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10 Reasons to Buy a Used Car

10 Reasons to buy a used car in Indianapolis by Indy Auto Man

10 Reasons to Buy a Used Car

If you are hesitating whether to buy a used car, you have come to the right place. We have collected 10 reasons why it’s a good idea to help you make the final decision.

1. Get More for the Money

If you are on a tight budget or don’t plan on investing a ton of money, buying a used car is the best idea. There’s no need to limit yourself with the base trim or budget models – opt for a two- or three-year one and afford a vehicle you have always dreamt about at the just-like-new condition. Read how the value of a used car depends on its age .

2. Wide Range of Makes and Models

The used car market can offer a diversity of makes and models, leaving far behind those 300-400 new car models that go up for sale every year. The trims are changing constantly, and sometimes it’s impossible to find a new car that suits you both in price and stuffing. But on the used car market you are free to choose from the cars of all years and trims. Just search well by criteria and characteristics.

3. Low Depreciation

When you buy a new car, it can lose half of its value within three years of purchase, except for a few models . When buying a used car, this cost is quite substantial. The first owner has already taken the major deprecation hit, and you will be able then to resell this car almost without losing anything.

4. Less Likely to be Underwater with Financing

Being underwater means owing more on a car loan than the car is worth. It may happen if the car is declared a total loss or stolen, but the owner has to continue paying a loan for it. When you have a smaller loan and your car is depreciating more slowly, you are much less likely to find yourself in such a situation.

5. Affordable Insurance

Insurance for used cars is lower than for new ones, as it depends directly on the car value. In addition, with a used vehicle, you can often skip some options such as comprehensive coverage and collision. And if your used car will be equipped with a sophisticated security system, you will save even more on the insurance. Read more about Indiana car insurance law .

6. Fewer Registration Fees

Many states, including Indiana, base the registration fees on the value of the car and/or on its age. This means that the less you pay for a car, the lower registration fees you are charged. Read more about the sales tax in Indiana.

7. All Data about the Car Model Is Available

The reliability of a redesigned model can hardly be estimated right at the dealership, while with a used car, you can find all data on advantages, problems and special maintenance aspects, competitors, and much more. You may read the consumer reports and check if the manufacturer has recalled the particular model due to malfunctions. Or visit auto forums, where community activists discuss the problems of a particular model, including the specifics of each restyling.

8. Vehicle History Reports

You may ask the seller to share a car history report. This is a free service, so you can get an idea of ​​the condition of the vehicle you want to buy. At Indy Auto Man, you can get a free CARFAX report to see that the car you buy has a clear history.

9. The Car Is Available at the Moment of Purchase

If you want to get behind the wheel as soon as possible, it is a good reason for buying a used car. Indeed, after you get the offer and sign the contract, you receive the keys to your car. Availability is instant – no waiting time for delivery like at some new car dealerships.

10. No Worries About Minor Damage

Driving a new car is often mentally stressful, while with the used one, you can even manage with the minor dents and scratches yourself . If you buy a car out of warranty, you don’t have to visit an official dealer for servicing and can save a lot on consumables.

Despite all the doubts, a used car may look just like-new and run well for years. At our Indianapolis used car dealership, you will find a variety of vehicles for any taste and budget, whether you need a sedan , a hatchback , an SUV, or a minivan .

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