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IAM 4 Indy's 13th recipient

Car giveaway celebration
Car giveaway celebration

IAM 4 Indy’s 13threcipient

Jamie McCabe and Aletha Powell
Aletha Powell and Jamie McCabe
Special Needs Living

IAM 4 Indy’s 13 th recipient is Aletha Powell, who received a new-to-her Toyota! Prior to receiving her vehicle, Aletha drove a car with a single working seatbelt and no air conditioning. The reliable car she received from Indy Auto Man will allow her to transport her friends and family safely and comfortably around Indianapolis and beyond.

“Aletha is a good friend of mine and someone that has a huge heart and vision for impact,” said Jamie McCabe, who nominated Aletha for the program. “She immediately came to my mind as someone who would be a good recipient for [a car].”

Because of her passion for paying it forward, Aletha was the perfect candidate for IAM 4 Indy . “I’m going to pay it forward by gifting my own car to someone who doesn’t have one at all, and really needs anything they can get,” Aletha said. The car she owns now will help her give back to the community in even more meaningful ways.

Aletha is the principal of her own nonprofit, The H2 Foundation INC. As a mother of a special needs son, Aletha has learned to seek and use services and resources for families like hers. Her nonprofit teaches other special needs families about available resources and helps them complete applications for social services.

Their special needs sons brought Aletha and Jamie together five years ago, at an Easterseals Christmas Party. Since then, they and their children have been close friends. Today, Jamie sits on The H2 Foundation’s board. Aletha is also an avid supporter of Jamie, who runs Special Needs Living Magazine.

The magazine compiles stories submitted by special needs families in Indianapolis and surrounding communities. “These stories are truly transformational,” said Jamie. “We recently published a story from a girl with cerebral palsy who can’t speak or write. She has a device hooked to her wheelchair that allows her to use her feet to communicate – she typed her story by toe. Through stories like hers, people can be humbled and supported, appreciate what they have, and plug into incredible resources that most people don’t even know exist.”

Jamie learned about the IAM 4 Indy program through Synergize, a Carmel-based professional group focused on community impact. Synergize strategically connects selfless people with a goal of building deep friendships that change lives for the better. An Indianapolis car dealership , Indy Auto Man, is a Synergize ROImpact partner, meaning they’ve made a public commitment to create ripples of impact in Indianapolis. Gifting cars is one way they’re upholding the commitment.

Congratulations to Aletha – we hope your car makes a difference for you so you can make a difference for others!

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