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Best Used Minivan to Buy in Indianapolis

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Best Minivan to Buy: Choosing the Number 1 Car for a Family

A minivan is a practical and multifunctional vehicle with an increased number of seats, a large luggage compartment, and a higher body compared to a sedan.

We  reviewed the technical characteristics and comfort opportunities of different brands to determine which minivan is the best to buy used in Indianapolis and have chosen the following leaders:

  • Сhrysler Pacifica
  • Honda Odyssey
  • Dodge Grand Caravan
  • Chrysler Town & Country
  • Toyota Sienna
  • Kia Sedona
  • Ford Transit Connect
  • Toyota Sienna

Some people think this class of cars is disappearing, but still, many manufacturers continue to replenish the lineup with new models. Basically, minivans are the first choice of large families. When there are three or four kids and two parents in a family, it becomes difficult to move around in sedans and hatchbacks, and minivans come to the rescue.

What Is the Safest Minivan? – Chrysler Pacifica

used chrysler pacifica for sale indianapolis
2018 Chrysler Pacifica Limited

Chrysler Pacifica is a popular minivan for the domestic American market sold at an affordable price. This impressive vehicle can boast solid dimensions inside and out, a wide wheelbase, and a powerful engine with 287 hp paired with a 9-speed automatic transmission. You can find a used Pacifica with a recharged hybrid engine or standard gasoline motor.

The basic Pacifica model equipment includes large alloy wheels, air conditioning, tire pressure sensors, and cruise control. There is a five-inch bright screen of a high-tech infotainment system and a rear-view camera. For those seeking more comfort, there are minivan options with higher trims. The automaker offers cars with three-zone climate control (relevant for the southern regions) and heated and ventilated seats.

This minivan is perfect for hassles driving around Indianapolis and long trips with the whole family. The minivan easily accommodates seven people on its three rows of seats with adjustable backrests. Each passenger place is equipped with a seat belt.

What Is Better: the Sienna or Pacifica?

The Sienna minivan is a good choice for adherents of an easy ride provided by a dependable four-cylinder engine. And the Pacifica offers versatility and high power with its six-cylinder engine. The minivan from Chrysler wins the competition for those who estimate spaciousness – it maximizes the cargo capacity with the Stow N Go storage for the second and third-row seats.

What Is the Best Family Minivan? – Honda Odyssey

used honda odyssey indianapolis

The Honda Odyssey is built on the Accord platform, complemented by an impressive 3.5-liter aspirated engine with 248 hp. The real beast under the hood provides fast acceleration and fuel efficiency even at maximum load. The Odyssey mini van does not lack comfort as well: leather seats, large head restraints, a lot of cup holders, and niches. Among other advantages are a package with heating, zone climate, and a stereo system with 12 speakers.

The Honda Odyssey minivan is solid and elegant. It stands out noticeably in the stream of other cars. It is easy to control when driving at any speed, and the automatic transmission has no issues, unlike cheaper models.

The Honda Odyssey rightfully holds the title of the best family car – 3 children’s seats safely fit in one row. The owners praise the soft and reliable suspension, which perfectly works out small pits and road irregularities. There are no frequent breakdowns even under bad weather conditions.

Is Honda Discontinuing the Odyssey?

Honda announced shuttering of the plant where the Odyssey minivans were built on March 31, 2022. However, the minivan is still in production, except for the discontinued Honda Odyssey LX.

Which Minivan Is Most Reliable? – Dodge Grand Caravan

used dodge grand caravan indianapolis
2019 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT

The fifth generation of Dodge Grand Caravan for the US market was introduced in 2007 and has been sold well ever since. The Grand Caravan minivan has a long base, so the five-meter vehicle can boast excellent capacity and keeps the course well. The range of engines is represented by gasoline and diesel units with a volume of 3.3 to 4 liters. All Dodge minivan models have automatic transmissions and consume no more than 7-10 liters of fuel per 60 miles in the combined cycle.

The Dodge Grand Caravan has a lot of advantages over its competitors:

  • This is almost the only mini van with rear-row seats folding into a niche under the floor. As a result, the owner receives much space for transporting overall items.
  • The Grand Caravan huge trunk door has a unique design and provides good shade in the summer, which is handy on long trips with children.
  • The minivan has a significantly improved suspension that easily swallows holes and transmits minimum noise to the passenger compartment. And the road quality does not play a decisive role here.

How Many Miles Does a Dodge Grand Caravan Last?

The Dodge Grand Caravan is a durable minivan. This model, on average, can last about 200,000 miles without requiring expensive repairs. With 15,000 miles per year, the Grand Caravan can last 13 years and more, depending on the maintenance and driving style.

What Is the Number 1 Minivan for You?

Choosing a vehicle for a family is a tricky task because you have to consider many details, from the required number of seats in the cabin to your financial capabilities. Here are the tips to help you make your choice:

  • When choosing the best minivan to buy, you should pay attention to its reliability, spaciousness, comfort, and price. A high-quality minivan should have mounts for child seats, the ability to block the rear doors, additional drawers, pockets, and shelves.
  • Check the passenger safety options in the cabin: the seats must have head restraints and be equipped with seat belts and airbags.
  • It is better to purchase a model with the possibility of transforming the interior. Instead of the second row of seats, you can install a portable table and put things.
  • If both spouses in a family will drive the minivan, choose a car after a joint discussion. All drivers should feel comfortable behind the wheel.

If you want to get a comprehensive driving experience accompanied by a bit of professional advice on any minivan from our inventory, schedule your visit to Indy Auto Man with all your family members!