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Who Needs a Dually: Used Trucks for Sale in Indianapolis

Dually trucks are equipped with two additional wheels on the rear axle. Because of this, the pickup’s carrying and towing capacity, as well as stability and control, increase.

Several million pickup trucks are sold in America each year. Due to their popularity, they have become a common tuning item. Sometimes they are turned into real off-road monster kings by lifting or turning them into dualies.

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Can I Turn Any Used Truck into a Dually?

Thanks to mass-production parts and supplies, it is possible to turn most of the single-wheel axle trucks into a dually. At Indy Auto Man, you will get qualified assistance in choosing the right truck and upgrading it to fit your needs.

What Is the Best Dually Truck?

The best used dually trucks to buy in Indianapolis are made by Ford, Chevrolet, GMC, and Ram. Manufacturers label the option dual-rear-wheel (DRW) rather than calling them dually. Most of the current dualies are classified as 1-ton trucks:

The Reasons to Buy a Dual Rear Wheel (DRW) Truck

Truck owners are installing dual wheels on their vehicles to increase the contact patch between the tires and the road surface. The installation of twin wheels allows improving the handling and preventing an increase in the braking distance in ice due to a larger area of ​​contact with the highway surface. Other reasons to buy a dually truck in Indianapolis are:

In general, installing twin wheels can significantly reduce the risk of violating the optimal wheel alignment angle. Ultimately, this solution ensures good directional stability of the truck and helps to prevent uneven wear of tires.

Are Dually Trucks Good for Off-road?

Dual wheels are suitable for driving on the highway and dirt roads. However, unlike single ones, dual tires don’t feel as confident off-road unless they transport a lot of weight. They are designed to increase the area of ​​the contact patch with the road and reduce the pressure inside the tire at a high load capacity. Thanks to their properties, it is easier for trucks to move around, the equipment does not sink into the ground with a large load.

Dual Rear-Wheel Trucks for Sale in Indianapolis: Are Duallys Worth It?

Duallys have their pros and cons, and you should carefully weigh them before the purchase.

Regardless of the vehicle’s factory tires, most trucks can be fitted with both twin tires on the rear bogie and super single ones. This feature allows the use of any technology depending on the climate and road conditions. When changing wheels seasonally, owners can choose twin tires for riding with heavy loads or single tires for everyday drives. This approach to tires will reduce fuel costs and increase cross-country ability in severe off-road conditions.

If you can’t decide on the model or have doubts about the handling and driving comfort of dual rear-wheel drive trucks, visit the Indy Auto Man used truck dealership in Indianapolis for a test drive!