers, who will prop up the front backs with their knees.

As a driver of the Honda Civic, you will feel like you are in the cockpit of a small plane. It has everything to help you focus on the road. But passengers won’t feel comfortable at a rear seat.

Toyota Corolla

used toyota corolla Indianapolis
Advantages Disadvantages
+ The most stylish items in the cabin are a dashboard with gentle illumination and a large three-spoke steering wheel.
+ The Toyota Corolla front panel has a classic layout.
+ All controls are easy to use.
The rear seat is very spacious compared to what the Civic has to offer.
+ It can accommodate three adults.
And when there are only two rear passengers, it is possible to use the armrest with the bottle space.
+ It is so comfortable here that passengers of Toyota Corolla can sleep on a long journey.
+ The cargo compartment is large and convenient.
– The low height of the front panel and the shape of the grove indicate that the car is a bit outdated.
– Toyota models of the 80-90 years of production had almost the same design solutions.
– The backrest lacks lateral support to keep a driver properly in tight turns.
– The Corolla pillow is low enough and feels uncomfortable for tall people.

Want a Hatchback or a Sedan?

You can find both Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla in sedan and hatchback bodies:

  • In 2022, Honda unveiled a completely new hatchback body, but previous versions can also delight you with style and functionality.
  • As for the Corolla, the hatchback body looks more interesting than the sedan, but still inferior to the Civic in terms of versatility and design.

Paint Points of Used Civics and Corollas

  • Used Civics may have problems with the cooling system in the form of a radiator leak at a relatively low mileage of 30,000 miles. The thermostat can fail too. Electronics and electrics cause a lot of criticism, namely the air conditioning compressor clutch and starter. It is better to choose versions of the latest releases – many sores were fixed only after restyling.
  • Almost every Corolla owner is faced with the problem of squeaking rear pads when driving at low speeds. Replacing the pads does not eliminate this problem. Another weak point of the Corolla is its bodywork. The body is covered with chips with even a low mileage. In the future, such defects threaten to turn into centers of corrosion.

Honda Civic Vs. Toyota Corolla: What to Choose?

  • Even though in its class in this price segment of its years, Honda Civic is one of the best options, it is not a good choice if you are looking for a family car. A single driver appreciating drive and style will feel most comfortable behind the wheel of this model.
  • Toyota’s marketers admit that the Toyota Corolla targets two age groups, and both are not youngsters. The first is men over 50, married, have adult children, employed or retired with a high-income level. The second – men over 38 years old, married, with one child. If you are in one of these categories, a used Corolla will be your best choice.

Visit Indy Auto Man in Indianapolis to dispel your doubts and buy a reliable used car, whether a Civic or a Corolla , that will please you for the years to come.

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