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Used Car Price Guide: KBB Trade-in Value, Indianapolis

How to Get KBB Trade-in Value: Used Car Price Guide

Trading in an old car for a new one sounds compelling for many car owners. But if you doubt whether it is a beneficial deal, our used car price guide will help you come to the other side of this question.

Trade-in is our specialty. We know how to make your trade-in smooth and profitable. Let’s take a look at the trade-in process and find out how used cars are evaluated.

Do Dealerships Give You Kelley Blue Book Value?

When selling a used car, many people turn to Kelley Blue Book in an attempt to find the answer to the question How much is my car worth? Yet, most sellers doubt how reliable the KBB trade-in valuation is.

At Indy Auto Man, we trust KBB and use it when buying used cars in Indianapolis. Despite Kelly Blue Book’s estimated value may be altered by the vehicle condition, our customers can be sure that they get a good amount for their cars.

How We Estimate Your Vehicle

Using this used car price value form , get our firm offer right now, or just take your car to the Indy Auto Man used car dealership in Indianapolis.

First, we need a quick visual inspection of the vehicle to provide you with a preliminary price estimation. Then, our trained mechanics quickly test the main mechanisms of your car and carry out computer diagnostics. After a formal documents check, we will be ready to make you an offer.

Our estimation is free and does not commit you to any obligations about the deal. You can take your time to think everything over and come back to our dealership, just don’t wait too long – the offer is valid for seven days.

How Do Dealers Determine Trade Value?

the best trade in value in Indianapolis

When determining the trade value, the dealer takes into account the following characteristics:

  • Vehicle model. This parameter directly affects the liquidity of a used car. The more popular the model, the more chances for the dealer to sell it later. Take a look at the list of the best-selling cars .
  • Vehicle age. Read how the used car value depends on its age .
  • Condition. The condition of the hood, body and interior units, mechanisms, and devices has a significant impact on the used car value. The dealership will determine the degree of wear of all components, check the paintwork. The more repairs the vehicle requires, the lower the price estimation for the car will be. So if you can eliminate some minor defects, such as dents and scratches , this can help you get a better value.

Is Trade in Value Higher than Selling?

When you trade in a car, the most important factor for you is the cost to change. The real trade-in price is always a bit below the average car sales offers you see in ads. But the dealer can offer you a discount on the car you buy. And the overall profit on the deal will be higher than if you sell your car to a private party and then come to buy your next vehicle with cash.

If you are not going to buy a new car, check out KBB instant cash offer . This way, you can get a better idea of what your car is worth.

For a fair value of your car, come to Indy Auto Man, Indianapolis. We can offer you the most beneficial trade-in deal with 300+ cars available for sale at our car lot. Or just sell us your vehicle and get your money today with no hassle.