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How to Identify a Good Auto Dealership

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How to Choose a Reliable Auto Dealership

Buying a car is both financial and emotional stress. Ideally, your car dealer should eliminate the risks, make the car buying process smooth and become your first and foremost choice for service, repairs, parts, and advice while you own your car.

If you browse “used car places near me”, you will see that there is no lack of dealerships in Indianapolis, but not all of them are willing to provide the best car buying experience. Indy Auto Man has a proven track record and a solid reputation backed by thousands of reviews from our clients. We managed to become an auto dealership where people return from Greenwood, Plainfield, Carmel, Fishers, and other cities of Indiana to buy their next car. We know how to make our customers happy, and here are the main criteria that make a dealer stand out from the others.

Assortment, Stuff, and Service

The choice of where to buy a car should be based not only on the price. These points will help you determine if you and your car dealer are the right fit.

Car Selection

Car selection is the first criterion most customers consider. The more option you have in place, the more convenient your choice is. A large selection of vehicles is also a sign of success, which means that many other car buyers have enjoyed doing business with this dealership. Before visiting local car dealerships, always check their inventory online.

At Indy Auto Man, you can expect 300+ cars, SUVs, and trucks available for sale in Indianapolis.


You should expect the dealership to respond quickly to your inquiries. If you request online support, you deserve a fast response. This is proof that the dealer values ​​your time as much as you do. And the attitude of the salesperson is a good indicator of the overall culture of the dealership. In other words, a seller who respects you works for quality, not profit.

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Qualified Service Personnel

If you have enough time and motivation, consider taking your current vehicle to a dealership for an oil change. Pay attention to the services and advice you receive. If the experience is positive, you know you can rely on this dealership to provide quality service for your next car.

Find out what conveniences the service department can offer to save you the hassle of car repairs. Remember that you will have to attend the service department from time to time, and you will certainly want these visits to be pleasant and convenient.

Guarantees and Perks

It is a good sign if a dealership can guarantee the quality of used cars, like an exchange or price match warranty . Also, you may get several perks, so you can ask a dealer about what you can expect. Here are some worthy examples:

  • Car wash . Some dealers offer a free car wash when you come to service.
  • Pick-up and delivery. If you live in another city or have a busy schedule, some Indianapolis dealerships offer pick-up services and even online car sales with delivery. For example, at Indy Auto Man, we offer car shipping with 250 free miles or a 30-mile Uber drive.
  • Free oil and tire changes . Some dealers also offer free basic maintenance services such as oil and tire changes. While these perks are attractive, beware of unscrupulous service providers who offer check-ins as a pretext to get under the hood and sell services and repairs that your car doesn’t really need.

Top 5 Tips on Choosing an Auto Dealership in Indianapolis

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When choosing an auto dealer, it is important to pay attention to the nuances:

  • Dealer rating and reviews. Carefully check the activities of the company and publications about it on the Internet. It is important how long the dealer has been operating, what services it provides, and what ratings it has. Check Indy Auto Man on Google .
  • Do not rush to buy a car right away. Consider different financing options. Read how to estimate your car payment .
  • Vehicle range and availability. All the assortment must be presented in a car lot so that you can approach, open the doors, and perform a visual inspection.
  • Test Drive. No self-respecting car dealership will forbid a potential buyer to try out a vehicle. Order a test drive and explore all the advantages of the used car you want to buy .
  • Check how much they can offer for your car. Find out how much you can get for your car if you sell or trade it in .