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Who Makes Acura Cars?

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Who Makes Acura Cars: Are Honda and Acura the Same?

Acura are Japanese premium cars produced by a division of the Honda concern. The history of the brand began recently, but thanks to the competent positioning of the car with the Acura logo, they quickly found their customers in the US. If you want to buy a used Acura in Indianapolis, you will always find several good options at Indy Auto Man car dealership.

Is Acura an American-Made Car?

Honda is the parent company of Acura – the division based primarily in North America.

Japanese Honda cars in the 80s already had a reputation in the international market as affordable, economical, and reliable workhorses. The Honda management sought to conquer a new premium segment of the market. To do this, a separate division was created in the United States, which dealt with the concept of production and promotion of luxury models. Thus began the history of the creation of the Acura auto brand.

Acura Brand History

acura brand historywho owns Acura

In 1981, Honda engineers designed a new business sedan. It had advanced features:

  • a 6-cylinder fuel-injected engine;
  • independent suspension;
  • disc brake systems on all wheels.

The problem was that it would be very hard to sell prestigious cars under the middle-class Honda brand. It could not compete with BMW and Mercedes because their customers pay for the name. After considering the situation, Honda management decided to bet on a new name – Acura. The sedan that opened the Acura lineup was called the Legend. A little later, Acura manufacturers added a more sporty Integra to it. It was offered in a 3- or 5-door body, on a mechanic or automatic. The official start of sales of Acura cars took place in 1986.

During the first year of operation, more than 50 thousand Acura vehicles were sold. In 1987, the updated 2-door Legend Coupe was released, a direct competitor to the BMW 6 Series. The novelty receives a powerful engine: 165 hp in the maximum configuration. This car was noted by the authoritative magazine Motor Trend and became the leader in sales in the United States among luxury foreign cars.

Acura auto production received a new vector of development in 1995. The company presents its first all-wheel-drive Acura SLX. However, the SUV did not find its buyer: for the entire period of production of the model, which was four years, the company barely sold a little more than 6 thousand items. But in 2000, the company’s absolute hit, the Acura MDX SUV, came out. For its time, it was a technological breakthrough: a modern navigation system, the third row of seats, climate control, and patented torque control system to move on any off-road.

Already in the first year, the new Acura model became a bestseller. In 2001, Acura MDX received the title of the best SUV according to several authoritative American publications. In 2005, the history of the Acura brand continued with the release of the RDX compact urban crossover, combining power and practicality. It was equipped with a 4-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine, 5-speed automatic transmission, and climate control.

In 2012, the company introduced the NSX hybrid sports car. The novelty received a V6 gasoline engine with direct fuel injection and three electric motors. Excellent dynamics and handling were provided by the patented Sport Hybrid SH-AWD system. 2014 was the year of birth of two models at once: premium sedans TLX and RLX. They correspond to the company’s concept: premium cars, giving absolute comfort and confidence to the driver.

What Does the Name Acura Mean?

Deciding to create a luxury division, Honda turned to the largest American agency NameLab. Chief Namer Ira Bachrach, who led the design of logos for many well-known brands, suggested using the Latin morpheme Acu in the name, which means neat. An ideal concept for Japanese cars, which are distinguished by their precise systems and flawless operation.

The Acura badge is a split-topped “A” and is also a caliper, the measuring and drawing instrument used by engineers. There are also references to the Honda brand: the logo looks like a narrowed letter H. The Acura badge adorned the company’s cars only in 1990.

Is Acura a Good Car Brand?

is acura a good car brand

As a division of the Honda Motor Company, the Acura lineup is considered a good car brand with proven reliability. You can buy a luxury car that will last long at a comparatively affordable price. Acuras require minimal maintenance and do not have severe problems.

J.D. Power often names Acura among the top ten brands. However, none of the models have taken first place in their segments yet.

Is Acura More Reliable than Lexus?

Lexus and Acura models are worthy competitors, as Toyota and Honda , respectively. They have excellent long-term reliability and safety indicators. However, Lexus slightly sidesteps its rival based on customer reviews. Read our Lexus vs. Acura comparison for more details.

Do Acuras Have Honda Engines?

Acura cars are equipped with top options from the Honda engine lineup. There is a variety of four-cylinder and some V6s available.

How Many Miles Will an Acura Last?

As one of the most reliable luxury car brands, Acura will last fairly long. You can expect about 250,000 – 300,000 miles of smooth driving and at least 15 years of trouble-free operation.

Do Acuras Hold Their Value?

Many Acura models, like most luxury vehicles, can’t be named among the vehicles that keep their value best . The TLX depreciates slower than other models, but on average, Acura keeps not more than 70% of its value in five years, making it a money pit for the first owner. But when you buy a used Acura, you can expect to sell it for almost the same money in a couple of years.

Which Is Better Acura or Honda?

acura vs honda

Despite Acura being positioned as a premium lineup of Honda, its reliability is slightly lower. But Acura vehicles can boast upscale design, high-end performance, advanced technologies, and premium materials common for luxury cars.

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