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Used Jeep Dealership in Indianapolis

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Your Used Jeep Dealership in Indianapolis

Jeep is a brand that is part of the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles group. Its history began over 75 years ago. Today, the Jeep brand stands for modern technology and the highest quality of the vehicle.

If you are looking for a Jeep dealership in Indianapolis, you will find everything you need at Indy Auto Man. We can offer the best inventory of used Jeep SUVs from Wrangler to Ground Cherokee, advantageous trade-in and financing options.

Brand History

The name of the car brand itself comes from the phonetic transfer of the abbreviation GP – general purpose.

The history of the Jeep brand begins on the eve of World War II. At the beginning of 1940, the United States was actively preparing for war. One of the tasks of the American armed forces was to create a project for an exploration four-wheel-drive vehicle. At that time, the conditions were tough, and the terms were extremely short. More than a hundred different companies offered the implementation of this project, but only three of them gave a satisfactory response, among which were Ford, American Bantam, and Willys Overland. The latter company, in turn, prepared the first sketches of the project, which was soon implemented in the form of the Jeep car, which soon became world-famous.

It was this company that established the priority right to manufacture off-road vehicles for the US armed forces. Numerous cars were invented and tested in the field. This company was given a non-exclusive license, as the army required an incredibly large number of units.

At the end of hostilities, these vehicles with specific characteristics were modernized for the civilian market and found a new life. In the 60s of the last century, active growth of the SUV market began; it was this period that became a starting point in the history of the successful Jeep automobile brand.

Jeep Success Story

Jeep was the first manufacturer to introduce an SUV to the world. The brand was founded in 1939, and the very next year released the first car, which was the all-wheel-drive Bantam BRC. The development of the company includes the following stages:

  • production of cars for the US Army till the end of World War II;
  • the beginning of the SUV assembly for the civilian population after 1945;
  • the release of the Wagoneer station wagon, which became a revolutionary car for 1962;
  • assembly work of the legendary Cherokee (1974);
  • merger with Chrysler (1987);
  • release of the Grand Cherokee (1992), which has become a cult car.

Today, Jeep is one of the world’s leading car companies for adventure and urban travel. The main pride of the Jeep brand is the preservation of the American assembly. When most European companies moved production to China and other countries, Jeep is still developed and produced in American factories: Toledo, Ohio; Belvidere, Illinois; Detroit, Michigan.

Comfortable in Urban Environment, Reliable Off-Road

buy a used Jeep in Indianapolis

At Indy Auto Man used Jeep dealership, Indianapolis, you will find a wide range of legendary Jeep models. These cars are famous for their excellent cross-country characteristics, versatility, functionality, comfort, and power.

During its long history, the brand has presented the world with many reliable, unpretentious four-wheel-drive vehicles. Each Jeep model and version is an example of the high development of technical thought.

3 Most Popular Used Jeep SUVs for Sale in Indianapolis

Jeep Wrangler

buy a used jeep wrangler in Indianapolis
2019 Jeep Wrangler Sport S

The Wrangler is a family of vehicles that have earned special recognition from Jeep brand lovers and all SUV enthusiasts. This model can boast high versatility, reliability, and almost absolute cross-country ability. The designers have focused on practicality, so the Wrangler has a brutal and spacious interior without unnecessary details.

The Jeep Wrangler is Trail Rated. This is an all-wheel-drive system that has been tested on the most extreme tracks in the world. It provides comfortable driving and full control over the vehicle on any road surface. Trail Rated SUVs are the brand pride and offer excellent traction, ensuring agility even in the water.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

used Grand Cherokee for sale in Indianapolis
2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT

The Grand Cherokee surprises the drivers with technological equipment, power, and body strength. The developers managed to combine two features: an elegant design with an aggressive character.

Jeep Grand Cherokee will delight you with a modern, luxurious interior. It is equipped with an eight-speed automatic transmission, which provides smooth gear changes and optimal fuel consumption. The computer selects the most suitable mode depending on the driving conditions. This software improves ride quality by enhancing traction as well as acceleration performance.

Jeep Gladiator

Jeep Gladiator for sale in Indianapolis
2020 Jeep Gladiator Rubicon

Jeep Gladiator is a brutal pickup truck capable of overcoming off-road conditions, providing transportation of cargo, as well as towing a massive trailer. It fully has all the same functionality as the Wrangler, but at the same time, due to the 1.5-meter cargo body at the rear, it is more versatile and more convenient. This is a big claim in the pickup segment.

For greater pleasure from off-road driving, you can lower the windshield, remove the doors and sections in the roof, as in the Wrangler. Compared to other mid-size pickups, the Gladiator can be called a convertible, even with a hard-top. The easy-to-fit interior resists dust and water with dirt-resistant finishes and surfaces. Even the metal toggle buttons, the leather-covered bezel, and the multimedia touchscreen are splash-proof.

Jeep Car Benefits

The Jeep SUVs are distinguished by the following advantages:

  • Brutal design. No unnecessary bends and pretentious lines – only classic forms that will give odds to most Indianapolis drivers;
  • Wide range of trim levels. At our used car dealership, you may find Jeep vehicles with a variety of options, including fuel and transmission types;
  • Good maneuverability. Jeep is not a car for racing but for successfully passing the most difficult sections of the road. And any model does it well;
  • Safety. The Jeep designers guarantee the maximum level of safety for the driver and passengers.

Also, Jeeps are known for the high build quality and durability of the cars. The Jeep brand does not skimp on parts and provides a 5-year (or 60,000-mile) powertrain warranty.  Therefore, when buying a car at the used Jeep dealership in Indianapolis, you can count on many years of excellent driving.

How to Choose a Jeep SUV in Indianapolis

used Jeep dealership Indianapolis

When choosing a used Jeep SUV, consider the engine size, the type of gearbox, and fuel.

  • If you plan to go out of town and test the Jeep off-road, an all-wheel-drive model with high ground clearance and a downshift will be your best suit.

Visit the Indy Auto Man used Jeep dealership in Indianapolis to get the answers to all your questions and check the features of the model you are going to buy.