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Used Audi SUVs: Legendary Q Model Range

used Audi SUVs | Q7 overview | Indy Auto Man, IN

The Audi Q model group includes reliable, comfortable, and at the same time elegant crossovers. At Indy Auto Man, IN, you will find a good assortment of used Audi SUVs for sale in Indianapolis, check the inventory right now!

The highest requirements for the production process and the constant development of technology contribute to the creation of ultra-reliable and safe cars, which allows Audi automaker to occupy the top lines of ratings and maintain high sales levels. Today, we prepared an overview of innovative mid- and full-size crossovers from this German manufacturer.

Audi Q Models: What SUVs Does Audi Make?

what suvs audi makes

The Audi Q model range is quite diverse, and its history begins long before the appearance of the first SUV from this line. For example, in 1980, the automaker introduced the Audi Quattro, an all-wheel drive coupe with great ambitions and expressive appearance. The company quickly found a use for the “compact monster”, and in 1983, this car won the World Rally Championship.

The model caused a great sensation, and new Audis were delivered in several configurations. The designers began to use their developments only 25 years later, creating the all-wheel drive Audi Q7 crossover. The wealth of additional equipment, good cross-country ability, and spacious interior surprised many car enthusiasts, and the model became successful and in great demand on the market.

Subsequently, the Q line was replenished with other models:

  • The Q5 is a compact crossover, distinguished by the turbocharging and a 7-speed S-tronic gearbox;
  • The SQ5 is a sporty modification of the compact luxury crossover; it differs from the regular version in higher performance and special finishing.
  • The Q3 is one of the most compact and safe SUVs from the Volkswagen Group. This car has become a symbol of Audi's return to the path of creating all-wheel-drive crossovers.
  • The Q8 is the true flagship of the line, the largest and most widely equipped car.
  • The e-tron is an all-electric midsize crossover. 

History of Q7: The First and the Biggest Audi SUV

History of Audi Q7 | buy used Audi in Indianapolis

The Audi Q7 is a full-size SUV with permanent all-wheel drive and air suspension that allows you to adjust the ground clearance. Still, the Q7 is designed primarily for driving on asphalt.

The Q7 is considered belated because leading manufacturers have long-released lines for large SUV fans. But behind Audi’s slowness lies painstaking work, which led to an excellent result that car enthusiasts could appreciate already in 2006.

For the first time, the Audi Q7 was presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2005. In the same fall, their mass production began in Slovakia (Bratislava). Audi management understood that it was a big mistake not to produce SUVs - 15% of buyers refused this brand only because Audi did not have vehicles of this class.


Engineers, having thoroughly studied competitors' analogs, used a modified version of the Volkswagen Group PL71. The Q7 can be called the best in its class. Prices range from low to high, depending on the modifications. The low end of the car's launch price was $39,900 for the Q7 with the 3.6-liter V6 engine. What was more powerful and in no way inferior to competitors in this price category: neither the BMW X5, the Infiniti FX35, the Lexus RX 350, nor the Mercedes M-Class. The Q7 4.2L V8 engine is only rivaled by BMW because they also have 350 horsepower. 


Like all Audis, the Q7 doesn't have any problems with the automatic transmission, all models come with an 8-speed Tiptronic as standard, and the manual transmission doesn't stand out too much among cars in this class. The gears change in the blink of an eye, which people who prefer a sporty driving style will appreciate.

Safety Features

The Q7 SUV was the first Audi model to offer Side Assist, which monitors and reduces blind spot hazards. Also, despite the large number of airbags, the Q7 received only 4 out of 5 stars for adult occupant protection in Euro NCAP crash tests. According to Audi, the reason was a miscalculation of the designers.

In the US, however, the Q7 received 5 out of 5 stars in NHTSA safety tests for front and side impacts. The IIHS also awarded the Q7 a Top Safety Pick for its good ratings in the 14 front and side impact test groups.

Hybrid SUV

The first hybrid Q7 was released in 2005 and presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The hybrid uses an electric motor from 4.2 FSI, which provides 148 lb-ft of additional torque and has integrated nickel-metal hydride batteries. Acceleration to a speed of 60 mph is 6.8 s. The car weighs 5513 lb - 300 pounds heavier than its petrol counterpart. The production of this Q SUV  was limited, but in the future, Audi plans a modification with a lithium battery.

Diesel Engine

Since 2008, the Q7 V12 TDI model has been produced. The vehicle received the diesel engine from the racing Audi R10 TDI but with sufficient changes. The twelve-cylinder engine with 490 hp and 737 lb-ft of torque makes this SUV model the most powerful diesel option. Its acceleration to a speed of 60 mph is 5.5 seconds. The Q7 V12 TDI is the best modification due to revisions to the suspension, tires, and brakes. Initially, they planned to release a model for the US car market together with Volkswagen and Mercedes but then announced the cancellation of this decision.

Interestingly, in early 2005, Nissan North America Inc. sued Audi for using the letter "Q" as a model designation. Audi takes the "Q" for their Quattro system, which they have been having in vehicle production for over twenty-five years (Audi Quattro is a generic name to refer to several types of wheel systems developed for Haldex Traction AB, Torsen, and Borg-Warner, and is used in Q7). Nissan Infiniti has used Q as a name for sedans (Q45) and SUVs (QX4 and QX56) since 1989. The conflict between Audi AG and Nissan was settled in court at the end of 2006, and Audi defended the right to use the Q letter in their model names. 

Brand Ideology In The Q Crossover Line: Does Audi Make Good SUVs?

does AUdi make good cars

Audi was founded by design engineer August Hjorch in the 19th century and was called "Horch&Co.". This man did not even think that in 100 years, his brainchild would compete for primacy with the largest automakers in the world. The designer’s ideology was simple, and it consisted of creating innovative inventions. The latest generation cars, included in the Q series, embodied his ideas.

Despite the presence of excellent A-series sedans, the attention of modern audiences is directed towards crossovers, which have become the standard of safety and elegance. Creating innovative and versatile crossovers is the path to success, and judging by the Audi model range, German designers are guided by this very idea.

Models from the Q line will appeal to car enthusiasts who value comfort. The latest generation of Audi Q cars attracts attention with their stylish design and high level of comfort. The line of crossovers includes both diesel models and crossovers with gasoline engines. Each Audi SUV from the Q lineup stands out for its individuality and technology.

When purchasing a used Audi with the Q nameplate in Indianapolis, you get a car that will never let you down on the road. Comfort and technology are the main advantages of German-made luxury SUVs. Visit Indy Auto Man to buy an Audi crossover and become the owner of a dream car today.