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Used Honda Dealership in Indianapolis

Honda dealership Indianapolis, IN

Used Honda Dealership, Indianapolis

The Japanese company Honda makes powerful vehicles popular with buyers in the USA, and all around the world. For car production, the company uses innovative technologies and the best materials, making it possible for Honda to stay in line with the most reliable car brands such as Toyota , Nissan , and Hyundai .

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Honda Brand History

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The automobile brand Honda belongs to an international manufacturer of the same name, specializing in the production of motorcycles, planes, marine engines, electric generators, and various robots. Soon, the company will launch its plant for the production of biofuels and photovoltaic components for cars.

  • The brand was founded in 1946 by Soichiro Honda, a talented engineer, inventor, and race car driver.
  • The Honda Motor Company was officially registered in 1948 and soon became famous all over the world.
  • The motorcycles were the first product that Soichiro specialized in, and already in 1959, Honda was recognized as the groundbreaker and world leader in this domain.
  • In 1972, the car brand gained worldwide recognition thanks to the triumphant Honda Civic model, which is incredibly popular in the US today.

Since then, Honda has built a reputation for making compact cars of high quality. The brand also has a luxury division – Acura, a worthy competitor to Lexus .

Honda Model Range

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2016 Honda Accord Sedan Touring

Used Honda models are in high demand in Indianapolis. The most popular vehicles you may find at our dealership are:

  • Honda Civic. This classic sports sedan is more similar in profile to a liftback. The original feed, tapered head optics, fast lines, and spectacular stamping allow this model to stand out from the crowd with its bright and extraordinary design. In the cabin, the futurism of the ninth generation was abandoned in favor of pragmatism and ergonomics, everything is laconic, restrained, and handy. Today, the Civic is a huge success all over the world. Read Honda Civic vs. Toyota Corolla comparison .
  • Honda Accord. One of the most popular foreign cars in the United States. The ninth-generation Accord was the first Honda model to receive a direct injection engine using the patented Earth Dreams technology. It is aimed at reducing the level of harmful emissions and increasing efficiency.
  • Honda Odyssey . A comfortable mid-size minivan based on the Accord sedan. It is distinguished by excellent handling and a spacious body, which allows the installation of 3 rows of seats in the minivan for the simultaneous transportation of 6 passengers.
  • Honda CR-V. The main technical feature of the CR-V is the all-wheel-drive system, which is called Real Time 4WD. In normal mode, torque is transmitted to the front axle of the car, but when they slip, the rear wheels are instantly connected. This significantly saves fuel. Another feature of the Honda CR-V is the Trailer Stability Assist system, which helps when driving with a trailer.
  • Honda Insight. This hybrid sedan ideally combines a presentable appearance, a wide level of equipment, and advanced stuffing. This is a car aimed at family people living in large metropolitan areas, like Indianapolis, who are not indifferent to the ecological situation on the planet.

Honda Engines Advantages

buy a used Honda in Indianapolis

Honda’s automotive engines are perhaps the main strength of this company. The powertrain warranty covers 5 years or 60,000 miles.

The Honda engines are characterized by:

  • Counterclockwise rotation of the crankshaft. As a result, excellent motor performance can be obtained.
  • VTEC system for a smooth and efficient engine run and reliability at high revs. At extreme speeds, Honda’s engines seem to run more aggressively. All this is thanks to the VTEC system. It can use the resources of the machine more efficiently.
  • Fuel economy. Although powerful and full of vitality, Honda vehicles are characterized by low fuel consumption. Moreover, they comply with all environmental standards.
  • Smooth running and low noise level.

Another competitive advantage of Honda is the electric engines. They are durable and reliable. They do not require special maintenance and can work for a long time, making a used Honda a beneficial purchase.

It’s not a difficult task to find the best model when you come to the right Honda dealership in Indianapolis. At Indy Auto Man, we are happy to offer a selection of used Honda sedans and SUVs in just-like-new condition. Our knowledgeable sales staff will share with you all the ins and outs of every model we have in stock.

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