BMW Vs. Volvo Brand Battle | Indy Auto Man, Indianapolis

Posted November 15, 2022

If you are at a crossroads, choosing between BMW and Volvo cars, you have come to the right place. At Indy Auto Man, you will find a variety of models of these two brands to select from. 
We also have prepared a comprehensive Volvo vs. BMW brand comparison to help you define which suits you best. 

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Best Used Minivan to Buy in Indianapolis | Indy Auto Man

Posted November 10, 2022

A minivan is a practical and multifunctional vehicle with an increased number of seats, a large luggage compartment, and a higher body compared to a sedan. 
We  reviewed the technical characteristics and comfort opportunities of different brands to determine which minivan is the best to buy used in

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Lexus Vs. BMW Vs. Mercedes: How to Make the Choice | Indy Auto Man

Posted November 8, 2022

German and Japanese cars have a huge number of fans in the US. Both countries produce vehicles to their high-quality standards, with carefully crafted performance and a range of efficient specials to bring out the best in each model. 
BMW, Mercedes, and Lexus leading the auto industry for decades. T

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Most Common Car Problems | Indy Auto Man

Posted November 7, 2022

When something goes wrong with your car, do not ignore it! Take action immediately. Also, keep your vehicle well-maintained, so it stays safe for you and your passengers!
This article will provide you with a guide list of the most common issues encountered by owners of vehicles. It highlights some o

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How to Sell a Car that is Not Paid Off? | Indy Auto Man

Posted November 4, 2022

The time came, and you decided to sell your vehicle. You already have in mind what car you want to buy next, but the problem, you still owe money on the car loan. You may think that you are stuck with your old car and that you have to pay off the loan first. That is not true. You can sell your old c

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Sell Your Van in Indianapolis, IN | Indy Auto Man

Posted November 3, 2022

Sometimes, when buying a van instead of an ordinary passenger car, it turned out that it is hard to drive and inappropriate for business tasks. Get rid of the headache – sell your van at Indy Auto Man. 
Whether you want to sell a Mercedes Sprinter, Ram Promaster, or Ford Transit Cargo Van, Indy Auto

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