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Used Work Trucks for Sale in Indianapolis

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Used Work Trucks: Buy Your Workhorse in Indianapolis

Work trucks are distinguished by their power, absolute cross-country ability, and spaciousness. They are indispensable for transporting goods, building materials, or garden shrubs. At Indy Auto Man, Indianapolis, you will find a variety of used pickup trucks: Ford , Chevrolet , RAM , and GMC , that are designed to be your best workhorse for any task.

Depending on the trim and configuration, the same model can be an ordinary family car with tremendous practicality, can act as a traction workforce, or even be used for pulling huge trailers.

Pickup Truck Classification

Pickup truck classes have a direct relationship with their carrying capacity. The chassis in such cars are mounted on a frame and can accept different weights of all elements that will be installed. Depending on the equipment, your truck can become:

  • a dump truck;
  • a flatbed truck;
  • a wrecker tow truck;
  • a utility truck, and much more.

The basic and most popular class is the so-called one-and-a-half platform. It is designated in different ways and varies from one manufacturer to another. For example, Chevrolet, GMC, and Dodge have 1500 in their name, while Ford has 150. Accordingly, larger platforms, so-called ¾ pickup trucks, are already denoted as 2500 for Chevrolet, GMC, and Dodge and 250 for Ford. Depending on the availability in the model line, this series can go up to 650. Ford F-650 is the largest production pickup truck in the world.

What Is Considered a Work Truck?

Work trucks, also known as commercial or fleet trucks, are usually offered with a standard or crew cab and are fitted with the most powerful engines. Many work trucks are sold with a bare frame, on which you can install almost any attachment – a saddle for hitching trailers, buckets, dump trucks, refrigerators, etc.

What is the Strongest Work Truck?

The Ram 1500 TRX Launch Edition is the strongest production work truck on the planet. It is equipped with a compressor HEMI V8 6.2, paired with the eight-speed automatic TorqueFlite 8HP95 unit. With an output of 712 hp and 881 Nm of torque, the truck accelerates to 60 miles in 4.5 seconds. The maximum speed is 117 miles per hour.

What Are the Best Working Trucks?

2017 Ford Super Duty F-350 SRW XLT
  • Ford F-Series. Ford definitely beats all its potential competitors. The F-Series work trucks have a huge variety of configurations and technical features. When buying a used Ford truck in Indianapolis, you may choose from numerous generations, restyling options, and trim levels. The lineup of engines includes power units with a volume of 3.5 to 6.1 L, producing a maximum power of 411 hp. Ford pickup trucks can boast excellent cross-country ability and off-road performance thanks to their special equipment.
  • Chevrolet Silverado . This huge truck from Chevy provides the most comfortable driving experience. The Silverado is one of the largest work trucks and has four options for technical equipment, which differ in engines and all characteristics.
  • Dodge Ram . The Ram truck is the most popular pickup in the US. This car is a living legend, but you can buy it for relatively little money. Power units from 3 to 6.7 liters produce incredible power, with a maximum of 470 hp. Technical equipment is impressive – you can find everything your heart desires.
  • Toyota Tundra. A Japanese full-size pickup truck manufactured by Toyota since 1999. Among the models, you can find 5 body types, 3 types of loading platforms, 3 types of engines, 4 wheelbases. Toyota Tundra power units are aggregated with automatic transmissions with ECT-i intelligence and sequential mode. Power varies from 270 to 401 hp, depending on the configuration.
  • Nissan Titan. A full-size pickup truck manufactured by Nissan Corporation since 2005. The model is available in two body versions: a one-and-a-half 4-seater King Cab or a double Crew Cab for six. The Titan has such features as a spacious interior, a factory protective coating, a luggage compartment in the body. This truck has only one power unit – a V-shaped, 8-cylinder engine with a volume of 5.6 liters and a power of 305 hp. The maximum torque is 522 Nm.

To buy the most convenient work truck in Indianapolis, you just need to press a couple of buttons on the site and our experts will be in touch for a detailed online consultation. If you wish to compare several trucks side-by-side, visit Indy Auto Man for a test drive!