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Used sedans for sale, Indianapolis, IN

used sedans for sale, Indianapolis, IN
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Best Used Sedans for Sale in Indianapolis

If you decide to buy a used sedan, you have come to the right place. Here, at Indy Auto Man, we know how to make the car buying process smooth and simple for you. At our car lot in Indianapolis, you will find a wide model range of used sedans for sale. Each car has passed a thorough vehicle history check, as well as diagnostics of the technical condition and full service, to let anyone buy a good sedan near you.

The sedan was the first type of car body and continues to be the most common one.  Sedans look elegant and impressive. This body type gained its popularity among successful businessmen, cabinet officers and all those who appreciate classic forms and solid design.

Becoming an owner of a sedan, you get:

  • The spaciousness of the cabin. Four-door sedans are excellent five-seater cars.
  • Luggage capacity. Despite the external compactness, a fairly large amount of things can fit in the trunk of a sedan – you can always add a couple of bags into its spacious room.
  • Separate passenger and luggage compartment. So the passenger compartment is always cleaner and tidier.
  • Comfort. Smooth running, maneuverability, good damping system and comfortable interior – all these are the features inherent in sedans.
  • Safety. Modern sedans are equipped with all the necessary elements to ensure safety, so there is no doubt about their reliability. Moreover, the trunk acts as an additional barrier in case of a rear-impact collision, increasing the safety of passengers and the driver.

What Is the Most Reliable Used Sedan to Buy?

buy a used Cadillac CTS in Indianapolis

If you are looking for a sedan with proven reliability and a high safety level, one of the following models may become your number-one candidate to buy:

  • Cadillac CTS . A luxury four-door sedan with excellent handling and long-lasting trim. With this sedan, you will have to visit the service station less often than the owners of other models.
  • Chrysler 300 . A sedan with a distinctive body design. The combination of an indestructible and moderately stiff suspension, as well as a gasoline engine, make this vehicle highly reliable. The salon retains its aesthetics for a long time, the skin is not covered with deep creases, plastic and wood do not fade in the sun. With the chassis and electronics, too, there are no special problems. After 150 thousand miles, it is necessary to undergo diagnostics from time to time to find weak points. This will help you avoid costly repairs in the future.
  • Genesis G80 . The premium sedan model of Hyundai’s sub-brand. Genesis has received two major J.D. Power Vehicle Dependability Study awards. The safety of trips is ensured by built-in security systems: blind-spot monitoring, an emergency braking system, and a rear-view camera.
  • Toyota Avalon . A prestigious sedan built on a lengthened Toyota Camry platform. It is a comfortable and reliable car with a richly decorated interior, quiet power unit and moderately soft suspension. The car is very dynamic during acceleration and reliably controllable even at high speeds.
  • Ford Fusion . A four-door, five-seater sedan. Belts, airbags in the cabin, ventilated brakes and a well-thought-out body structure are responsible for the safety of the driver and passengers. Confirmation is high marks from the National Traffic Safety Administration.

What Is the Best Sedan to Buy Used?

best sedans to buy used in Indianapolis

The best sedan to buy used is the one you like but cannot afford new. If you choose a used sedan no more than 5 years old, you may get a vehicle in just-like-new condition . Look for models with a high trim level and additional options. An advanced stereo system installed by the previous owner will not considerably affect the cost but will be a good bonus for you.

Another category of sedans that are best to buy used are those that are out of production. The used car market offers a wide selection, and you can find your favorite models of previous years in good condition.

Best Used Sedans for Resell

best used sedans for resell in Indianapoliscar lot with used sedans Indianapolis

New cars become used as soon as they leave the dealership. The value loss rate for each brand and model is different, but the trend is common for everyone: with each passing year, the price of a car is falling more and more slowly. In the limit, the fall tends to zero, and for some – cult or collectible cars – it is even replaced by growth.

When buying a used sedan , the chances are great that you will manage to sell it in a couple of years for the same money. Here are the examples of the sedans you may sell in the future with no headache:

  • Nissan Altima enjoys well-deserved popularity for a good combination of consumer properties and price. It’s a roomy and powerful car which will always find its buyers.
  • Volkswagen Passat is considered one of the best representatives from the German manufacturer. Its high popularity is due to its reliability and durability of body parts. With the Passat you get an extremely reliable partner capable of satisfying even the most sophisticated requests in terms of comfort, functionality and capabilities.
  • Chrystler 300 is an excellent choice for brutal car lovers. It has much space inside, it is incredibly reliable and fast enough. And you will get all this for little money in comparison to European competitors.

Have a look at our used sedans for sale online, and you will likely find the one to meet your needs. You may also try our car payment calculator and find the cars that are right for your budget.

Come to Indy Auto Man for your best car buying experience!