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Used Ford Explorer for Sale in Indianapolis

Ford Explorer for Sale: Buy Your Best Used Vehicle in Indianapolis

Ford Explorer is a seven-seat all-wheel drive SUV of the American concern Ford . The fifth generation Ford Explorer, which is based on the American Explorer concept car, was first shown to the public in 2010. And the model went into mass production in 2011.

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History of Ford Explorer V: What Is the Best Year Ford Explorer to Buy?

Ford Explorer best year to buy in Indianapolis
2019 Ford Explorer XLT

2011 and 2012 Ford Explorer are generally considered the most reliable. SUVs of these years are among cars that hold their value well . They are also less susceptible to transmission issues.

The fifth generation Ford Explorer, since 2011, is built on the D4 platform, which served as the basis for cars such as the Ford Flex and Ford Escape. The Explorer is similar to these models in the form of taillights and a radiator grille.

Ford Explorer V significantly differs from the previous generation models in terms of technical characteristics and appearance. After the New York presentation of the car, for a long time, the opinion prevailed that it inherited only the name from the previous version. The changes were so dramatic.

The Explorer V exterior concept was developed under the guidance of Jim Holland himself, who at one time fruitfully worked on the design of the Range Rover.

Technical Features

technical features of Ford Explorer

In terms of design features, the Ford Explorer V is closer to the Ford Flex and Lincoln MKT than the previous generation model. In particular, the developers abandoned the frame structure in favor of a load-bearing body. The rejection of the frame made it possible to increase safety, ride smoothness, and reduce the noise level.

The latest generation SUVs are equipped with three engines:

  • Standard inline-four 2.3L EcoBoost, 300hp
  • 3.0L EcoBoost V6 engine, 365hp
  • 3.3L Hybrid V6, 318 hp

Manufacturers managed to reduce Explorer V fuel consumption by almost a third compared to the previous generation.

Another innovation successfully implemented in the new SUV is an intelligent all-wheel drive system. Now the driver can choose from five driving modes – downhill, sand, snow, city, and mud.

Other innovations include the Easy-Fuel system. The Easy-Fuel function is designed to prevent the owner from accidentally filling the car with diesel instead of gasoline or vice versa. The Easy-Fuel-equipped fuel filler does not have a cap. Instead, it has a lock that can only be opened with the fuel nozzle.

Safety Features

The safety system meets the highest modern requirements. The car is equipped with front adaptive airbags, dual side airbags, and curtain airbags to protect the head. For the rear passengers, there are special airbags built into the seat belts. In addition, various electronic assistants, such as a system for informing about the objects in the dead zone and an accident prevention system, help the driver with safer navigation.

Exterior Design

There are many new details in the design of the fifth-generation Explorer SUV. In general, the car received a more muscular, “traditionally American” body, predatory LED optics, large rims, and stamping on the hood. Together, elements of the car, such as the black A-pillar, the body, and the powerful grille create an effect of the flybridge floating roof.


The first thing that catches your eye in the Ford Explorer interior is the Ambient Light LED background lighting with seven different color options.

Ford Explorer is available in two trim levels: XLT and Limited. The latter has a panoramic roof, dual-zone climate control, a power tailgate, and a rearview camera.

What Are the Most Common Problem with Ford Explorers?

The most common issues of Ford Explorer are related to the exterior body integrity and transmission lunging and jolting. Some owners complain about electronics and power equipment.

Ford Explorer in Comparison with Classmates: Is It Worth Buying?


The introduction of the Ford Explorer V has rocked the crossover market. In many respects, this car is ahead of its classmates. If the technical equipment has not produced the desired effect on a potential buyer, its spectacular appearance will not leave anyone indifferent.

If you buy Ford Explorer V in the top version, you’ll possess one of the most powerful V6 engines in its class, a collision warning system, and adaptive cruise control.

In handling and dynamics, the car is in no way inferior to the Toyota Highlander or Nissan Murano , being approximately on the same level.

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