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Opens today at 9:00 AM
Opens today at 9:00 AM

Trade-in your car in Indianapolis, IN

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Best auto trade-in deals near me Indiana

Trade-in your auto at a maximum profit: Sell Your Car Online

Here, at Indy Auto Man, our primary goal is your satisfaction. We will do our best to answer your expectations with the deal, whether you want to sell your used car for cash or exchange it for the new one.

Auto trade-ins are our specialty, and we always have  350+ cars to offer. Pick your vehicle online , and come to our car dealership to test it.

Come to Indy Auto Man for a quick, safe and fair trade-in deal!

We’re Ready to Buy Your Car

Get rid of unnecessary selling hassle – we are ready to buy your car right now, offer the best trade-in deals and guarantee transaction safety.

We accept cars of any makes and models, which are in good working condition.  No car will be left behind.

Car Valuation

We guarantee the trade-in value which is relevant to the market prices. You can compare our evaluation to other car dealerships in Indianapolis – usually, customers come back to us.

Here are the three simple steps we take to make an ultimate offer:

  1. Visual inspection of the vehicle. A quick visual inspection will help us to provide you with the preliminary price estimation.
  2. Internal diagnostics. We will quickly check the ins and outs of your used car, and test the main mechanisms. With our professional diagnostic equipment and educated staff, it will not take long. Just a good break to drink a cup of coffee in our lounge.
  3. Formal documents’ check. Prepare your title or lien-holder payoff information, valid registration, state-issued photo ID, vehicle log book plus a spare set of keys. Having everything on hand lets us settle all the formalities quick and easily.

No problem if you are missing something or didn’t manage to make repairs – we can still appraise your vehicle.

Take Your Time to Think about It

We are here to provide value. If you doubt that our offer suits you perfectly, you don’t have to make a decision right now. Think everything over and come back in 7 days –  the offer will be valid.

So You Have the Quote, Now What?

Sell the used car with no trouble at Indy Auto Man and drive home in the  new one today.

The Easy Way to Trade-In Your Car in 5 Steps

  1. Get your online appraisal in minutes.
  2. Contact us to agree on the terms of sale.
  3. Take your car to our dealership. We will check its condition and legal purity. We can visit your location for an assessment as well.
  4. Choose a new vehicle from our inventory. We always have the widest selection of various brands and models.
  5. Trade-in your auto for the other by making a cash payment or arrange a loan for the required sum.

Trade-In Perks

Vehicle trade in deals at Indy Auto Man are accompanied by additional discounts and bonuses. It is the most convenient way to get a new vehicle as you can:

  • Get professional advice and pick up the car of your dream on the same day.
  • Review and drive a car right now – we have a huge inventory of used vehicles.
  • Be sure of the purchase safety. The cars we sell are thoroughly checked for title issues, as well as for defects. We do not hide the history of their life, always conduct an honest assessment and set a fair price.

Ditch Your Car Payment

If you want to ditch your payment, supplement it with your trade-in car and get several considerable benefits:

  • A state tax credit when purchasing a new vehicle;
  • Less monthly payments, as the cost of the car becomes lower;
  • More opportunities to unlock additional financing options.

Trade-in FAQs

1. How much does it cost to evaluate my car?

It’s free. Moreover, there is no obligation to sell or trade-in after you get your valuation.

2. How long does the appraisal take?

Our online appraisal takes minutes. Just fill in the online form and get the firm offer . The in-person valuation at the dealership is a more comprehensive process required to get the most accurate and fair value.

3. Can I trade in a car that is financed?

Don’t worry if your car is financed, you can still get the most valuable trade-in offer. Just provide us with the lien holder payoff information, and we will take care of all necessary paperwork. Read more about financed car sales here.

4. How to prepare my car for trading in?

You don’t have to make any special preparations or repairs first. Just check all the related documents and take your vehicle to our car dealership.

5. Where can I trade in or sell my car?

If you are located in Beech Grove, Plainfield, Greenwood, Avon, Zionsville, Carmel or any other city of Indianapolis, you are always welcomed at Indy Auto Man. You can call us or fill this form on site, we’ll contact you and start the procedure online.

Why People Choose Indy Auto Man

In our car dealership, we are proud to provide excellent service, individual approach and the best prices. Among other benefits you will get:

  • Convenient online service on our website, where you can get your appraisal, pick up an auto for exchange, calculate a loan, apply for a trade-in right from your sofa.
  • 30-day price match and 7-day exchange guarantee.
  • Extended service agreements.
  • We guarantee to process your request within 1 business day and solve any issues associated with a purchase.
  • Time saving. You sell the car and buy a new one in just a few hours. We also can handle everything if your car is financed making the trade-in process more flawless.
  • Nationwide door-to-door shipping. We can ship the new car to your home door. The first 250 miles is free.

Don’t ask yourself “Where to find the best car trade in deals near me?” – come to Indy Auto Man and we will set everything up.