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Whether I Need a Vehicle Test History in Indiana?

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Emission Vehicle Test History: What Is a Smog Check?

People in the US like to cling to classic cars. However, you can drive any car, as long as it doesn’t emit destructive gases. And if your vehicle has a solid age, you need to make sure it can pass all the tests your state conducts.

One of the most common tests required by many states is an emission test or smog check. It helps determine how many pollutants cars return to the Earth in the form of emissions and greenhouse gases. Each state is slightly different in its laws, but the basic concept is the same: do not drive rattles that are not properly maintained.

According to Indiana laws , only vehicles registered in Porter and Lake counties are to undergo tampering inspections and emission tests every two years if their GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating) is 9,000 pounds or less.

A vehicle emission test is not a big deal if you have followed your car maintenance schedule and repaired all the physical damage it has taken over the years.

What Does a Smog Check Consist of?

Different states have multiple versions of the same vehicle test program. The emission check is multi-part testing that concerns the pollution control systems. In most cases, the process includes:

  • Visual inspection to make sure all the system and components are not damaged.
  • Functional checks to assess that various parts of the system, the vehicle’s computer, and onboard diagnostics (OBD) systems are functioning properly.
  • Emission test of the exhaust gas level coming out of the tailpipe.

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Where Can I Get a Smog Check?

If your vehicle is registered in Indiana, the chances are high that you don’t need a smog check at all. If you buy a used car, it is enough to get a vehicle test history, for example, a CARFAX report , to make sure it was properly maintained.

If you live in another state, smog testing should be available at all authorized dealerships and various private repair shops, depending on the region. And you may also click here and find your vehicle smog check history.

Is the Emission Test Program Biased Against Older Cars?

vehicle emissions

In most cases, no. Most laws contain exceptions, which require older cars to be of a different standard than new ones. Some states have vintage vehicle designations that change the requirements for cars over a certain age, while others entirely exempt older vehicles from the inspection process.

But if you want to be sure you drive a car that brings no excessive pollution to the environment, you can always exchange your car for a more ecological one. Come to Indy Auto Man in Indianapolis and choose your favorite model from 300+ vehicles at our car lot, including hybrid and electric options.