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Honda Civic Vs. Toyota Camry: Compare Two Excellent Cars from Prominent Manufacturers

Buy a Honda Civic or a Toyota Camry in Indianapolis

The history of the confrontation between the Japanese car giants Honda and Toyota goes back over 80 years. For the Japanese, these two brands are cult ones that have managed to conquer the world. According to statistics, now in the most competitive world market - the United States - every ninth car out of 15 that came off the assembly line belongs to the Japanese concerns Honda and Toyota.

But who will be your winner in the Honda Civic vs. Toyota Camry battle? Read our comprehensive comparison from Indy Auto Man experts, who tested both cars on the Indianapolis roads to find the answer. 

Honda Civic

The Honda Civic sedan will be the perfect option for those who prefer a classic body style. This version looks expensive and elegant. But those who often go out into the countryside and need a large trunk should better opt for the Civic hatchback model.

Model Overview

Honda Civic is available in three body types :

  • Sedan
  • Hatchback
  • Coupe

The sports version of this Honda is produced only in a hatchback body. This means that its cost will be significantly higher than the sedan or coupe versions, even if you are buying a used Honda Civic.


At all times, the car was popular with those who value drive and maneuverability. Honda Civic is one of those cars that really has a lot of advantages:

  • a powerful engine;
  • reliable suspension;
  • unique interior design;
  • durable body;
  • several body options;
  • dynamism and agility;
  • economical fuel consumption;
  • fast acceleration;
  • reliability.


Low noise insulation can cause discomfort when driving on rough roads. Drivers also complain about the suspension in some series of hatchbacks.

However, if you are not going to drive the Civic off-road, you will not feel the problem.

What Year Honda Civic Is Best?

Whether you are looking for a sedan or coupe, opt for the 2013 Honda Civic model. You will get better handling, improved safety features, and higher fuel economy.

Toyota Camry

Elegant looks, style, confidence, and power allow Toyota Camry to conquer anyone at first sight. This model has been a success since its inception and still remains popular among car owners. Despite Toyota Camry losing to competitors in most comparative tests, it is in enviable demand. The Camry is attractive for its solid image, reliability, and endurance, as well as low depreciation in the secondary market. 

Model Overview

Toyota Camry is the undisputed leader in the business sedan segment with an affordable price, exemplary level of comfort, and a wide range of engines. Toyota Camry is perfectly adapted to the strict requirements of conservative drivers. Thanks to well-thought-out noise insulation, perfect silence is maintained, and the soft suspension levels unevenness, thereby eliminating discomfort when passing difficult sections of the road.


The elegant Toyota Camry has many virtues. Advantages of the car: 

  • attractive appearance; 
  • luxurious interior with expensive materials; 
  • ease of maintenance;
  • cheap spare parts; 
  • reliability and safety.


  • high fuel consumption in the city;
  • poor visibility.

What Year Is Best Camry?

According to multiple reviews, the 7th Generation was the most successful in Camry history. You may find many great options among the Toyota Camry models from 2012 to 2017, but the 2013, 2014 and 2015 model years are standouts. 

Is a Camry or a Civic Better? - Comparative Table

Car Comparison
2020 Honda Civic 2020 Toyota Camry
Starting Price (MSRP*) $20,800 $24,425
Standard engine 2.0L I-4 engine 2.5L I-4 engine
Top Fuel Economy (mpg city) 32 city / 42 highway 22 city / 32 highway
Headroom (front/rear) 39.3 / 37.1 37.5 / 38.0
Legroom 42.3 / 37.4 42.1 / 38.0
Hiproom 53.7 / 47.3 55.4 / 54.7

Honda Civic Vs. Toyota Camry: What to Choose?

In general, the Honda Civic and Toyota Camry are from two different classes. The direct Civic’s competitor of Toyota is Corolla. Read Civic vs. Corolla comparison. But if you choose between Civic and Camry, keep in mind that: 

  • The Honda Civic is appreciated by lovers of comfortable driving on highways and city roads; admirers of exclusive design solutions and high speeds do not pass by it. 
  • The Toyota Camry is a luxury car for those who love style, quality, and reliability. Interior comfort, impeccable dynamic performance, modern technologies give the car an amazing character, which determines its success.

The best solution is to pick the model that appeals to you on such parameters as appearance, handling, performance, or anything that matters for you. At Indy Auto Man, Indianapolis, you can compare Honda Civic and Toyota Camry on the spot and make your choice. Schedule your test drive right now!

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