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Used Vans for Sale in Indianapolis

used vans for sale in Indianapolis

Most Popular Family Cars: Used Vans for Sale in Indianapolis

If you are looking for the top quality and best prices on used vans for sale in Indianapolis, visit the Indy Auto Man car lot to find your best suit. With new arrivals each week, you can always find the freshest assortment of used vans/minivans from the most popular brands.

Minivans have always been among the most successful body types. Car manufacturers regularly replenish their collections with new models to stay competitive. So there are always enough vans in the secondary market. They are valued for top comfort, smooth handling, and multifunctional interior layout.

What Van to Buy in Indianapolis: Classification

To date, there are a variety of minivans on the market: from urban super-compact cars to huge and spacious highway liners:

  • A micro-minivan is usually a city car up to 164 inches long, 40 inches wide, and 80 inches high. These vans have two front doors, two sliding ones for passengers, and a rear door for luggage. There are from 2 to 9 seats in this class. Its main purpose is to transport passengers, the seats are often located close to each other. They are super compact: Honda Acty Van, Nissan NV100 Clipper I, Toyota Sparky.
  • Compact minivans are considered cars with a length of 160 – 180 inches, where the number of seats can reach seven. The last two seats are available as an additional option and most often have restrictions on the passenger weight. This class of minivans mostly serves for transporting passengers. Its best representatives are Volkswagen Touran, Mazda 5, Renault Scenic, Kia Carens, Nissan Quest.
  • Large vans. The length of such vans is more than 180 inches, nine passengers can freely fit in. Moreover, you can easily transform the interior of such a car for transporting goods. They compete with large seven-seater SUVs and are very popular in America. Vivid examples of this class: Chrysler Pacifica, Honda Odyssey, Dodge Grand Caravan, Nissan Quest, Toyota Esquire.

Find out what used vans are the most reliable on the market .

Pros and Cons of Owing a Van

used minivans for sale indianapolis

There is a huge variety of used vans for sale in Indianapolis. Each class has pros and cons, and before buying a car in such a body, you should decide on your priorities and needs.

To highlight the main advantages and disadvantages, let’s compare a van with a car and a minibus.

Why Should I Buy a Used Van?

  • You can go on a long trip with the whole family. A spacious interior will make the trip enjoyable, and nobody will feel constrained during a long journey.
  • Thanks to the high interior of the car, it will be comfortable for adults to sit in it, even in the very back rows of seats.
  • A van is suitable for both travel and city trips. Dimensions make it easy to move even in a big city like Indianapolis.
  • Fuel consumption is less in comparison to pickup trucks and can be even more economical if you consider a hybrid model.
  • A minivan is easy to drive and is controlled in the same way as any passenger car.
  • Thanks to the transformation of the cabin, you get a lot of free space for transporting cargo.
  • Sliding doors will help to accommodate not only children but also disabled people. There are many cars designed for just such purposes.
  • Van is suitable for commercial use. If you have your own business, or you often have to transport small loads, then a used minivan will be your reliable working horse.

What Are the Shortcomings of Buying a Van?

  • On cold days, the interior of a minivan takes longer to warm up than the interior of a regular sedan or hatchback. Some manufacturers solved this problem by installing additional electric interior heaters.
  • The average acceleration is rather weak compared to a conventional car. Although there are models of used vans for sale in Indianapolis with powerful engines, such as the used 2019 Dodge Grand Caravan GT with powerful V-6 3.6 L.
  • An empty minivan has a rather stiff suspension.
  • Fuel consumption is slightly more than on a passenger car due to weight.

Used Vans for Sale: Buy Your Best Minivan in Indianapolis

buy used van in Indianapolis

If you have a large family and love traveling altogether, a used van will be your best choice. However, younger people will also appreciate this spacious vehicle, as it is much more convenient and fun to get out on picnics, parties, or tourist trains with friends in one car. A minivan is more practical than a station wagon, and with its help, you can easily solve a lot of everyday problems.

Over the past 20 years, vans have only strengthened their position in the market, and at Indy Auto Man, we always have a dozen of these practical and stylish cars in our arsenal. Choose your favorite one and schedule your test drive already today!