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Top 10 Safest Cars of 2024

USA safest cars 2024 - Mercedes-Benz A-Class

Safety is among the main criteria to buy a car nowadays. And, in 2024, all passenger cars are equipped with active and passive safety systems that increase the protection level for driver, passengers, and pedestrians. These are rigid body elements, electronic motion control systems, airbags, etc. But here we selected the top 10 models that stand apart from their competitors in the Indiana market as the safest cars of the year:

  1. Mercedes-Benz A-Class
  2. Ford Explorer
  3. Toyota Highlander
  4. Subaru Outback
  5. BMW X5
  6. Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class
  7. Honda - CR-V
  8. Mazda 6
  9. Volvo XC60
  10. Lexus NX

Safest Cars to Buy Used in 2024

safest cars 2024 - toyota highlander for sale in Indianapolis

When compiling the rating of the safest cars in 2024, we relied on data from crush tests and official ratings from NHTSA and IIHS.

Mercedes-Benz A-Class

The leading position is deservedly occupied by the Mercedes-Benz A-Class hatchback. Customers can choose between an all-wheel drive and a front-wheel drive transmission. The combination of a rigid body and rich electronic components has made it one of the safest cars in the US in 2024. These include distance detection and speed control systems, as well as lane keeping and hill start assistance.

Ford Explorer

Ford Explorer among the safest cars 2024

The mid-size crossover Ford Explorer has a lot of new technologies on board and is equipped with a 2.3 to 3-liter engine with a capacity of 300 to 400 hp, a 10-speed automatic transmission, and a road adaptation system with 7 driving modes. Competitors have similar features, but its safety sets the Ford Explorer ahead.

The car comes with forward collision warning, emergency braking, and many other driver assistance features. Thanks to this, it received a high rating of "Good" from IIHS in the moderate and small overlap front and a 5-star rating for side crashes from NHTSA.

Toyota Highlander

And again, a crossover, because thanks to their dimensions, they can be equipped with many safety functions without compromising speed and dynamics. The Toyota Highlander can boast a 3.5-liter engine that produces 249 horsepower and an 8-speed automatic transmission. The car's interior is luxury, with three-zone climate control, comfortable seats, and other additions.

But the most crucial system in this car is the Toyota Safety Sense, which has a dynamic cruise control, frontal collision warning function, road signs recognition, automatic switching from high to low beams, monitoring and informing about driver fatigue, unintentional crossing road markings, and other safety features.

Subaru Outback

In 2022, the US Insurance Institute for Highway Safety introduced a new methodology for assessing vehicle safety. Engineers increased the mass and speed of the cart to simulate a side impact because there are more and more crossovers and SUVs on the roads, and the likelihood of encountering them is very high. Based on the results of these complicated tests, only one model received the highest rating of “Good”. And it was this candidate from Subaru.

In 2024, the Outback model remains one of the safest. It contains a full range of active and passive safety features, including the EyeSight system, which gives the car an additional pair of eyes and a high reaction speed to possible threats.


buy one of the safest cars in Indianapolis

The BMW X5 completes the 2024 top five safest vehicles rating. Standard systems - a set of airbags, an active hood, control of emergency braking, speed control, and lane control - are complemented by advanced technologies. For example, an adaptive suspension reduces the ground clearance by 0.8 inches at speeds above 86 mph, significantly improving traction.

According to IIHS, the 2018 BMW X5 modification received a TOP SAFETY PICK+ - the best safety indicator.

Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class

Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class is a mid-size crossover equipped with a gasoline or diesel engine with power from 245 to 612 horsepower and a 9-speed automatic transmission.

In addition to the basic Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive safety systems, there is an additional package of assistance systems, making driving more autonomous. The system helps to maneuver, change lanes, and quickly respond to emergencies.

Honda - CR-V

used Honda CR-V for sale in Indiana

The Honda CR-V compact crossover boasts a durable body, adaptive cruise control, electric power steering, 8 airbags, lane control, and roadside departure. Collision avoidance systems guarantee a high level of safety.

The American Institute for Highway Safety gives the 2023-2024 CR-V a TOP SAFETY PICK rating.

Mazda 6

Unlike previous models, the Mazda 6 is not a crossover but a sports sedan. The model is available with 2-, 2.5-, and 2.5-liter turbocharged engines producing 150, 194, and 231 hp. Alas, production of the Mazda 6 has been discontinued in 2022. However, the last version is highly rated by regulatory organizations, making it competitive in the used car market in 2024.

The car is equipped with adaptive cruise control, an all-around visibility system, lane departure warning, adaptive lighting system, blind spot monitoring, safe braking, and other functions that make the car one of the best in comfortable driving.

Volvo XC60

Volvo cars have always been famous for their safety, head and shoulders above many automakers. The Volvo XC60 is one of the safest cars in the 2024. It is equipped with a gasoline engine with 254 or 320 hp, a diesel engine with 190 or 235 hp, and an 8-speed automatic transmission.

The car received a high safety rating for its semi-autonomous driving mode and driver assistance features such as blind spot monitoring, collision avoidance system, automatic braking in critical situations, cross-traffic assist, skid detection and recovery, and all-around visibility. The Volvo XC60 even has an air control system that prevents up to 95% of hazardous substances from entering the cabin.

Lexus NX

buy Lexus NX - one of the safest cars 2024

The Lexus NX compact crossover packs the latest features at a lower price than most of the vehicles featured above. The model is equipped with a 2-liter engine with a capacity of 150 horsepower, a 2-liter one with 238 hp, a 2.5-liter hybrid with 197 horsepower, and a CVT or automatic transmission.

The most attractive thing about this car is the Lexus Safety System +. It includes an exit assistance system, blind spot monitoring, a brake force distribution system, assistance when climbing a hill and when turning, several zones protected with airbags, including side ones, driver fatigue monitoring, a lane-keeping system, adaptive cruise control and long-range control lights, a collision warning system with braking function and other additions, thanks to which the Lexus NX received high marks from regulatory organizations in 2024.

Buy One of the Safest Cars at Indy Auto Man

Indy Auto Man offers a rich selection of used models that have proven reliability and are ready to serve you well in 2024 and years ahead. When choosing, pay attention to the results of crash tests and ratings indicated on a window sticker. And keep in mind that the main factor for safety is the technical condition of the vehicle, which depends on regular maintenance and compliance with all manufacturer’s recommendations.