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Closed. Opens Monday at 9:00 AM

Indy Auto Man - the Dealership That Will Buy Your Used Car

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Sell Your Auto to a Dealership: We Buy Used Cars in Indiana

If you are searching for dealers who buy used cars for cash near you, look no further – at Indy Auto Man, you will find the most beneficial deal. We buy cars from Indiana, Chicago, Ohio, and Kentucky, offering free car pick-up from your home. Selling your car to a dealership has never been easier. Just send us your request online, and one of our sales assistants will reach out to organize all the rest. You can expect the best price offer even if you don’t buy from us.

Indy Auto Man is a dealership that buys used cars online. We appreciate your time and strive to eliminate stress from your car-selling experience.

Choose the Best Local Car Dealer to Sell Your Used Car

Indy Auto Man provides a fast and fair Accu-Trade car value estimation that is totally free. Our approach to customer service guarantees such benefits as:

  • The fair market price for all makes and models, including commercial and heavy-duty vehicles;
  • Instant online valuation;
  • A quick sale in as little as 24 hours;
  • Free car pick-up from your home within 250 miles of the dealership;
  • Fast payment.

What Paperwork Do I Need to Sell My Car to a Dealership in Indianapolis?

You will need to prepare the following documents to sell your vehicle to a dealership that buy used cars in Indiana or elsewhere:

  • Logbook/V5C
  • Proof of purchase
  • MOT certificates
  • Service History

If your car is financed, the Indy Auto Man dealership will buy it with no hassle and settle everything for you once we agree on a sale.

How Do I Get the Best Resale Value for My Car from a Dealership That Buys Used Cars?

If you want to get the best resale value regardless of your car model, follow these simple tips:

  • Describe the complete set of the car equipment and all the MOT passed in as much detail as possible.
  • Clean your auto and take high-quality photos of your car: in front, behind, from both sides, diagonally, the engine and luggage compartment, show the foreground of the most common problem areas and highlight the details that make the car more attractive.
  • Minor damage like chips and scratches will not affect the value, and there is no point in repairing them before selling. But they should be described and each must be represented in the photo report if you are waiting for a more precise price estimation from the beginning.
  • If the goal is to get another car, then consider trade-in offers . The discounts and bonuses for a new car can be significant and reduce the difference between the resale value of your auto and the cost of a new one.

When motorists contact dealerships that buy used cars, they often expect a price far from the real used car value . And even such resources as NADA or Kelley Blue Book are not as helpful as they may seem when selling your used vehicle. They are a good starting point, but the price on the retail market is very flexible and differs from NADA and KBB.

Before setting a car price, carefully study the competitors in Indiana and neighboring states. And not just compare the year of issue and price but carefully read the description each seller from your niche gives in the ad. Cars of the same model may have different configurations, engines, and boxes. Moreover, one car may be used as a taxi and another for weekend shopping, resulting in completely different vehicle conditions. But at the end of the day, your auto is worth the amount the buyers are ready to pay.

Who Gives the Best Cash Offer for Used Cars in Indiana?

sell a used car to the IAM dealership Indiana

Private buyers tend to offer more cash for used cars, even after bargaining the initial value. But selling on your own means paperwork and logistics that dealerships would undertake. Moreover, most dealers today are willing to buy used vehicles at the top of the market prices. It’s about the F&I services that make up their income. The seller may not earn anything from selling the car but get a profit from a bank via financing. And in the US, more than 80% of auto-selling transactions are carried out on credit.

A crucial factor that distinguishes dealerships that buy used cars from private buyers is the absence of prejudice. Professional dealers always start with the actual state of the vehicle. For them, the owner’s gender, driving experience, or age do not matter.

In a market economy, the price depends on the balance of supply and demand. In the auto industry, this balance is called auto liquidity and used car dealers evaluate it above all.

The stereotype that the owner will always get less money from the dealer loses relevance nowadays. And the best time to sell your car at a high price is today.