We Are Buying Your Car | Indy Auto Man, Indianapolis

Posted December 1, 2022

If you have at least once encountered the car selling process, you know how many obstacles and underwater rocks it hides. But your deal is safe and fast with Indy Auto Man Indianapolis dealership. We are buying cars of all makes and models in Indiana, Ohio, Chicago, and Kentucky. Check how much you

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Infiniti Vs. Lexus Vs. Acura: Which Car Is Better? | Indy Auto Man

Posted November 29, 2022

Three representatives of luxury car brands, Lexus, Infiniti, and Acura, look like they were modeled in the same engineering center. If we compare their SUVs: Lexus RX, Infiniti QX60, and Acura MDX, we will see that they have similar dimensions, units, interiors, and purpose, and rather a common appr

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Top 5 SUV Brands to Buy This 2022 with Pros and Cons

Posted November 28, 2022

With so many automobile manufacturers in the world, you might need help determining which brands make the best SUVs.
A great SUV consists of various factors such as functionality, versatility, and reliability, but which brands offer these factors in their cars? This article will cover the five best

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Used Korean Cars for Sale in Indianapolis | Indy Auto Man

Posted November 24, 2022

More and more Indiana citizens prefer to buy Korean cars. The consumer interest is also high in  many other states, so the sales of Korean autos in the US are growing every year. Today, even the Japanese automobile giant Toyota sees Korean automakers as its main competitors. Find out the reason for

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Toyota Vs. Ford: Which Automaker Is Best? | Indy Auto Man, Indianapolis

Posted November 22, 2022

The American and Japanese brands, Ford and Toyota, have long been competing for customers’ love in the US. Despite their concepts and design philosophies being fundamentally different, Indianapolis drivers often try to make the choice between the models of these automakers. 

We prepared an overview

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Sell My Car in the USA: Protect Yourself from Frauds | Indy Auto Man, Indianapolis

Posted November 17, 2022

Any deal, if not backed with professional legal support, is accompanied by many risks, and selling a car in the USA is no exception. The Indy Auto Man team gathered the top red flags and common frauds an ordinary car owner may face when selling a car privately.

Potential buyers of the car offer to

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