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Used Audis for Sale

used audis for sale, Indianapolis

Used Audis for Sale in Indianapolis

The German auto company Audi AG is almost the largest in the world. Annually, the concern produces up to 2 million cars, famous for their quality and reliability. If you want to buy an Audi in Indianapolis, you have come to the right place. The Indy Auto Man used car dealership offers a rich assortment of used Audis for sale, including the most popular Audi A4, A5, and Q5. Browse our inventory right now!

How to Choose the Best Used Cars from the Audi Brand

Even such prestigious and attractive cars like Audi sedans, fastbacks, and crossovers depreciate after several years of operation. This makes it possible for car enthusiasts who value their money and do not ready to spend them for a new premium model, to purchase a used vehicle at a more affordable price.

All vehicles, including Audi, undergo a thorough technical check at the Indy Auto Man Indianapolis service center. Skillful mechanics inspect the main components and mechanisms, and the exterior and interior elements undergo pre-sale preparation. If necessary, the car receives professional maintenance using high-quality spare parts. All work performed is recorded in the service book. Buy your next car at Indy Auto Man, IN, with a seven-day money-back guarantee.

Rule of Thumb When Buying a Used Audi: Don’t Chase Options

Do Audis cost a lot to maintain?

Audis can’t be named among the cheapest cars to maintain. The average annual cost any Audi owner should count on is about $900-1000. Minor maintenance services are about $300 every 10,000 miles, but larger mileage may require transmission maintenance, with costs jumping to $800.

The premium status of a car is not only the corresponding emblem. Audi vehicles are equipped with numerous functions, with a strong emphasis on the comfort and safety of the driver and passengers. Even expensive models may not have the most advanced options but definitely equipped with reliable and proven components. Be flexible in searching for a used Audi, check the available cars, and compare all the pros and cons not to overpay for unnecessary features and not miss attractive cars at a good price.

Before buying an Audi vehicle, think about which options are the most important for you. A few recommendations in this regard:

  • The adaptive cruise control and active safety systems significantly increase the convenience of car operation. Fortunately, most modern Audis are equipped with a wealth of safety and driver assistant systems.
  • It makes no sense to search for cars with standard navigation. It will be offline, outdated, and will lose functionality to any modern smartphone.
  • The brand, size, and design of alloy wheels do not affect the price. This is a consumable item, and you can change them in the future without any problems.

When browsing used Audis for sale, you need to consider the future insurance costs. If you do not plan to take out extended insurance, a car with excess systems may shock you with the cost of remediation. For example, expensive sensors and radars can be hidden behind the bumper and grille, which are the first to suffer in road accidents.

Engines: What Problems Are Audis Known for?

There are a lot of rumors about the TSI and DSG engines installed on Audis. Yes, the first versions gave the driver a lot of trouble. Gradually, the engineers refined the engine lineup, so their service life increased significantly. Today, there is no serious gap in terms of use when compared with alternative options from competing manufacturers.

Diesel power units do not consume large amounts of engine oil. Such power plants are considered more reliable compared to gasoline internal combustion engines.

Thanks to numerous improvements to the piston group and cylinder head, from 2014-2015, gasoline engines became less oil voracious. If such a motor requires a frequent filling, the valve stem seals are worn out here. Regardless of the engine type, you will need to change the oil in time. The approximate replacement interval is every 10 thousand miles. Such expenses will not ruin your budget but will significantly extend the unit’s life.

Chassis and Body Features

The running gear of used Audi cars is distinguished by reliability. The front suspension should not remind of itself earlier than with a mileage of 60 thousand miles. During this period of operation, only inexpensive spare parts are changed, for example, silent blocks or stabilizer struts. If the Audi car owner treated it well, you will save a lot on maintenance.

Do not be afraid of the pneumatic system often installed on Audi cars. This node is one of the most reliable. Both original and non-original pneumatic cylinders are sold on the market, and you can replace them at a low cost in case of a breakdown.

  • All interior elements are securely fixed. After 4–5 years of operation, creaking and tapping do not appear.
  • Upholstery materials in Audi are of high quality and do not fade. With careful treatment, they almost do not worsen factory characteristics. Manufacturers use high-quality modified plastics. They do not emit harmful chemical compounds, are not afraid of harsh ultraviolet rays, and do not lose their gloss.

If the car is 3-5 years old, Audi vehicle should not have any body problems. They appear only after poor-quality body repair. You may find information about this in a service book or a vehicle history report .

Are Used Audis Worth It?

used audi for sale IN

Naturally, like any used car, a used Audi will have wear and tear. But many motorists confirm that used Audis do not lose in reliability, quality, and comfort.

Audis are worth it, regardless of the higher price, costly maintenance, and repair. These cars are superior German-engineered products. And with convenient financing, you can become a happy Audi owner already today – get pre-approved for a car loan online!

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