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Used INFINITI for Sale, Indianapolis

Infiniti for sale, Indianapolis

Used Infiniti for Sale in Indianapolis

In 1989, the Japanese automaker Nissan established the Infiniti division, which set a goal to produce luxury cars. Today, Infiniti cars gained a solid reputation in the US for their quality and style.

In many ways, Infiniti models resemble Nissan cars. You can also note some familiar features in other Japanese brands, such as Suzuki, Honda, Subaru, and Toyota. Infiniti crossovers are superior to their closest competitors in terms of performance and comfort, but they also cost more.

Infiniti Model Range

infiniti model range indianapolis

The letter in the name of the vehicle indicates its dimensions. The higher its serial number, the larger the car. Accordingly, the smallest crossovers are the EX series. The numbers after the letters initially reflected the engine size, but restyled vehicles were not always equipped with updated units, so the designers had to move away from this tradition. Since 2014, convertibles, sedans, and coupes have been designated with the letter Q, and SUVs with QX. Accordingly, the numbers are no longer related to motors.

Infiniti QX50

Beautiful, round, and massive. These are the main features of the QX50 crossover – the cheapest and the least equipped Infiniti for sale. However, technical characteristics, as for an ordinary SUV, are not bad – it has solid 2.5 and 3.7-liter units. At the same time, the power of the motors reaches 222 and 330 horsepower – more than enough for dynamic and active driving.

As a gearbox, the Infiniti developers offer seven-speed automatic transmissions. Paddles on the steering wheel make driving much easier. The car overcomes the milestone of 60 mph in 6.4 seconds while consuming 12 liters in a combined cycle of operation.

The appearance of the Infiniti QX50 is recognizable. The windshield gently flows into the roof, on which the rails flaunt. The classic rounded bumper massively hangs over the air duct. By the sides at the door handles level,  the body expands.

Of the functional equipment, it is worth highlighting a multimedia system with a touch screen and a navigator, dual-zone climate control, and adaptive cruise control. The model will be an excellent option for motorists who dream of Infiniti but have a limited budget.

Infiniti QX60

Family people, who prefer to buy a seven-seater crossover with an excellent suspension and an updated safety kit, will love Infiniti QX60. Everything in the car is aimed at meeting the requirements for practicality and comfort. There are two motors for your choice, like in most Infiniti models: a 2.5-liter hybrid and a 3.5-liter petrol unit. The maximum power does not exceed 265 hp.

A 14-speaker Bose audio system, plush passenger and driver seats, and an array of assistants and sensors make every ride in Infiniti car enjoyable and stress-free. Space in the cabin is more than enough. The trunk volume is 570 liters, but the capacity can be increased by almost five times due to the transformation of the seats. Belts with pretensioners, and numerous airbags do not fail in an emergency.

Infiniti models are usually geared towards sporty looks, but the QX60 differs. It is a solid family SUV: engineers relied on practicality and comfort, so the stern received a slightly non-standard shape. The impressive ground clearance protects the bottom from damage. Suspension is adjusted to perfect condition.

Infiniti QX70

The QX 70 is the most popular Infiniti model for sale in Indianapolis, as the developers found the optimal balance between impressionable appearance, performance, and comfort. The car comes with a 3-liter diesel or 3.7-liter petrol unit. 238 and 333 hp is enough for dynamic driving in all conditions.

A distinctive feature of Infiniti SUVs is impressive 20 and 21-inch wheels. With them, the models seem solid and rich. They are complemented by a strongly protruding front part of the body with a large hood. The domes of the overall lighting equipment are almond-shaped. The classic radiator grille is crowned with the corporate logo of the concern.

The interior of the QX70 is characterized by functionality and amenities. Heated, ventilated, and adjustable seats resemble royal thrones. The QX70 center console is overflowing with control units for various options. A panoramic sunroof flaunts overhead. Many niches, pockets, and cup holders make it possible to place personal belongings and cargo with maximum comfort.

Infiniti QX80

The huge and solid QX80 is a full-size SUV. It can be difficult to drive it in some narrow streets in Indianapolis because a five-meter model cannot park everywhere, but the technical characteristics are excellent:

  • With a 5.6-liter gasoline engine with a power of 405 hp, this Infiniti SUV will go through any off-road.
  • The transmission is exclusively a seven-speed automatic.
  • The fuel economy is up to 14 city / 20 highway.

Externally, the QX80 looks formidable and monolithic. It seems that no force can move the car from its route. Roundness, characteristic of Infiniti models, is almost absent in the QX80, just the front of the body and the rear bumper are slightly sloping. The roof goes very sharply into the aft area. If not for a tiny spoiler, the car could have problems with aerodynamics.

The QX80 interior is luxurious and equipped with Bose audio system, four-zone climate control, chip key, all-wheel drive, infotainment system, voice control, multiple LEDs, panoramic sunroof, and more already in basic trim. This is a prominent expensive Infiniti SUV for fans of powerful vehicles.

Is INFINITI a Good Car to Buy?

infiniti qx80 engine

It’s always nice to talk about the benefits of luxury cars. For an impressive cost, they are equipped with all sorts of advanced technological innovations that make driving carefree and enjoyable. There are no problems with Infiniti auto performance either. The range of units, although not very wide, includes excellent engines. The interior is spacious and comfortable due to the impressive overall dimensions of the vehicles. Almost five meters long and two wide do their job. The visibility from the windows is excellent.

Extraordinary appearance and rounded shapes are created not only to give models a recognizable look. Due to the specific body shape, Infiniti models are streamlined, which means that nothing prevents air from passing along the body. This is reflected in the aerodynamic index, which in turn, reduces fuel consumption. An automatic transmission paired with an all-wheel drive minimizes the human factor.

Do Infiniti Cars Last Long?

Infiniti models are well-known for their sustainability. Most of them can last around 200,000 miles and don’t require much maintenance. If you consider a low-mileage Infiniti for sale in Indianapolis, the chances are high to find many options in just-like-new condition.

Is INFINITI Vehicle Expensive to Maintain?

Although Infiniti is a luxury brand, the repair costs are even less than that of a BMW or Mercedes. The average maintenance cost for Infiniti vehicle is around $1,000 per year, the same as for an Acura or Ford.

Do Infinities Have a Lot of Problems?

buy used infiniti

Many motorists complain about the discrepancy between passport fuel consumption and the real one. If the documents indicate the figure of 12 liters per 60 miles, in reality, it can immediately rise to 15-16. In the city, the 5.6-liter engine needs up to 20 liters.

But the greatest disadvantage of Infiniti cars, according to motorists, is their cost. Of course, almost everyone dreams of such a solid crossover, but one in a hundred can buy it for the actual price. Some experts consider the price unreasonably high, although it is justified.

A used Infiniti will be a perfect option if you want to save money. At Indy Auto Man, you will get the best financing deal to make your dream of owning Infiniti car come true.

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