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Toyota Vs. Ford: Which Automaker Is Best?

Ford vs. Toyota brand battle

Toyota Vs. Ford: Differences the Future Owner Should Consider

The American and Japanese brands, Ford and Toyota, have long been competing for customers’ love in the US. Despite their concepts and design philosophies being fundamentally different, Indianapolis drivers often try to make the choice between the models of these automakers.

We prepared an overview of the technical characteristics and other features of the flagship Corolla and Focus sedans to help you find your winner in the Toyota vs. Ford manufacturers’ battle.


Toyota designers modify the Corolla every 2-4 years, releasing a new generation or upgrading the previous one. Some of these changes are not significant, some dramatic, but the style of the Toyota Corolla and its recognition remain unchanged.

The same happens with the Ford Focus. However, Ford developers neglect the opportunity to pleasantly surprise customers with a new car appearance for the sake of preserving its style, which has almost become an urban classic. The only changes in the design are the regular increase in headlights and the bumper, which has become more massive and sharper over time. Ford also has two features that distinguish the modern modification from previous ones: a deep stamping on the board and a shortened trunk.

Throughout the glorious history of the Corolla model, Toyota designers have paid attention to details, and the new generation has become even more attractive. This happened due to the new, shining chrome and radiator grille, continued by sharp-angled headlights. If you look closely, the car body has many kinks and bends, which add to it, along with the slyly smiling front bumper and lights of a complex, elongated shape, dynamism, and swiftness. However, the more attractive look of the Toyota, compared to the relatively bland Ford Focus, can seriously hit the budget in case of body parts repair. Still, curved, graceful details are more difficult to bring to the original first-class look. The Focus is more practical. It has a body kit made of plastic, which is not afraid of chips and scratches.

Is Ford or Toyota Cheaper?

If not considering body repairs, Toyota is the cheapest brand in the industry. Over ten years, a Toyota model maintenance will cost about $5000 less than a Ford competitor. Even other Japanese manufacturers, like Nissan and Honda, aren’t so cost-effective in the long run.

Interior Design

toyota vs ford interior

If you compare the Toyota vs. Ford interiors, more sophisticated design solutions went to the Ford Focus, which has a cabin resembling an airplane cockpit. This is hinted at by an enlarged center console, which includes a multimedia system monitor, an entertainment control center, and a microclimate. The automatic transmission selector is raised high. Vertical deflectors, dial illumination, and a large monitor look original and stylish. The steering wheel with auxiliary buttons is as convenient and ergonomic as possible. The passenger and driver seats are comfortable not only because of their spaciousness but also due to their moderate rigidity.

The interior of the Corolla is designed to leave much space in the cabin. It doesn’t feel overloaded with details, but for all its convenience, it makes the car look simpler than from the outside. The seats in the Toyota Corolla are almost as comfortable as in the Focus, but, unlike it, they are covered with hard-wearing fabric, which will someday save on dry cleaning. There is enough space for passengers in Toyota, but it will be uncomfortable for three passengers to sit in the back row.

Is Toyota More Reliable than Ford?

Toyota is ranked among the five most reliable car brands in 2022, according to the J.D. Power reliability survey . Ford failed to place even within the top 10.

Japanese cars are a perfect example of long-term, guaranteed quality, and maximum performance. For many in the world, the Toyota Corolla is the main proof of this. That is why the Japanese model is still more practical and convenient on the road, despite Ford trying to offer its customers new powertrain options, for example, a 1.6-liter engine with a capacity of 125 horsepower and robotic transmission.

Are Ford Cars Better than Toyota in Performance?

Ford cars tend to perform better than Toyota’s models. However, the details matter here. The Toyota driving convenience is achieved thanks to the gearbox settings that allow you to maintain low speeds and pause for several seconds before accelerating with hard pedaling. This can not be said about the Focus, especially when driving uphill. Under such conditions, the vehicle will stop accelerating and fall behind. Therefore, overtaking or lifting will have to be performed after preliminary preparation: pick up speed and not stop putting pressure on the gas. The CVT, which Toyota is usually equipped with, although not best affects the dynamics of the car, improves its ability to smooth start and high-speed acceleration. So even with less engine power than the Ford, the Toyota accelerates to 60 mph in just 10.5 seconds. Of course, this affects fuel consumption.

If we talk about the noise level, Ford and Toyota have worked on it. The Ford Focus significantly reduced the suspension stiffness, which saved the cabin from most of the extra sounds and hard shaking. The biggest shortcoming of the car is the steering wheel sensitivity. Due to it, the Focus deviates to the side during the passage of even small bumps.

Toyota engineers have made noise and shaking in the Corolla’s cabin perceivable only if the driver chooses the most uneven sections of the road. Also, the car does not take liberties with the wheel, as in the case of Ford. The main defect you may find during a test drive is the longitudinal vibrations during sharp acceleration and deceleration. However, you may never feel these vibrations if you are not an adherent of speed and various somersaults on the track.

Ford Vs. Toyota: Which Brand Is the Best?

Of course, even the most professional comparative analysis will not give you a clear answer on whether Toyota or Ford is best. But if you recognize yourself in one of these categories, the choice will be much faster:

  • For people who opt for practicality and quality assurance for the sake of fashion and power, the Toyota Corolla will be the best choice. Even though cars of this brand consume more fuel, they will require less investment in maintenance.
  • For those who want to emphasize their style and indomitable character, a frisky Ford Focus with an original interior and a high-power turbocharged engine will be a better option.

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