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The Mazda is a Japanese company headquartered in Hiroshima. It is a world-class manufacturer, producing passenger cars in more than twenty countries.

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Mazda Brand History

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The founder of the Japanese company Mazda is Jujiro Matsuda, whose name is consonant with the brand name. However, the name Mazda was taken from part of the name of the supreme Zoroastrian god Ahura-Mazda. The word “Mazda” is translated from the Proto-Indo-European as “mind”, “wisdom”. And the winged logo of the Mazda brand is a stylized image of a Zoroastrian deity.

  • The history of the Japanese brand began in 1920 with the production of cork products, trial batches of motorcycles, and mechanical engineering equipment.
  • One of the motorcycles managed to win a racing competition in 1930, which sparked interest in the manufacturer Mazda. 
  • The company largely copied foreign models when creating tricycles, which were successfully exported to China since 1932, and were also provided for the needs of the Japanese army during the Second World War.
  • The first car of the manufacturer was the Mazda R360 rear-engined coupe, dated 1960. 
  • A year later, the Mazda lineup was replenished with the Proceed B-series 1500 pickup, and in 1962 with the Carol 360 and Carol 600 sedans in two- and four-door versions. 
  • In the 60s, the Japanese company managed to build the first rotary engine and put it into mass production with the Mazda Cosmo Sport RPD. They also organized the export of cars to New Zealand and European countries.
  • In 1967, two significant events for the company took place at once: Mazda Savanna RX-7 sports car debuted, and the American concern Ford Motor bought out a fourth part of the automaker’s shares. 
  • In the late 80s, the world public saw the first generation of the Mazda MX-5 roadster, which gained popularity among motorsport fans.

The company’s latest development is the Mazda Shinari concept car, a forerunner of a different design direction, presented in Milan in 2010. The new corporate identity of the concept car is named Kodo (means “spirit of movement”).

Mazda Model Range

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Mazda’s extensive lineup includes SUVs, convertibles, roadsters, minivans, pickups. However, the main focus of the Japanese automaker is on small and medium-sized cars. 

The Indy Auto Man dealer in Indianapolis collected  the most popular models for you:

  • Mazda 3. The main advantage of the Mazda 3 in comparison with competitors is excellent handling and a tenacious chassis. The flip side of the coin is not the most spacious interior of the model and its stiff suspension. Mazda engineers prioritized handling for the sake of comfort.
  • Mazda 6. One of the most economical cars in its class. The electronic throttle valves, fuel delivery, and distribution management systems significantly reduce fuel consumption in this model. One of the main qualities of the Mazda6 is its high level of safety. The basic trim includes six airbags and two front active head restraints. This model received the highest child safety scores in its class.
  • Mazda CX5. It is the first model built on Skyactiv technology. The Mazda CX5 received the updated motor, gearbox, chassis, and body. The model quickly became a hit and helped the manufacturer maintain its position during the crisis. Today, the first generation CX-5 is a tidbit on the used car market.


Is Mazda Reliable?

Mazda topped 2020 Consumer Reports’ Most Reliable Car Rankings. The most reliable car brand was chosen based on the average reliability forecast of all vehicles presented in the model line. In addition, surveys were conducted of several hundred thousand owners of vehicles of various brands and models. The reliability of the cars of the Japanese brand was rated at 83 points.

How Do I Change the Ownership Information for my Mazda?

When you buy a used Mazda, you can update your details right in the sales department. Or you can email your vehicle’s VIN and address details to Mazda’s Customer Experience Center.

Will I be able to update my used vehicle with Mazda Connect™ to receive  Android Auto™ and Apple CarPlay™?

If you buy a used Mazda 2014 model year or newer equipped with Mazda Connect™, you can address to any certified Mazda dealer in Indianapolis and update your infotainment system. 

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