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Cars That Make You Look Rich: Used Models With the Perfect Image

best used cars that make you look rich in Indiana

Some cars are always perceived as very expensive by US citizens regardless of the generation and year of manufacture. With powerful engines, excellent handling, and impressive looks, they can give the owner the thrill of driving and attract attention everywhere. For all this, you often have to pay a high price. But through time and depreciation, some great used cars become quite affordable while retaining their luxury and performance. To a large extent, these are large SUVs and sports cars, the appearance of which does not change so dramatically from generation to generation. Today, used cars Indy Auto Man Indiana dealer reps reveal, which cars will make you look rich and how much such autos cost on the Indiana market.

Land Rover Range Rover

used Range Rover for sale

The practical meaning of buying a British Land Rover everyone decides for himself, agreeing to the high costs of maintenance, tax, fuel, and possible repairs. What definitely cannot be taken away from the Range Rover is prestige, English gloss, and at the same time, brutality. The New 2024 Land Rover Range Rover prices start at $107,400, but used models are offered at an average cost of $65,863, according to Edmunds.

Mercedes-Benz G-Class

used Mercedes-Benx G-Class for sale

The ancient Gelandewagen looks exactly like a new G-Class for a base price of $139,900 MSRP. Only a sophisticated US car enthusiast will find the distinctions. There are numerous G-Class offers on the secondary market of Indiana, and prices are different for the same year, but on average, a used model may cost you around $70,000. In fairness, there is practical sense in the old Mercedes-Benz SUV - with its axles and hard locks, it is quite effective off-road. And driving a 10-year-old car in the mud is not as pathetic as a new one.

Toyota Land Cruiser

land cruiser a car to amke you rich

The Land Cruiser 100, although quite old, is still perceived as a relevant and prestigious SUV - it is very similar to the new Land Cruiser, and the body shape is essentially the same. This model will always be a symbol of prosperity and success - expensive, fuel-guzzling, but reliable, liquid, and convenient. The New Toyota Land Cruiser 2023 costs start from $94,301, and a used SUV of the early 2000s can be bought for less than 10K. And an average price of used Land Cruisers in Indiana is around $65,000.


buy used BMW X6 in Indianapolis

The BMW X6 model is spectacular not only due to its Bavarian origin but also due to its coupe-like body. In the X6, the gangster reputation of the BMW brand and the bold youthful design of the coupe mix in an amazing way. More than ten years have passed since the appearance of the model, but its silhouette and design have not changed much - both fresh and old models are perceived as one stylish and powerful car. The only difference is that new X6s cost around $70,000, and used ones from the 2008 year of manufacture cost about $15,000. Such a used car definitely makes you look rich and prosperous on the Indiana roads.

Ford Mustang EcoBoost

used ford mustang for sale

The Mustang EcoBoost is a watershed in muscle car listing. Its inline-four engine with a capacity of 310 hp is one of the best in the history of the automotive industry. The model is equipped with a host of modern technologies to make the Mustang as comfortable as possible. In Indiana, the sixth generation of the Mustang with a 2.3-liter engine is sold for around $20,000 - $25,000, so you do not need to overpay for a prestigious car if you buy it preowned.

Chevrolet Camaro

used chevrolet camaro to look rich

The joy of driving a frivolous sports car that looks more expensive than it's worth is perhaps best demonstrated by the Chevrolet Camaro. Even more impressive is the convertible Camaro version. Modern and attractive low-mileage models cost $35,000. Chevrolet Camaro modelss of earlier generations are sold even cheaper, while still looking rich.

What Car Makes You Look Wealthy?

Whether you prefer impressive and comfortable SUVs, luxury sedans, or powerful and fast sports cars, buying used ones will help you look wealthy for a fraction of the price. 

At Indy Auto Man, Indianapolis, we have a good selection of premium and luxury preowned vehicles for sale. Visit our dealership to discuss beneficial financing offers and drive home behind the wheel of your dream car.