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Best deals on used cars for sale near Greenwood are at the Indianapolis dealership near you

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Over 300 cars for sale at the Indianapolis car dealership near Greenwood, Indiana

Buying a Used Car in Greenwood: Car Dealership next to you

Looking for used car dealerships in Greenwood ? Just a 5 minute drive separates you from the freshest selection of used vehicles in Indiana. With more than 35 new arrivals each week, Indy Auto Man dealership is ready to offer cars, minivans and SUVs to every taste and budget.

Make your first step in the car-buying journey and find the car of your dream with Indy Auto Man!

Used Car Shopping with No Hassle and No Risk

If you can’t find the right vehicle in car dealerships in Greenwood , it is time to search for other reliable dealers near you. Indy Auto Man is located in Indianapolis, and we offer free shipping of the car you bought within 250 miles straight to your doorstep.

  • Each car we sell comes with a 7-days exchange guarantee so that you can be sure that if something goes wrong, we are ready to exchange it.
  • We check ownership history and the list of repairs and accidents. Our mechanics carry out comprehensive pre-sale inspection to ensure safety and reliability of all cars on the car lot.
  • We take care of all title paperwork.

Visit our website to search online and filter the relevant cars by model, the year of manufacture, mileage and other technical parameters. Choose several you like most and schedule the appointment to visit Indy Auto Man for a test drive.

Here, at our dealership not far from Greenwood , you can buy a used car for cash or get one financed. And also opt for our advantageous trade-in offers, so that you do not waste time selling your old car.

Benefits of Buying a Used Car at the Car Dealership near Greenwood

The used car market in our country is well-developed and here, at Indy Auto Man, we do everything possible to maintain high standards of customer service. Like many Greenwood car dealerships , we offer used cars of various brands, models, years of production, and among them, there are even almost new ones that have been in operation for less than a year. But what makes us different is the unbeatable prices. We even offer a 30-days price match guarantee so that our clients can be sure that they get the best deal in Indiana.

Tried and Tested

All cars at our dealership are inspected from top to bottom to make sure you can get behind a wheel at once. In most cases, various hidden defects of the model, breakdowns and failures of systems and equipment happen to the car in the first three years of life. Its previous owner has already fixed everything required under the manufacturer warranty. When buying a used car, you are buying a vehicle that has managed to show what was wrong with it, and now it is ready to serve you with no trouble.


When you buy a car from a private seller, you still need to correctly draw up documents that will then be required, for example, at the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles . If you buy a financed car or some documents are not original, then this is a reason to check everything once again. The buyer has to spend time and money to clarify the correctness of the purchase and sale documents, check the car’s history, or look for friends who can check it.

If you buy a car from a Greenwood dealership , you get all these costs covered. At Indy Auto Man, we check the car for titlework matters before the sale. We also help with the preparation of all the necessary documents.

How to Finance and Service a Used Car

Indy Auto Man used car dealership near Greenwood, IN

At our car dealership near Greenwood , you can count on fast and secure financing with one of our 24 banks and credit unions. Get pre-approved with the convenient online car loan app and spend less time at the dealership. We strive for the best possible loan rate for you, regardless of your credit history.

If your used car needs repairing, the Indy Auto Man dealership offers professional maintenance at the brand-new service center. You will get all the necessary parts and our 30-day repair guarantee. We will take care of your car and save you time and money.

Shop for Used Cars near Greenwood, IN

If you are ready to get behind the wheel as soon as possible, visit the Indy Auto Man car dealership near Greenwood . Our rich assortment of models and friendly team of experts is waiting for your visit to serve your needs. Have a look at our inventory and get in touch today.