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Chevrolet Traverse Vs. Ford Explorer

When you need extra space in your car, there are many full-size SUV models to choose from. The Chevrolet Traverse and the Ford Explorer stand out from the competition because of their affordable price, spacious interior, and style attributes. Which model is your best suit? At Indy Auto Man, Indianapolis, you will find several good options if you are looking for a used Traverse or Explorer. Read our comprehensive comparison to make your choice.

Car Model Average Pricing According to Edmunds Engine Towing Fuel Economy (MPG city/highway) Passenger Space (cubic feet) Cargo Space (trunk / rear rows folded down) (cubic feet)
Chevrolet Traverse 26 590,00 - 45 999,00 3.6L V6 310 hp up to 5,000 pounds FWD 18/27
AWD 17/25
157.3 23 / 98.2
Ford Explorer 26 990,00 - 48 999,00 3.0-liter EcoBoost Turbocharged V6 365 hp
3.3-liter Hybrid V6 318 hp
3.5-liter V6 290 hp
up to 5,300 pounds;
Turbocharged V6 - up to 5,600 pounds
hybrid V6 RWD 27/28
turbocharged RWD 21/28
AWD 23/26
152.7 18.2 / 87.8

History of the Chevrolet Traverse

Used Chevrolet Traverse for sale in Indianapolis

The Chevrolet Traverse replaced two models in the line at once - the Uplander minivan and the Trailblazer SUV. The first generation of the model was produced until 2017 without major modifications. In 2013, the Traverse received a new radiator grille and front panel, the revised design of the rear door, lights, and the modernized interior. The real changes were made in 2017 when the second generation of the Chevrolet Traverse entered mass production. Today, the Traverse instills a sense of calm strength and unobtrusive confidence. It's all about the side body panels faceted lines, the huge grille, chiseled bumpers, and, of course, the muscular arches.

Design and Optics in Chevrolet

Each Chevrolet SUV is designed in accordance with the corporate identity of the company. The Chevrolet Traverse car is no exception. The design features large head optics, a massive radiator grille, and the severity of the body lines.

The American company has already presented a restyled version of the second-generation Chevrolet Traverse in 2021. The car has a new grille, modified bumpers, and rims, two sunroofs. Special attention was paid to LED optics, narrow headlights with DRL, which are perfectly combined with large blocks of fog lights. Turn signals are built directly into the DRL themselves. The taillights are also LED, even as standard.

Traverse Interior

used chevrolet traverse interior

If you have driven premium cars, you will immediately understand that the Chevrolet Traverse interior is as similar as possible in terms of layout, quality of materials, and arrangement of control devices. The combination of leather and plastic looks restrained and elegant.

The interior of the Chevrolet Traverse vehicle gives the feeling of an expensive office—comfortable, spacious, and practical—but without the excess of luxury. The car is produced in 7- and 8-seater versions. 

Interior features:

  • Comfortable seats with a wide range of adjustments.
  • Large dashboard.
  • A multimedia system that plays almost any format.
  • CarPlay and Android Auto.
  • Bose music system.
  • Physical buttons instead of sensors to control the climate.
  • Numerous USB connectors and sockets.
  • Surround Vision System that projects the image onto the MyLink screen. The image from the rearview camera is also displayed here.

Safety of Traverse Vehicles

The car has seven airbags. The one mounted on the side of the driver seat is especially remarkable. If triggered, it separates the driver and front passenger from each other.

The Chevrolet Traverse SUV has many passive safety systems that help keep the car in the lane, prevent frontal collisions, collisions with pedestrians, and automatically reduce the speed when obstacles are detected on the road.

As options, there is blind spot control and automatic valet parking. The head optics independently turn on the high beam in the dark, and when an oncoming vehicle appears, it switches to the low beam.

Is the Chevy Traverse a Reliable Car?

The Traverse has a 3.0 out of 5.0 Reliability Rating. This Chevy midsize SUV ranks 22nd out of 26 in its class. The repair frequency is average, but if issues arise, they are likely to be more severe than with other models.

What Problems Does Chevy Traverse Have?

Despite the Traverse having average reliability scores, there are not so many issues that may be considered dangerous. Here are the most common Chevrolet Traverse problems:

  • Unusual brake noise in 2020 Chevy Traverses
  • Transmission failures at around 88,000 miles in the 2009 model year. 
  • Faulty air conditioning in 2012-2015 models.
  • Airbag problems around 80,000 miles in the 2014 Traverse.

Ford Explorer Model History

buy used Ford Explorer in Indianapolis

The Ford Explorer is a five-door full-size SUV with a global market focus targeting primarily wealthy middle-aged men who have made a successful career and prefer an active lifestyle with outings. It combines American appearance and European driving habits. 

The off-road vehicle began its serial career in 1990, changing the post of the Ford Bronco model. Until 2010 (up to the 5th generation) the car was in the mid-size class. Then, the Explorer stepped over into the segment of full-size SUVs. 

The last (at the moment) 6th generation of the American Ford Explorer was presented on January 9, 2019, during the Detroit auto show. The model got a brutal design, a modern interior with a 3-row layout, as well as a productive technical part and solid equipment.

Today, the Explorer is in high demand - every year over 200 thousand people tend to favor it.

Design of Explorer Model

The latest generation Ford Explorer car is radically different from the previous ones. It is no longer an SUV as it is a crossover, thanks to a new body based on an updated D4 platform developed from the D3 for light SUVs. 

The Explorer design has also been completely rethought. The exterior uses tinted A-pillars and B-pillars to achieve a floating roof effect. Smooth body lines make the silhouette of the car less rough and heavy.

The new Explorer can accommodate seven passengers, and if you need to transport a large load, you can fold down the two rear rows of seats, significantly increasing the volume of the luggage compartment.

Ford Explorer Interior

Ford explorer vs chevrolet traverse interior comparison

The interior options vary depending on the equipment. In the basic version, the seats are upholstered in textiles, in the luxury version - in natural leather.

The center console is equipped with a multifunctional touchscreen display. The basic configuration includes:

  • a CD / MP3 system with six speakers;
  • Cruise control;
  • Power windows and mirrors;
  • The driver's seat is adjustable in six directions. 

Keyless start system, multifunction steering wheel are optionally offered. The Limited package includes the MyFord Touch and SYNC multimedia systems, with the ability to organize conference calls via Bluetooth and set up a Wi-Fi network inside the car.


The safety in Explorer SUVs is ensured by a collision warning system, blind-spot cameras, airbags around the perimeter, air curtains. Moreover, the passengers of the second row are protected by special patented inflatable belts.

Are Ford Explorers Good Cars?

The Ford Explorer is a reliable SUV. It has a large cargo compartment, plenty of features, and powerful engines. It is a versatile model, and you can find different trims at the used car market aimed at off-roading, performance, or luxury.

What Is Wrong with the 2020 Ford Explorer?

Ford Motor Company recalled certain 2020 Explorer models equipped with 2.3L or 3.3L engines because of the poor isolation of the wiring harness.

Ford Explorer Vs. Chevy Traverse: Which Is the Best to Buy?

Both 3-row SUVs, Traverse, and Explorer, have their strengths and weaknesses:

  • The Explorer can tow slightly more than Traverse. It also has more ADAS features.
  • The Chevy Traverse is more spacious. It has better infotainment and a lower average price.

Choosing between Traverse and Explorer comes down to a test drive. Visit Indy Auto Man in Indianapolis to compare these models and buy your favorite with no headache.